How I Met Hank

Some of you may have heard about the Worgen pet that is rumored to be tamable by Hunters. Well, the rumors are true.

Garwulf Taming the Worgen, Garwal

I had looked into this last night and decided I was going to go for it. After all, this sort of stuff is what I relish most about the game. I love these Huntery type feats of strength.

There is a Worg in the Howling Fjord named Garwal, who is the eventual target of a quest chain. Garwal shifts into a Worgen as he gets lower on health. If the tame successfully completes at the exact moment in which he shapeshifts, Hunters can have themselves a pet Worgen.

Garwal has all of the same abilities as a wolf, and from what I can tell doesn’t seem to have any bugginess about him. I haven’t played around with him too much, but from what I saw, he dashes, casts Furious Howl and rips faces off just like a regular wolf. It’s quite a sight.

So, on to the taming adventure…

When I arrived at the Fjord to initiate the quest I was suddenly disappointed when I saw that the quest giver was Horde. I mistakenly made a post indicating that it was only available to Horde characters.

Fortunately for me, within minutes of publishing the post I watched a quick video of a Hunter running around with him. The Hunter was a Draenei… wtf..?! I jumped on WoWHead and did a little more research. The quests which allow you access to this Worg are available to both factions, but differ a little bit. I quickly unpublished my post and set out to find this guy.

Now I don’t know how long Blizz will allow them to stay in this state, but it’s definitely a fun novelty in the meantime. I had players following me around and sending me tells right away. It was pretty comical.

Let me tell you… this is one awesome looking pet. Here’s what you gotta do if you want one.

  • You need to have not completed the quest chain Alpha Worg. For Alliance, the NPC who initiates the quest is Watcher Moonleaf. For Horde, it’s Greatmother Ankha. You need to have a buff from this quest chain in order for him to appear.
  • Garwal is level 71, so you need to be at least that level of course.
  • The best way to accomplish the tame is with a Survival spec. Wyvern Sting seems to be the ticket here. I’m sure it’s possible to try it other ways, but I’m proof that this works.
  • You need to attack Garwal until his health is somewhere around 60%. This is not an exact science folks, so you’ll need to experiment for a bit.
  • At this point you need to put him to sleep with Wyvern Sting.
  • Somewhere just past the halfway mark of the Wyvern Sting effect you need to begin your Tame Beast.
  • Tame Beast needs to finish at precisely the moment that he shapeshifts into Worgen form.

It’s pretty tricky, but with a little practice it’s not too difficult. I got him on my 10th try. If you fail to tame him in Worgen form, just abandon and repeat. He respawns pretty quickly (about 2mins.), so you can get quite a few attempts in without having to wait too long.

I attacked him unarmed so that I’d have more control over the damage. Last thing you want is a huge melee crit with your epic 2H to ruin the whole thing. At 7800 health I hit him with Wyvern Sting. With 13 seconds left on the effect I began the tame. These figures may or may not work for you. Finding the sweet spot depends upon how low on health you get him before the taming, and how high your Wyvern ticks for. Just give it a few tries and make mental notes of where you were at in the taming process.

I recorded the taming process, but unknowingly had my UI turned off. I apologize for that because I was hoping to show you how low his health was when I hit him with Wyvern. I’m certainly not going to try this again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve heard of Hunters spending hours at this, so either I’m just really good at Huntering or I got really lucky. I think it’s the latter.

Oh, almost forgot… Word has it that entering an arena will reset this pet back to Worg form, so NO ARENA FOR YOU! Well, at least for your Worgen buddy.

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      • PEople Rememebr cata is coming out soon, he like the other quest capturable critters are unchatchable becuase they all have heavy glitches.

        BESIDES Cata lets you play as worgen!!! in a LONDON style setting!!! OMG YES

  1. Hey all, fyi, my other pet wolf does not have its pet bar options. I can feed him, but the same bug I have for Garwal is happening to my other wolf.

  2. Mine bugged when it hit 80. Can’t access talent tree, like I don’t have a pet at all. At 79 however, it had not only the 14 points I had spent, but 15 additional.

