Great t’ Meet Ya

Drackmire, Dwarf Marksman HunterAllow me to first say that I am thrilled to be here, and hope that anything I put on this site helps at least a few people. Now on to the intro!

My adventures in Azeroth started when several friends convinced me to put down Everquest II. The race was an easy pick, as I always seem to select a Dwarf when the option is available. The class on the other hand, wasn’t so simple. Of the friends that were already delving into the game, there was a warrior, a paladin, and two druids. That left me with hunter, rogue, or priest. I knew I didn’t want to heal, and Dungeons and Dragons came to mind when I saw rogue… boring. I chose Hunter and picked the name I have had in many different forums and games, Drackmire.

In my days as a Hunter, I have tinkered with all three talent sets. In the end I am Marksman, and I don’t regret it. Even during the hay-day that was Big Red Kitty I stuck to my guns and was Marksman-Hybrid (0/31/30), which was an agility maximization spec which ended up outdoing full BM almost all the time. I continue to try out different talent combinations, but with the current talent sets it’s hard not to be cookie cutter.

My focus has always been on raiding and instance content. While I won’t get to see every raid encounter in the game, it is still my main focus. I’m not a lore guru, and I don’t particularly care for pvp (though I do participate in WG and a BG from time to time). I tend to focus on those things that will improve my character and other hunters as well. I have very few alts, and the one that managed to make it to 80 as well takes a back seat to my hunter when there are people on wanting to run something.

There are a lot of things I could say about myself, but I’m not really one to toot my own horn. I wouldn’t say I’m well-known either, but I know my stuff and I know my class. My current pet is a wasp. I will be hard pressed to tame another before Cataclysm, unless they make some drastic changes.

Lastly, I am honored that fellow guild-mate and long time hunter friend Garwulf has asked me to share my thoughts and knowledge with the community. I only hope I can live up to the reputation he has already set.

6 thoughts on “Great t’ Meet Ya”

  1. Good to see a Dwarf here in the lodge! I’ll be kicking back with a good ale waiting for some knowledge to be thrown my way. Cheers!

    And yes, I did read the subject as if a dwarf were saying it. Nice touch!

  2. Welcome Aboard !!

    It will be a plesure to read you Drack. Im sure your experience can help a lot of fellow hunter 🙂
    Good luck and Keep it up !

  3. Welcome! It’s always a great pleasure to meet a fellow hunter, and of the bearded variety to boot! I’ll look forward to seeing your posts, and everythin’ else ya have to contribute. Seeya!

  4. Drack! Welcome to the huntsman’s lodge! Im happy to read another’s hunter experience. 😀 Love this place and hope to see ya around!

    Keep it up!


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