A Brief Posting Hiatus, Aside From Some Venting About Arena

I’ll be putting the talent guide on hold for a couple of days most likely, being that it’s a holiday weekend and we have family visiting. On top of that, it’s my son’s birthday today! 🙂 I won’t have too much time for Hunter blogging until maybe Monday. Any free time I might have after the family goes to bed will most likely be spent trying to attain an 1850 rating in arena.

In fact, that’s what I did last night for about 4 hours. 🙁 I really hate this game sometimes.

My Ret Pally partner and I are having a real time cracking 1850, which is what we need for our weapons. I feel that once we (especially my Retadin partner) get our Furious Gladiator weapons, our double-dps combo should be on its way to 2050 in no time. The problem is overcoming this first hurdle. Arena can be such a see-saw at times.

We began the night at 1765, dropped as low as 1698, then climbed as high as 1846, only to finish at 1778. So, for 4+ hours of play, we earned 13 points. :\

I’m still on the fence about this new matchmaking system Blizzard has implemented. I suppose it’s better than what we had in seasons 4 and 5, but it’s still not without its flaws. It seems like we get the most points from beating teams that are facerolling to 2350, and the fewest points against well played combos where we barely pull off the win.

After about 2 1/2 hours of play we got on a mini-roll, winning 7 straight, which got us to 1846. We were an unstoppable force at this point, which had me looking beyond the needed rating and encouraging my partner to continue on past 1850 for the Hot Streak achievement. We’ve gotten very close a few times, but never more than 8 straight wins.

Anyway, since we were having such a rough go all night, coupled with the fact that it was getting so late, we decided to call it after this next win. After all, we’d still be able to attain the achievement for him (I already has it 😀 ) by winning the first two matches next time we queued.

Long story short, we ended up dropping the next match to a nasty 2K+ Lock/Ret team. Ugh… so close too. Well, we only lost 9 points, so we were still only 13 away from 1850. That’s still only one big win away. We can do this.

We struggled within 1810-1841 for about an hour before we finally dropped to 1778, which is when I decided to pull the plug. Normally I wouldn’t be chasing my losses like that, but due to this weekend’s schedule, it was possibly the only night we had to queue together. We had to go all out. Oh well, I suppose there’s always next week.

I swear, Blizzard never fails to throw a high-rated counter combo at you just as you’re about to break a rating threshold for gear. This has happened to me all throughout the 4 seasons I’ve been competing in arena.

Last night’s arena loss at 1846 was like losing my intended last hand at the Blackjack table just as I’m about to walk away. After having a rough couple of hours, spent gaining and losing rating, we were finally poised to crack 1850 and walk away for the week. Once we lost that match, the “cards” if you will, were not dropping in our favor.

We faced a well-geared Ret/Mage team 4 times after that, and handed them 4 wins. 🙁 If the opponents are well-geared and skilled, that’s one of those teams where you almost want to /afk once the arena doors open.

Alright, well that was my therapeutic arena-venting session. New posts on the horizon, just bear with me until things settle down over here on the homefront.

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