New Hunter Forum and User Registration

I just wanted to make a quick post letting you all know that along with the new Hunter Forums, I’ve also enabled user registration for this site. If you want to skip it for now and register at a later date, there’s a link in the sidebar just above the RSS info.

Forum posting requires registration, so if you want to get in the mix once the forum starts chugging along, then you’ll need to register at that time.

Anwyay, that’s it for tonight. Today was a long day, and this evening’s post was a doozy. In fact, I underestimated how long it would take and didn’t manage to get it published until 1am Friday.

Alright, so technically I made it 7 straight days with new posts. I’d say that’s pretty good. Although I missed today’s self-imposed deadline, I’ll still manage to get this talent guide done within the designated window. You’ll see. 😉

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