  3. I have experienced the same problem with him getting bugged, if anyone finds a solution to this problem, please let everyone know

  4. Same thing here, he died while questing. I rezzed him and now can’t feed him, no Kindred Spirit buff, although he is still in “Werewolf” form. I tried to relog to see if this would fix it, stable him then get him out again, nothing worked. I noticed now at the log in screen he appears as a huge wolf.

  5. I’ve tamed mine, but after he died in a Voa25 pug and i res him, it seems to be bugged…wen i try to feed him i got a message “you don’t have a pet”, and i can’t see his spell book or talent tree, though he is by my side, as a normal pet…

  6. I just tamed the worgen and now have a few questions…
    1. Can we re-spec (not dual-spec, just regular) without him changing back to regular wolf form?
    2. Anything other than arenas that i have to look out for?

  7. I did find a post from a Blizzard Blue regarding worgie:

    “It is not intended that Garwal can be tamed while in worgen form and will be addressed via a hotfix in the near future.

    When we have determined how to handle situations where hunters have already tamed Garwal we will let you know.”

    So..there you have it….keep your fingers crossed!

  8. @ smashfanDS

    Ironically, just after singing its praises, I abandoned my worm.

    The reason for that was because I felt he’d be the easiest to re-tame if I felt the need. Pets are getting some of the Hunter’s resilience in the next patch, so I figured I could just rely on my trusty Chimaera. I’d already abandoned Nuramoc once and didn’t want to do it again.

    The ghost wolf will never be abandoned. Apart from him, I have King Krush, Loque’nahak, Nuramoc and now Hank.

    I really hope they allow us more stable slots in the future. If this Worgen things sticks, I’m going to have a helluva time deciding who to get rid of next when more beasties are made available. As it is, I’m really interested in this new wolf Spirit Beast in 3.2.

  9. Congratulations Garwulf on your new and amazing pet ๐Ÿ˜€

    I, sadly, am unable to tame it because I did the quest ages ago while leveling up ๐Ÿ™

    Knowing that you have (or had) Ghostwolf + King Krush + Loque’nahak + Gondria + Chimera (don’t remember which one,) which pet did you abandon to tame Garwal?

  10. @roarboard

    Sorry man but that won’t work. If you don’t have the quest (and therefore have goggbled up the eagle’s eyes) you cannot SEE him as a Worg and therefore cannot tame hiim. Sucks I know…I have seen many disappointed people over it but nothing can be done.

  11. quest already completed… /cry. might get my buddy to do it and tame his, lol. he’s a pally so stun and silence ftw!

  12. @Dalaila – I noticed the login screen graphic also…which answers my previous question above whether or not Blizz intended this as a sort of “Easter Egg”.

    I’m sure all of the attention surrounding this “find” will force Blizz to make a decision asap and my gut tells me a Tuesday nerfing is coming, but I’ll hold out slim hope that Blizz will let the hunters who were lucky enough to get him…keep him.


    btw…I named my pet DontNerfMe (in protest until a decision is made)

  13. I’ve just noticed that your tamed worgen will be displayed as WOLF in the login screen. Another glitch that makes me think Blizz will fix/nerf it for sure…

  14. @ Vox

    I think Blizzard wont accept it because it’s a humanoid and not a beast. I am sure everyone of us is aware of that and no one could complain about a fix, come on :). A spirit wolf is a kind of “beast” anyway. A worgen is like a troll, an orc and so on. It’s a humanoid.

    @ Siyue

    Try these numbers, they worked perfectly for me and my friends (party of 4 hunters using the same technique).

    Garwal will switch to worgen form at exactly 50% health. He starts with 13.936 so he will change at 6968. The trick is simple: hit him and get his health as low as possible and close to 6968. We all did so and could reach 7000 health just using… fists (to avoid crits, massive damage, …).

    Do not hit him with your weapons or it will be too hard to find the 50% limit.

    When you reach his health limit, Wyvern him and stop damaging.

    Watch the Wyvern sting cooldown: start taming between 14 and 15 seconds before it expires (14 and a half).


