Attention: Hunters Who Are Looking To Tame Gondria

Gondria the Spirit Beast
Gondria, the New Spirit Beast

As I’d previously mentioned in a comment somewhere on this site, there is a mod available that should greatly help in your search for Gondria, Loque’nahak, or any other rares you may be after. My buddy Blaquespell had alerted me to a mod which he found that makes searching for rare mobs quite a bit easier. He’s been casually trying to hunt down the elusive Time-Lost Proto Drake in the Storm Peaks, and this addon has been helpful for him (even though he hasn’t been lucky enough to find it yet).

The mod is called NPCScan, and is available for download off of WoWInterface. The NPCScan addon pretty much replaces a /target macro, and automates the task of finding rare spawns. It automatically scans the area for any rare mobs that you haven’t encountered, and targets them without the need to mash a macro. Plus, NPCScan has the same range as a targeting macro.

While the addon is active, it will automatically scan while you’re exploring an area and alert you when a rare spawn is found. Basically, it detects mobs that aren’t stored within your game cache. The catch is, once a rare mob is located it will no longer alert you to it unless you clear your cache. Clearing your cache is an easy process and is completely safe.

To clear your cache, just navigate to your World of Warcraft folder, open it and delete the Cache directory.

  • On a Windows machine: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Cache
  • On a Mac: Macintosh HD\Applications\World of Warcraft\Cache

The process is worry-free, because your cache directory gets automatically rebuilt upon your next login. If you were to say, happen upon Loque’nahak’s corpse, you’d need to clear your cache after logging. This would ensure that NPCScan would alert you next time Loque’nahak was spawned.

NPCScan will also provide a “cache warning” when you log in. If any of the listed mobs are ones you’re still searching for, then you will need to follow the steps to clear your cache.

The Catch: Hunters Read This!

Since NPCScan cannot differentiate between tamed rares and rares yet to be tamed, it will go off if a nearby Hunter has tamed a rare spawn, like Gondria for example. By default, it does not account for rare tamable beasts. To fix this however is relatively easy.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get the NPC ID for the mob(s) you’re searching for. To do this, just search for the rare spawn in a database like Wowhead‘s. Once you find it, there will be a number at the end of the url in your address bar, which is the NPC ID.

Browse to the rare mob's page on WoWHead, then copy its NPC ID from the address bar.

Open up the NPCScan options menu by typing in, /npcscan. You’ll see a configuration screen with a list of rare spawns. To enter in a new one, just type the name and NPC ID at the bottom and hit the + icon. That’s all there is to it.

Entering Rare Mob ID's into NPCScan
Open up NPCScan and add the NPC ID

NPC IDs For Some Popular Rare Spawn Pets

  • Gondria: 33776
  • Loque’nahak: 32517
  • King Krush: 32485
  • Aotona: 32481
  • Nuramoc: 20932
  • Rak’shiri: 10200
  • Sewer Beast: 3581

When NPCScan detects the rare spawn, it will alert you with an audible alarm, a targetable icon, a message in chat and flashing red borders around your screen. You’d have to be asleep to miss this. The small NPC icon and target frame can be repositioned on your screen by holding down ctrl and dragging it with your mouse.

NPCScan Rare Mob Target Frame
NPCScan will automatically alert you when a rare mob is in targeting range.

There are many other options available for this great addon, but I suggest you download and install it to get a feel for things. Hopefully my explanation and short tutorial here will help get you started.

Lastly, here’s an updated map for Gondria’s spawn locations in Zul’Drak.

Gondria's Spawn Locations Map
Map of Gondria's spawn locations in Zu'Drak.

Good luck and Happy Huntering!

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  1. JUST TAMED GONDRIA! FIRST TIME LOOKING FOR HIM. If it hadn’t been for this addon I wouldn’t have seen em. Blends in with the snow very well.

    • Wow addons work on both mac and PC, just download the addons zip file, extract the contents into /applications/world of warcraft/interface/addons

  2. I dont know how big npc/scan range is but it must be huge. It sounds off that the scourge giant has spawned at the top of Icecrown even though Im in Dalaran, and 5 times now its said Time Lost Protodrake is up but no way in hell could I find him.
    On a good note though, since Cataclysm launched Northrend is practically deserted, so u have more chance to tame the rares before someone kills them. Good hunting.


    I just got done with an instance and ported back to SB and NPCScan popped Loque’ .

