Taking One for the Team


Ironic huh… Only a few short weeks have passed since I swore off Beast Mastery, yet here I am returning to my beloved PvP spec.

This time’s it’s business though. A few guildies and I started a 3s team mainly for fun, but after getting our asses handed to us the other night, it wasn’t so much “fun” for me anymore. My healer is new to arena, and is still working on his game and his gear. Meanwhile, he’s been having a terrible time trying to keep me up, as I’m the opposing team’s focus-fire target about 99.9% of the time.

I tried Marksmanship out for about a dozen matches and had similar results to that of Survival. My survivability was about the same, burst and Readiness were awesome, but it didn’t really seem to be the answer for us. If I were an elite Hunter I suppose I would be able to lead us to 2200 and beyond, but “elite” I am not. I’m pretty good, but unless I have fairly strong teammates, I’m not going to be able to do anything spectacular.

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