Playing the Fence

That’s right… I’m finally experiencing game play as a member of the Horde.

…and you know what… I like it… a lot.

As I’d mentioned last week, I finally decided to roll a Horde character after 3.5 years plus of solely representing the Alliance. My motives for doing this were many, but the main reason is because I wanted to experience leveling as a Horde character before Cataclysm comes along and disrupts things. Although I’ve ventured into Horde territory many times in the past for various reasons, being an actual member of the Horde puts a whole new paint job on things.

I’ve stormed a couple of the horde capital cities with other members of the Alliance, but it’s actually a lot more enjoyable to be a guest than it is a hostile. What I mean is… it’s pretty cool to just journey through and check out the architecture and flavor of the cities without the chaos of NPC guards and members of the opposing faction coming to kill you. Apart from the WotLK quest chain that sends you and Lady Jaina in to meet with Thrall, my only experience with Orgrimmar was dying about 4 times on the way to the entrance of RFC on my level 16 Draenei Paladin. Being able to cruise around at my leisure, taking in all of the sights and sounds has been a blast.

Zeppelins are freaking great by the way. Much better than boats in my opinion.

I’m probably late coming to the party once again, but for any of you out there who have yet to experience WoW from the perspective of a Horde character, I highly recommend it. Plus, if you’re a die-hard Hunter, rolling a new Horde version means more pets!

Once my schedule starts to allow for it again, I’ll probably start attending a few more raids on Garwulf. After seeing the sneak preview of Icecrown Citadel shown at BlizzCon, I’m pretty geeked about getting the opportunity to face Arthas. This of course means I need to start upgrading my weenie gear if I ever plan on scratching in that catbox.

Until then… I’m more than happy experiencing the game as a lowbie 24 Orc Hunter. There’s no schedule when it comes to leveling, which suits me just fine for now.

Another thing… running Wailing Caverns and Shadowfang Keep was about 100 times more fun and rewarding than farming heroics or doing the daily ToC run. That s**t was starting to get pretty old for me after about 2 weeks. Oh well… I’m sure I’ll be ready to hit some 80 content soon enough. 😉

Shadowfang Keep and Arugal down

1 thought on “Playing the Fence”

  1. Hey Garwulf whats up?

    Its cool to keep reading up on your progress as you and me started doing the same thing at about the same day lol.

    I was having the same problem as you were, just getting tired of doing the same old Icecrown grind…I needed something new.

    Anyways good luck and even though I have been die hard alliance for my entire tenure in WoW I must say…

    “For The Horde!”


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