    CONFIRMED: NPCScan will target aprox 10/20 yrds past the overlay circle AND Loque’ himself was pat’ing aprox 10 yrds OUTSIDE of his green colored overlay pat area.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Ok, some of us are really looking for a specific answer to this one VERY important question:

    What is the range of NPCScan?

    Please DO NOT answer with “It’s the same range as the Targeting Macro” as that is the answer also known as the “NON-answer”.

    I was in ‘Area 52’ at Netherstorm with NPCScan about to fly the spawns and pats for Nuramoc, when the NPCScan went off. (and yes, I about wet my pants)

    I was at the Innkeeper because I had just logged in and boom, the aleart went off. I hauled buttocks over to the Ruins first and nothing, then went to Manaforge Duro and there he was. I tamed him and all that so great…


    obviously, if you look at the Netherstorm map you can’t help but understand that, at least Nuramoc, was WAY outside that little circle in the minimap overlay.

    Sooooo…..does anyone have a clue what the actual range of NPCScan is?

    If it’s possible to camp in the middle of Shalozar Basin and wait for Loque to spawn instead of flying to each spawn point it would make a lot of our lives a lot easier!

  5. Found Gondria today at 04:40 realm time, Defias Brotherhood, at 62,62. I was actually looking for Arcturis, and by happenstance decided to check for gondria.

    I was half asleep, pressing my macro on button 1, and suddenly she pops up, the macro yelling “YOU ARE NOT PREPAIRED” in my ears… That was quite the pleasant surprise! So good hunting guys! a good macro helps!

    So now.. I go for Skoll and Arcturis 😀

  6. I recommend NPCscan to ANYONE who wants to find rares.! Now, for my story:

    I’ve been hunting Loque’nahak since…oh, I’d say Ulduar was released. Every time I’d catch a glimpse of him, he would be dead, or mid-tame by another lucky hunter.
    Here it is, well into Cataclysm, and I’m still hunting. After taming King Krush at 2:08pm ST (and spending another couple hours flying around looking for Aotona and Loque at the designated spawn timers I’d researched) I decided to fly around and look for some herbs. As I flew across Dragonblight, the scan went off. I killed the mammoth rare, and kept going. This was at 5:25pm ST. When I got to Zul’Drak, I saw I had a troll dig site near Gundrak. DING! The scan went off again (5:34pm ST). This time it was Griegan, a scourge mob. I killed him, and kept going. Just west of the Altar of Mamtoth, my NPC scan went off again. DING! Gondria! 5:38pm ST.
    I’m not sure if the ‘rare spawn’ cap applies to all of Northrend, or just specific zones, but this has to be proof that you can always find more than one….maybe now, Loque will grace me with his presence. 😀

    ~Zuri, Twisting Nether US

  7. so i was in zul drak at level 76 and found gondria coudlnt tame her cause i was too low of a level so i killed her decided to go check for other rare spawns found arcturis loque some rare bird in the basin king krush and terror spinner in about a 3 hour span the next day i was level 77 and found gondria about and then i went to the basin and found loque again just cant seem to find skoll

  8. .. I was going to do dailies for Kalu’ak rep. I I remembered that I killed Loque’nahak with my hunter, then I went to wowhead to see him… I saw a comment which says about that site, clicked on it… I see the NPCScan AddOn and when Gondrian spawns, I went there and… It was 77,70. I almost got insane………………………………..


  9. .. I was going to do dailies for Kalu’ak rep. I I remembered that I killed Loque’nahak with my hunter, then I went to wowhead to see him… I saw a comment which says about that site, clicked on it… I see the NPCScan AddOn and when Gondrian spawns, I went there and… It was 77,70. I almost got insane………………………………..

  10. max kudos !!

    I followed your advice , downloaded NPC scan and then forgot about it. I recently ditched enchanting for a gathering profession (Mining as I need to feed the ore to my hungry Engineer) so was flying around ZD mining ores when BUM-DADA-BUM-DADA-BUM WHOOP WHOOP!!

    (you never told me the NPC Scan alarm would scare seven shades of bejezzus out of me!!)

    So I now own Skoll, Arcturis and Gondria !! All I need now is Loque and I’ve got the set 😉

    many thanks again. would probably have flown over/past it as I was only looking for ore spawns !

