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Let’s take a break from all of the Worgen business shall we…

Updated Patch Notes From the WoW 3.2 PTR

Just have a look at these two gems. Beast Mastery Hunters rejoice!!!

  • Animal Handler now increases your pet’s attack power by 5/10% instead of increasing its expertise by 5/10.
  • Wild Hunt now increases the contribution your pet gets from your Stamina by 20% and attack power by 15%. (Up from 10%)

Also, cat damage has been buffed…

  • Rake (Cat) now deals 47 to 67 bleed damage and an additional 19 to 25 damage every 3 seconds at max rank. (Up from 19 to 25 additional damage over 9 sec)

Will this change dethrone the wolf as the top raiding pet in 3.2? Interesting…

Those were the biggies I noticed. In addition to those changes, they reduced the cooldown on Roar of Sacrifice to 1 minute, down from 2 minutes.

From a Beast Mastery PvPer’s perspective, I’m really excited about these changes. The added survivability and DPS our pets will gain is going to be most welcome.

These changes should also increase BM representation in raids. If the patch were to go live tomorrow, my Devilsaur would gain over 200 base AP. While that’s not a huge buff unto itelf, just imagine how well Animal Handler and Wild Hunt will scale with raid buffs and item procs. O.O BM pet damage should overtake the Hunter’s at this point. Now if we can only keep them alive…

It does look exciting. If I can dual spec BM in 3.2 I’ll be a happy man. 😀

Visit MMO Champion to see all of the Hunter changes in this latest build, as well as other patch notes.

9 thoughts on “On To More Exciting News”

  1. wow…I just tested a bm spec in 3.2 and using a wolf i was up at 4.3k dps unbuffed, you were lucky to get that as a bm in 3.1, still amazed at how those two small buffs are really helping them catch up

  2. More stable slots would be nice to be sure…mine is full of ones I would really rather not get rid of. I have a blue Ghost Wolf (the ones you could catch in BC), The purple Chimera (aka Nuramok), An original MC Core Hound…which was still a pain to tame at 70 with 3 ppl, Humar the Pridelord (who…was unique till they put that stupid one in Sholozar Basin, that was gay.), and a ghost Worm.
    Names in order of above are, Ein, Zexion, Nanaki, Jeff, and Nibbles, if you were curious. Either way I’m rather attached to my rares…but I always see cool new pets like the spirit beasts and that one white hydra that was avaliable for a while and want to tame them…I missed the hydra cuz I couldn’t get rid of anything. Spose I shouldn’t complain tho, I got the ghost wolf.

  3. @ Garwulf

    I run heroics with the Devilsaur, though it’s simply a numbers reason…I would prefer to run with damn Loque after all the work it took to get him but oh well. Still, he holds his own nicely. 🙂

    Totally agree with the comments about more stable slots (though I am still thankful Blizz upped the slots a while back). Mine is full with Devilsaur (heroics), a Gorilla (for soloing old instances), Hyena (PVP), and Loque (pride! haha) which leaves only one free slot for experimenting. 🙁

  4. @ Targas

    I think they should make stable slots purchasable just like bank slots. For right now, I think 10 slots would satisfy the desires of pet fanatics like me. Unlimited stable slots would be nice, but keeping a reasonable limit does add to the individuality of the Hunter. You need to make some sacrifices and select the stable you like best.

    If they were to raise the limit to 10 slots, then I could go grab a Silithid, Aotona, Old Cliff Jumper, and still have plenty of room for Skoll once he’s available. Aahhh… if only…

    @ Dalaila

    That sounds like a great idea for a quick post. I can share some basic principles that work for me, and maybe learn a thing or two from commenters in the process.

  5. Gar… if you decide to write my article please add a list of raid buffs/spells that should be considered when popping cooldowns. I would love to make a “UNLEASH POWER NOW!” powerAura message whenever I see one… 🙂

  6. @ Garwal… err Garwulf

    I’d like to ask you a new article: “how and when use cooldowns while raiding”

    I’m not the best at “timing” things. For example what should I do when Kings is up? What should I do to optimize Rapid Fire and Readiness? What should I do when Kings is up while downing a boss?

    Stuff like this to allow me/us/everyone discover how to reach our maximum firepower 🙂

  7. I’m still slightly pained by the stable limit, especially when multispec’d. One of the nice aspects of hunters is the ability to tame rare pets (itself a challenge given most other classes want to kill it), but having a BM and MM multi talented hunter, if I switch I can only use 1 non rare pet Echeyakee the white Lion from the Barrens- surely this needs looking at?! OK OK so pets out of BM are more show, but it would be nice, eh.
    Thanks for the useful blogg!
    80 Orc Hunter Draenor

  8. @ Rades

    Blizz looks to really be addressing the needs of BM Hunters with this patch. Once our pets start scaling with our crit, BM will return to a premier spec in my opinion.

    I’m seriously thinking of regemming AP in all of my PvE gear and going BM for raiding in 3.2. I miss taking Krush on raids with me.

    Btw, the new Animal Handler/Wild Hunt buffs are going to have a fantastic synergy with your Orc racial. What pet do you raid with?

  9. YES! I knew my faith in sticking BM would pay off, despite the disdain from snooty SV hunters. These changes sound AWESOME!
    80 Orc Hunter – Drenden


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