    If you are a little lagged, try 14 OR 15 seconds. No less, no more. The magic trick is just reaching the health limit before the aspect change, that is 6969 health.

    I tamed him using another hunter’s wyvern.. .as I am MM.

  15. ok so ive been siting here for a few hours.i have tried everyones way of doing it. everytime i tame him right b4 he changes i get a damn wolf. every single time. even when he changes right as the taming is up i still get a wtf am i doing wrong here? its kinda pissin me off. because im waiting 50% down… 13 sec in tame…and still nothing. fucking annoying>.<

  16. Yeah there is a VERY wide variance on timing depending on gear, haste, level etc. I tried to follow the 67-69% and then at 14% of Wyvern strat and failed. I tried the 54% and 15% of wyvern and failed. Took me probably 25 tries before in desperation I hit Wyvern sting at 51% and started taming at like 23% of sting left lol. Lucked and got him FINALLY.

    So many different variables but my lovely Vukasin is all mine now. Till Blizz takes it away. Also, on Ghostlands we have some children (mentally and emotionally anyway) that camp the spot for hours on end and kill him the second he appears. Even if you tag him first they still break tame and kill And since they are all Hunters, I assume they are disgruntled that they couldn’t tame him themselves since they had completed the quest ๐Ÿ˜›

    Happy hunting…and I would hurry in case Blizz puts a stop to it soon.

  17. I think it also extreme luck required because i did it right as the change and he went back to wolf rather then stay to a worgen

  18. I’ve seen many conflicting arguments concerning whether or not the Worgen model will stick. Some think it’ll remain just as other retired pets from the past have. Blizz will hotfix it this week, but let the Hunters who have him keep him.

    The other side of the coin is that this pet is unique in the sense that it is a humanoid. Now I don’t necessarily see that as being reason enough to change the skin, but…

    If Blizz is considering making Worgen a playable race in a future expansion, then I have no doubt that we will find a grey wolf at our side after we log in on Tuesday.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I hope we get to keep them, but if not, I’ll be glad that at least I can say I did it. It was a fun challenge.

  19. Dalaila;

    What makes you so sure they’ll remove it from the hunters who tamed it. The ghost wolf was a quest npc just the same as this one. The fact that the “skin” isnt an official wolf skin is no difference from the ghost wolf skin being unofficial as well.

  20. I guess Blizz will fix it (even for people who tamed him). The reason is simple: it’s not a beast but a humanoid. Other “bugged” pets were at least beasts (ghost wolf, hydra, …). On a side note, every single hunter is trying to tame it on my server. There’s a well organized queue made of “who stings? who goes DPS? who’s next?”. A real PAIN for questing people who needs this quest!

    I tamed it as I love challenges. But I guess we will be a little unlucky this time ๐Ÿ˜

  21. Thanks Bro for alerting the Hunter community about this find. It took me about 4 hours and I came up with getting him down to 52% and hitting him with the wyvern sting – then starting the taming process around 23 seconds after the sting. You’re right – not an exact science but after many many many tries…I have my own werewolf…I mean Worgen ๐Ÿ™‚

    As to whether or not Blizz will keep him in game…I don’t see why not and do we know for sure that this is a glitch or some kind of Easter Egg?

    Cheers to you and your site – I enjoy it immensely!!

  22. @Garwulf That’s hilarious. I’d replaced explosive shot with wyvern sting in my keybindings since I was super worried I’d kill it (and complete the quest) accidentally. Actually, I took off a lot of my gear b/c I was downing him so fast. We also had a horde druid coming around attacking us while we were trying for the pet, which was frustrating… OH and low level non-hunters running up to “help out” and wack at Garwal. 0.o

    @Anubre It is a wolf basically, with a diff skin. It has all the same abilities and talents of a wolf.

    @Arano I lvled mine to 77 yesterday, so be sure to attack things that would give you exp (if you’re 80, mobs around 80 and not 75 or below).

