Bow Down to the King

King Krush

In a week that’s been rife with pet glitches, I recalled a screenshot my wife took a few months ago before a Heroic Old Kingdom run. After being summoned to the stone, King Krush reverted back to his original size for awhile before we entered the instance. If only…

One of my readers posted some links to glorious screenshots of his glitched out Garwal. It’s quite breathtaking and sad all at the same time. Poor Hank… although I was pretty sure Blizz was going to neuter him soon, I was still holding on to a glimmer of hope.

Do any of you have some crazy screenshots of pet glitches you can share. If so, I wanna see ’em.

(I’ll try to have a “real post” tomorrow, if not later today.)

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  1. Garwlf thanks for the upbeat notion….I guess the thing that kills me the most about it…is that it was an Alliance Hunter…the same faction as me…and supposedly the same class….whose argument is…you had your pet out….you can’t tame something with a pet out….and he told my buddy that he shouldn’t be a BM hunter anyways….I guess his stupidity is what furiates me more than anything…and he was a SV Hunter…so I guess that explains alot.

  2. @ Perceuss

    I’m sorry to hear that, but that’s another reason why Krush is such a trophy for Hunters. I swear, there should be class based achievements for taming pets like this. Not only are they incredibly rare, but they spawn in multiple places and have a bounty on their heads (achievement + loot).

    You were unfortunate to have encountered Krush with that jackass Hunter present. I’ve had that happen a few times over the years and it stings. Spamming tells to the player beating on the pet I’ve been camping for days, while watching my coveted would-be pet’s health bar dwindle down to zero.

    It’s always funny too when they apologize once it’s dead after beating on it for 8-10 seconds while you’re spamming emotes and sending them tells. Most players aren’t genuinely sorry. Getting say 30G-50G worth of loot is more important to them than helping a fellow player.

    I had a similar thing happen to me when searching for Loque. He spawned right in front of where my wife’s toon was parked. The moment I saw him appear I hauled ass over and arrived just in time to skin him. 😉 He’d been killed within seconds by a BE Pally. Iwas so frustrated I flagged myself, but he just emoted me /shoo and rode off. I was pissed. Lol.

    Keep at it. Eventually you’ll get your opportunity. 🙂

  3. For the record the whole ” You were trying to tame it?” bit was said by the Hunter that killed him not the priest.

  4. Dear Hunters, today marks a sad sad day for me… I have been trying to track and tame the mighty King Krush…. I have Loq and Gondria in my stables and I love the devilsaur he tears faces off…so I went hunting…I was in Dalaran when my buddy was in SB looking for Loq and he reports to me that Krush is spawned…hands shaking and heart pounding through my chest I headed to get my King…I was excited…I got there ate my food buffs and was waiting on the priest to give me Fear Ward…when an ALLIANCE hunter swooped in and despite my pleas and offering of 100g killed him…the priest landed as soon as he was skinning it and asked, “Oh you were trying to tame it? You can’t tame something if you have a pet out…

  5. @ Anariell

    I almost got a little misty there.

    It always gives me warm fuzzies when I hear stories of how I helped players find the pets they’re after.

    Loque was hands down the most difficult taming journey I’d ever set out on. Seems you got fairly lucky, plus you had your fiancee looking out for you too which helped considerably.

    Grats on getting that beautiful cat.

  6. I’ve more then once seen a pet glitched out to two or even three times it’s size. A wolf so big it wouldn’t fit in a building in k3. Yoshee’s Devilsaur even reading “Ironhide Devilsaur” and it’s original size as it runs along next to him. A HUGE white wolf in Barrens and even an overgrown gorilla. My screens shots of these guys are sadly lacking since the laptop I took them on, died on me a couple months ago.

    today I finally filled my stable with exactly what I wanted. Though until I know for sure what they intend to do with my Worgen he’s sitting pretty next to my raiding Vargul Blight hound, ghost saber and pvp worm.

    I would also like to thank you for your guide to Taming Loque’nahak. Today , less then 2 hours after hitting 76 and with a 80 pally friend riding shot gun for me keeping an eye out for her. I came across her at the west spawn point sitting pretty as you please while shocking the hell out of me, since I was after the ore she was next to. What a surprise for me eh? Scared me silly since I was SV at the time and had to change specs on the spot while my fiance rounded up the mobs around to keep them clear while I got her. I was expecting it to take at least a couple days from everything I’d read, Your guide was perfect and I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my hunter’s heart 😛

  7. Oh I don’t expect him to be a proper raiding pet again, but it might be nice if they patched him up a bit so he can do SOME damage.

    This is the thing, I can tame Gondria, Loque and Aotona any time (in theory) but will almost certainly never be able to tame a worgen again.

  8. That’s a tough call, but I say let your conscience be your guide.

    If it were my decision to make, I’d have to make the call between Gondria and the Worgen. First of all, I wouldn’t really need 3 spirit beasts, none of whom I’d take raiding. However, Garwul is strictly for show and basically a useless vanity pet.

    Do I like Garwul enough to keep him around, therefore wasting another stable slot? Is there a remote possibility that garwul will get unf**ked in a future patch? My guess is no, but do you wanna risk losing him forever?

    It all boils down to who’d you’d miss more. Essentially, they’re all really vanity pets apart from your raiding wolf. Do what you want, but be sure to let me know what you decide. 😉

    As for me, I’m gonna abandon Hank and just cherish the brief time we had together – forever etched upon the pages of my mind…

    My advice, take some more screenshots if needed and then abandon the Worgen. I HIGHLY doubt Blizz will ever make it usable again as a Hunter pet.

  9. That’s awesome!

    Even though Garwul is taking up valuable stable space (and might have to go for Skoll) I am keeping him for the time being. I seem to be the only person left on my server with a Worgen on display, when they were as common as muck on Tuesday morning before the “fix”.

    Have to remember that the spirit guide wolf had similar problems at the start then got fixed eventually. And while I am not expecting a return of his wolf talents, they might still patch him to the point where he has enough HP to take to a regular dungeon and can be fed properly.

    What to do for Skoll though, do I abandon my raiding wolf? Aotona? Loque? Gondria? or Garwul?


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