Skoll Is Mine

Skoll the Spirit Beast

Woot! Persistence finally paid off. After over a week of checking Skoll’s spawn locations on the PTR, I finally was able to nab the new Spirit Beast tonight.Β Yep… Did the old Freeze Trap routine and voila! I’m the owner of a cool new Spirit Beast.

I guess I was pretty lucky since a lot of Hunters are still out there looking for him. Slow and steady wins the race I tell ya. Just gotta hang in there, what I always tell people.

With a little luck and some patience, well… uh… you… Oh, nevermind.

I’m sorry folks. I’ve a confession to make.Β It’s all a lie.

I altered that image to make you think I tamed Skoll. I still haven’t seen hide nor hair of him.

I feel horrible. I shouldn’t use my highly advanced image editing and graphics design skills for the purpose of deception. Please forgive me.

I just didn’t want my readers to be disappointed over the fact that I still hadn’t tamed him and reported the findings. I’m so sorry I tricked you like that. It won’t happen again.

So… what I need are coordinates and confirmations baby! I want to know if any of you have tamed, or at least found him alive, dead, or whatever on the PTR. Does he only spawn by the giant gas caps in the snow?

I’ve been checking the spot above Brunnhildar mainly, with the occasional flight through the Snowdrift Plains.

I read a post somewhere today from a player who’d said he killed him in the Bor’s Breath area. He’s gotta have more than the two known spawn areas, so let me know where you’ve found him on the PTR. I still haven’t seen any maps with spawn points, and he’s not in the WoWHead PTR database yet.

I’ve shared a lot of helpful info with the Hunter community regarding rare pets and how to haxx the game in order to tame werewolves, etc. Now’s your chance to help me. πŸ˜€

26 thoughts on “Skoll Is Mine”

  1. It has taking over a year to collect all four spirit beast but it can be done. After taming Arcutris, Gondria, Loque’nahak, and Skoll. The hunt was a long one and hours spent are well worth the effort to have four of the rare pets in the World of Warcraft.

  2. Woohooo! I tamed Skoll today on Akama server. I have been camping around 46,65 & today I read the timers for rare are often on the top of the hour within 10 minutes. Just after I read that since it was 10:56 pm, I just sat in front of the metal platform right there at 46. 65 & OMG at about 11:03 Skoll appeared before my eyes. I was so excited I almost forgot my plan for taming. But in les than a minute all that camping & searching paid off!


  3. Tamed him at 29,64 on 9/11/09 on Lightbringer US, no camping, just a lucky, lucky spawn point check while waiting for a friend. Used Silverdragon mod.

    …and the “gas caps” are graveyards

  4. Ok… I have Loque and Gondria, and now they put a new spirit beast in the game?? WTF Blizz!! Gimme more stable slots plz. Especially now that I’ve changed my secondary spec to PVP MM to go with my PVE MM spec, I can’t even use most of the pets in my stable!

  5. @Uchikoma

    No, not on live it was ptr but what I was meaning is that I did not have cords on ptr so was going to go check live and repost the cords from where I tamed him

  6. @ Yaone

    Fantabulous! Thanks for the heads up on that spot. I check it occasionally, but still no sightings…

    I’ve still yet to even see a tamed version on live.

  7. At 10 am I got Skoll, snowdrift plains opposite of the giant iron dwarf! (when I get cords off live I will post them!)

  8. Garwulf has a good spot but I think I found a hidden gem my first time there I skinned 4 arctic furs and had 2 blue BOE items drop with along with 3 greens that sold pretty well.

  9. Before Blizz nerfs our Worgen I have to find the “best” spot to level it. I think the fastest way is doing heroics. There’re some nice spots in Northerend where you can farm experience but… damn it’s boring as hell!

  10. @ Dalaila

    I wouldn’t want to abandon Loque really either, but if I want to experience other pieces of game data, namely icy blue electric wolves, I’ll need to make sacrifices.

    I think that him having Prowl and “Claw..?!” wtf..?!, is pretty weird myself. He should have bite and prowl at the very least. I’d rather they give the different Spirit Beast species different skills, but then we’d have new pet familiaes, which would mean more work for the devs. At least give him bite instead of claw.

    @ Reconnoiter

    I know what you mean. It was sad to have to set Cornwallis free, but I needed a werewolf dammit. He was the easiest to re-obtain out of all my pets, so I sent him packin’ back to Silithus.

    @ Perceuss

    /shake head

  11. Garwulf…so many of your posts have made me lose respect for you but this one tops all of them….ps learn how to spell “Beast”

  12. I do not understand why Blizzard added WOLF spirit beast with CAT abilities. It’s like having Loque with a wolf skin, no more… no less.

    • If they let us keep Garwal as a Worgen, then that’s going to give me only three stable slots once again. There’s no way I’ll abandon him or my ghost wolf. In fact, I suppose Loque would be the first to go if I were compelled to go out and tame a new pet. *gasp*


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