It’s Taken Azeroth By Storm

Worgen Mania!


Within hours of the news being leaked on the internet, hundreds and even thousands of Hunters across Azeroth were scrambling to tame the new hottest thing… a Worgen..?!

By now this latest craze has become quite the rage, as now literally dozens upon dozens of them are popping up on servers everywhere. It’s caught the attention of the Blizzard developers who are now trying to determine how best to approach this situation. The Worgen was of course never intended to be tamed, but as with some of the other glorious flukes of the past, an incredibly clever or flat out lucky Hunter was able to discover a means of obtaining a Worgen as a pet.

Blizzard has made an official statement concerning the “Fate of the Worgen”:

As you put it Zennie, we are currently discussing this issue.

It is not intended that Garwal can be tamed while in worgen form and will be addressed via a hotfix in the near future. When we have determined how to handle situations where hunters have already tamed Garwal we will let you know.

I suspect that a fix will be implemented as early as today once the realms go live. The big question is… will they allow the Hunters who’ve already tamed this incredibly cool looking pet to keep it as is, or will they revert it to a wolf model? That’s the question of the hour.

There’s no doubt that Blizzard intends to fix it so that Garwal can’t be tamed in Worgen form any loger. After all, Hunters were never supposed to be able to keep an intelligent humanoid creature as a pet. That would basically make it a slave! Some Hunters pose the gorilla argument, but a Worgen and a gorilla are vastly different. As far as I know, gorillas in-game don’t speak or wear armor.

The question on everyone’s mind, especially for the fortunate Hunters who were able to tame him, is… are they going to allow the already tamed version of Garwal to remain as a Worgen? There are many good arguments for and against it.

In the past, Blizzard usually dealt with these types of things by allowing the ones that slipped through to remain. However, this situation is highly controversial due to the fact that Garwal is a humanoid, along with strong speculation that Worgen may be added as a playable race in a future expansion.

If I were to guess, I’d say that one day we’re going to log in and find a wolf where a Worgen used to be. I may be wrong on that, but one thing’s for sure… if that does happen, the Hunter community will be up in arms about it.

Only time will tell.

11 thoughts on “It’s Taken Azeroth By Storm”

  1. Funy that they use the old “slavery” rubbish when they have a quest where you have to torture an NPC into giving you information.

  2. Well, really hurts me that they fixed it. Why fix it? Just leave it alone? So what, it gets hunters WANT to level up for something, the pet will most likely be replaced at a higher level anyways. That slavery and animal stuff is bullcrap, it’s a game. If you take after games and go around killing animals all because of wow, then you need to seriously get help. I myself tried to tame him, then looked it up and seen the add that they fixed it. Made me mad, I worked hard to get to 71, then switched specs TWICE thinking that’d help.

  3. Well looks as though bliz has aplied a hotfix to the worgen already as of now you can talent him or feed or anything, really saddens me that bliz take this stance about slavery and taming when in most of the game we are killing animals that are infact endangered spieces in the real world so why should this make any difference, just think bliz can be very stupid sometimes with there ideal’s.
    and I aggre that just because some missed out on it and are moaning then why should others have to lose it as a hunter pet but there we go again bliz messes up something that was very good.

  4. My worgen does not have any talent points either and when i try to feed him i get the “you do not have a pet” notice…very scary. I have to go to work now and wonder if he’ll be gone or not once i get home.

  5. Don’t count your worgen until they have growled, they might still be thinking of how to “fix” this “problem” and could still take him away from us. I wonder if they fixed the Arena bug? I doubt anyone will be willing to take the chance though.

  6. I can confirm that Garwal remains a worgen still as of today. I just logged in and pulled him out of my stable. Whether the taming bug has been fixed I do knot know.

    Sorry about your misfortune icedtrip, but if every single Hunter were to have most of these pets then they wouldn’t be unique.

    I never bothered with the slime or Hydra because I didn’t find them all that appealing, but the ghost wolf… that was another story. I knew I had to have him. I was lucky too, because they hotfixed it within 48-72 hours after I tamed him.

    I’m sure there will be more. Let’s hope for a tamable Tauren or NE Druid. 🙂 That would be the ultimate!

  7. I’m indifferent whether or not the Worgen should stay as a pet, but wow; I have bad luck.

    Grimtotem Spirit Guide – Wasn’t high enough level when it was available

    Ooze, Hyrda, etc – Wasn’t high enough level when they were available

    Sapphire Hive Queen – Wasn’t high enough level when it was available

    Worgen – I’m level 80, but I’ve already completed the quest. AGH!

    Oh well, the next “looking-to-be-retired-unique-pet” will be mine!

  8. There are so many arguments about this it’s ridiculous. I have seen arguments that raptors wear jewelry and armbands and have communities set up and they walk on 2 legs…we have tamed a “God” whose spouse speak to us in Zul Drak…but then I seen people arguing that since it’s a humanoid it would be considered “slavery” and when you spell worgen backwards..that’s not a pretty combo…I don’t know I am at a loss I am actually nervous about logging in today.

  9. What kills me is all the whiny a-holes who didn’t get one demanding we lose ours because “it isn’t fair.” What a bunch of crap, I don’t cry that I can’t get a spirit wolf or an ooze or even a hydra…I missed my window and that sucks….that’s why I considered myself so lucky to get in on this particular pet. If Blizz takes this away from me…the only way they can fix it is by offering to replace it with another retired pet…


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