  23. Just got him too. Maybe I am nuts but the pet seems to be unable to gain XP. No XP bar in the Pet frame of Character Screen. Not too sure how cool this is if I can’t level him to 80. Hmmm…

  24. Seen this guy in a BG i was in, loged to my hunter and looked up everyting i could on him found this here vid of yours and was jumping for joy took me 3 trys and he is now mine, I missed out an all the sweet pets the ghost wolf the slime skin croc, but no way in hell i was going to miss this. Thank you it was all becaus of your vid that got me it.

  25. “You need to attack Garwal until his health is somewhere around 60%. This is not an exact science folks, so you’ll need to experiment for a bit.”
    This is NOT the same for everybody. If you follow the video exactly, you probably wont get him unless your gear is exactly the same. Btw, this can also be done as mm (and therefore bm), but wyvern does make it a lot easier.

  26. can it be that the pet(in this cool design) dont get the pet talents? skilled dash cobra etc but the pet doesnt learned it :/

    damn my false, forgott so save the talents ๐Ÿ˜€

    ps im uldar eQ sv huntard, have dont it so:
    melee dmg8without weap. to ~55% -> wivern -> ~14sek time to tame.

  27. Well… i tried like 20 times and i failed ๐Ÿ™ you are very lucky in this video and i do exactly the same thing but nothing happens… everytime i tame a white sucky wolf ๐Ÿ™

  28. lol. I actually JUST got this guy myself. Meet Errtu, my Worgen buddy. I saw this earlier with another hunter on my server. He refused to share the details with meโ€ฆSo I went and found it all on my own.

    6 hours later, a rogue killing him and ruining my timing and another 80 hunter becoming my best friend while we helped eachother get thisโ€ฆ and voila.

    At 71, I tamed mine at 53% and 13 seconds into Wyvern sting.

    One all my own. I really hope Blizzard keeps this, as it remarkably like the Blue Ghost wolf from Dustwallow, and just as hard to get a hold of. Heโ€™s not easyโ€ฆ

    I will be sadly dissapointed if Blizzard takes my new buddy from me.

    On another note…if you log out, He appears as a “worg/wolf” on the character log in screen.

    Good Luck hunters! Hope you get one of these for yourself.

    Anariell- Jubeiโ€™Thos

  29. @ Serith

    My first attempt I noobed it up big time and hit him with an Explosive Shot on accident…lol! Took him down to about 40% right off the bat. Oops!

    After a few more tries I started to get a feel for it. Definitely not as hard to tame as the Ghost Wolf, but at least this is soloable.

    I appreciate you wanting to give me a heads up on this. I had read a little blip about it yesterday, but dismissed it as bogus info. Then late last night I saw a few posts from Hunters saying that they’d tamed him, and then the famous screenshot.

    If they plan to leave the Worgen skin in-game, I hope they do it soon to help retain this pet’s unique quality. Even though it’s pretty well known at this time, it could remain pretty rare since this all came about on a holiday weekend when many people were probably away from WoW. Thank goodness I’m a loser who was home working at his computer on the 4th of July. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cheers and thanks for the pic!

  30. Awesome post! I came here to send you a message about it, but it seems this is all over the hunter-sphere already. I tamed mine this morning and control of DPS was a big issue. It helped when I took off my haste gear before starting. Process: Aimed Shot, and then auto-ed until at 8.7k HP (62ish %). Disengaged and then WSting. I waited until it had 14 seconds left before I hit tame. There were so many tries where he would change JUST before tame finished, but eventually we got it. I had a couple of both horde and alliance hunters working together, clearing the area and taking turns. Much love for DuneLAWL!

    Here’s my pic:

  31. GJ on getting Garwal Kassiopeia!

    I’m debating whether I want to try and level him or just wait to see what Blizz decides to do about them. The only reason I think they may revert it to a Worg model is because it’s a humanoid. We’ll see I guess.

    Now all we need are more stable slots. Make them available for purchase or whatever, but give me more!!!

  32. Big big congrats!
    I just tamed him aswell, took a few tries, and apparently works slightly different for others. But, worgen are so awesome!!! They let us keep the Grimtotem and the Hydra, I don’t see why they would change this one back to a regular worg, but let’s hope!! This 3.2 when spirit beast wolf arrives!!!

    Ah refreshing hunter challenges ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved loved loved this one!


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