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Since I’m presently leveling a Hunter, I was thinking now would be the perfect time to draw up a Hunter leveling guide of my own. While it’s not necessarily a ground-breaking area of discussion, everyone has their own take on how best to tackle the levels, so why not throw my hat in the ring as well. This is something I’d been thinking about for awhile, but until now this idea had just been left gestating along with the other assortment of unfinished posts floating around in my brain.

Apart from 2 twink Hunters that I’d made over the past few years, one 19 and the other 29, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve done the typical leveling game with a Hunter. For those unfamiliar with the concept of twinking (at least how twinking used to be), that style of leveling involved a slow and surgical pace, unlike the experience-carefree style of leveling most players are accustomed to.

The Hunter I’m leveling right now is not in a race to the finish line, but I must say that the leveling is going considerably smoother than my first experience with a Hunter over 3 1/2 years ago. 😉 I made an Orc Hunter so that I could finally have the supreme Beast Master I’ve always wanted, but the main reason was so that I could experience pre-Cataclysm game play as a member of the Horde. Seeing the post-Cataclysm landscape that was shown in the trailer at BlizzCon made me think I’d better get on it if I ever want to experience “the old world” from a Horde perspective.

Mazzranache and Echeyakee

For the first installment of the guide, my plan is to offer some tips for Hunters looking to tackle their first 20 levels. My Hunter is 25 at the moment, so as I progress in level, so will the depth of the guide. It’s been many moons since I’ve leveled a Hunter, so I’d rather provide an in-depth firsthand account of the process, taking into account available gear, pets and pet talents; than to try and make assumptions on game play and tactics for a leveling Hunter.

Obviously the guide is intended for individuals who are new to the class, but if you folks out there with years of Huntering experience under your collective belts care to have a look, be my guest. Warning: this post is a behemoth, so you may want to grab a snack and prepare to settle in beforehand. 😉

P.S. Writing guides is serious business and hard work at that. As much as I tried to create something helpful, informative and all-encompassing, it’s possible I may have neglected an area of importance. If you have any comments or contributions to the leveling guide, please share.

So without further ado, let’s get into it…

Hunter Leveling Guide Part One: Levels 1-20

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