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  1. yeah sorry to hear this but it also happen to me b4..
    the worst thing is that it happen while i was playing.. at my frenz house..
    we all play wow and raiding and then i got d/c trying to relog but invalid p/w appeared and thinking to myself “WTF?!?!?” looking across on my frenz seen i was my toons log on ..
    i as fren to pst ifthere is a reply or error.. log…

    first thing came out of my mouth was “HACKER” i yelled at my frenz and we started to spam swearing at him .. and get frenz to /gkick all my toon .. but that was also too late they raped my gbanks. and all my toons and gears.. took me 3 wks to get my acc back,,,
    and few days later my 1/2 of my loot was restored..
    but it’s was never the same…

    i got key logged .. while testing out a addon from curse.com call farmer ” thinking it’s new version of gatherer” so i reported it to bliz GM.. and ask them to look into it.

    • That’s too bad julz. Addons were some of the things I was suspicious of right away, but my wife doesn’t have many, and the ones she does use are pretty popular.

      Good to know though. I’ll be sure to stay away from “farmer”. I guess it probably works as intended though, by “farming” gold from various accounts in order to sell online.

    • I had thought they must have known she was the Gbanker, but it’s tough to say. It may have just been dumb luck.

      Blizzard restored nearly all of her and the guild bank’s items within a few days. Probably 5-10% of the stuff is gone forever, but we can chalk that up to experience.

      Now I just need to get her to use an authenticator.

  2. @Suniojii

    This is not true. The Windows clipboard is as accessible to the keylogger as anything else, it will know exactly what text is being copied into the password field.

    The authenticator makes your account essentially hack-proof and only costs a few bucks. It’s by far the best solution.

  3. You dont need an authenticator. Put your passwords in a text document.

    When you want to play, open the doc use the copy/paste method to input password.

    Keylogger will only see ctrl-v.

  4. Hi there, I hope you are helping her to get over it.. I was blasted a year ago by a key logger in a LAN center, blessedly my online guild helped me get over with some gold and new clothes, but you can never get back your gears..even with Blizz’s compensation which comes after their investigation is done…but it takes a while to get it over.. this hurts bad..hope she gets back to her feet soon..

    • @ Duval

      They ended up restoring most of her stuff. I’d say about 90% of it, including the items from the bank. They were pretty quick with it too. Only took maybe 2-3 days at most.

      She’s alright now, but the hacking did leave her a little uneasy. Blizz did a good job of making things right though. I just wish there was some way they could track down and penalize these jerks. If they did manage to catch the perps, it’s unknown to us at least.

  5. @ Courtney

    That’s comforting information. I’ve known a handful of people over the years who’d been hacked. Seemed like they usually got their stuff back in time as well. It’s just such a huge inconvenience in the meantime.

    I can’t believe they vendored your keys!! These jerks stop at nothing.

    @ Molo

    My wife has an iPhone, so I told her to look into the authenticator app for it. I’ll keep on her about it.

  6. I can’t really recommend an authenticator enough, they are cheap and the peace of mind is enourmous. I think some guilds are already requiring one for high level access to the gbank, a sensible precaution. Hope it sorts itself out soon.

  7. I’m sorry that happened to your wife. I highly recommend getting an authenticator off the Blizz Store website. My account was hacked not once, but twice. I had a really nasty key logger that was missed by several malware/spyware/adware programs.
    The good news is that Blizz WILL fix it. It sometimes takes a few days (even weeks) and like in my case some items may still be missing (the creep sold all my keys and Blizz couldn’t restore them). I was really impressed with Blizz customer support after I was hacked.

  8. Dude, that sucks. One of our guildies had this happen and had 5kg never returned. He was really really bummed about it. I hear blizzard has a pay extra account protection service i might invest in. Only thing is, WHY DOES BLIZZARD MAKE THAT EXTRA. That is lame to me. Hi, you can buy and play our game and pay extra to make sure it stays safe. Sincerely, we hate you and only want ur money.

    Anyway, I hope it gets returned man. that sucks. 🙁

  9. Holy crap Gar, so sorry to hear this. This hacking thing sure is getting ridiculous lately, it’s seems to be hitting so many of us.

  10. Sorry bro. It kills me when I hear stories like this. Yes, we’re talking virtual possessions here but it doesn’t make you feel any less violated. I hope this has a happy (and vengeful) ending. Blizz takes forever to process a ticket but they usually do right. She should get it all back…eventually. Order those authenticators today if you haven’t already.

    • Yeah, I agree. While not as bad as banking or CC details, it’s still a violation that leaves you uneasy. Countless hours had been spent over the years to amass all of the items she had on her toons, and for all that to be undone in a matter of minutes is just a kick in the stomach.

      I’ve been a victim of CC fraud twice in my life, once via a lost card and another time as a result of stolen numbers. This incident here doesn’t actually feel that far off. Our characters become very personal to us, and knowing that someone was messing around in your account with malicious intent really gets under your skin.


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