    • Anyone know when she was last tamed on Elune? I’ve been looking for this girl for awhile now, a friend’s been helping me but no luck yet!

  11. First let me say… WONDERFUL SITE! So much valuable info.. Thank you so much for all your help. Secondly.. to all of you who have tamed Gondria.. How is the damage? Is she really worth getting or what? Been looking for a post in regards to that.. could someone please enlighten. Thank you. Happy Hunting.

  12. Hi
    I’ve killed Gondria once.. Does that mean that i will not find him again?

    Also i wonder, when i installled _NPCScan i passed Terror spinner right after. No alarm or nothing. When i look in Search folder there is a red X beside Terror spinner and many other rare i havent seen. Why is that? From what i understand it means i already killed/tamed/seen it? Can i remove the X.. and at last, will tha alarm still go off, even if there is a X there.. hehe.

    Ty for any help

  13. hey i was wondering if you could give me a few tips for finding Gondria. ive been searching for 3 motnhs and nothing. really annoying me. if anyone could email me with the info, it would be greatly aprreciated. Happy Hunting.

    I’m on kargath and i havent seen those listed yet, so if anyone can tell me a good spot for kargath, sicne he seems to spawn at different places on different servers, thatd be great.

  14. I decided about 3 days ago to go for Gondria and Skoll but since my hunter is only 77 Gondria was my first priority… I’ve been referring to this site non-stop in my hunt. I started late night on Monday night/Tuesday morning in my search. Basically my search ended up being exactly 3 days because just as of 5 minutes ago, Gondria was found … and I must say, COMPLETELY by accident, I am fixing to go to sleep but I wanted to give a quick scout around before I went. I started off around the Altar of Hal’koa.. and circled around towards the big stairs. Gondria was sitting beautifully next to the big staircase, not moving.. like she was waiting for me LOL.. I got lucky I think, no bears and only 1 guardian and he was off over near the wall. I jumped off my bird.. thankfully was low enough I didnt die.. and set my trap.. shot her once to make sure no one else tagged her (no one else was around….I think I got a tad overly happy for a second 😉 ..) and started taming her before she hit the trap. The taming didnt take long at all. It was over before I realized what hit me. I used BOTH Silverdragon Mod and the NPCscan Mod.. I’ve been spending the passed few days not sure if one worked so I got them both. They both went off at the same time, so for anyone not sure how well they will work.. they did great.
    I want to thank the moderators for the help and upkeep on this site.. If it werent for the information given I’m not sure I’d have known where to begin.

    Maiyai ~~ lvl 77 NE Hunter~~ Shadowsong server

    • Wow, In my excitement and how tired I was, I spelled Har’koa wrong and duh.. you have to shoot her to pull her, BUT either way IDC.. I got her and shes beautiful and I must admit.. I figured she’d be as powerful as my other pet.. or any other pet for that matter. But she was thoroughly whipping a$$ lastnight. I thought all tameables had the same type of ferocity? Spirit Beasts compared to normal pets have different abilities and can hit harder?? I’m a bit of a noob hunter, casters are usually my type of toons. If someone could explain that’d be great. Ty.

  15. OMG i tamed her today at 9.18 server time after trying for 2 months to get her, and after 3 stright days of look nonstop!! But it was so worth it. I found her at 62,62. i would sit at spot 77,70 and every 10 mins i would make rounds to all her spawn sites and then end back at 77,70. If you are trying to tame her i would us a addon to help it makes it a million times easier. It sucked, got really f’n boring and i moved my computer next to my bed so that i could still watch tv and junk. OH and the whole time i was there NONE of the rares in Zul’Drak had spawned. I would fly the whole place looking for witch ever one was spawned so i could tame or kill it so that gondria would spawn faster but in the 3 days i was there none of them spawned till today when gondria spawned. Good luck to who ever is still looking and just dont give up and remember its all just a matter of luck.

  16. I been looking for Gondria 3 days now 🙁 no luck yet . I don’t know Larnot you prediction has not come true for me.

    back to camping and making rounds around Zul’Drak

  17. I have noticed first on the PTR and now that 4.0.1 is live that old-world rares are spawning like crazy. Tonight alone I went to Darkshore, tamed Strider Clutchmother, then went straight to Duskwallow Marsh and tamed Oozeworm, back to back.

    These are just 2 examples, but I have seen many, many others spawning like crazy. I think maybe Blizz is throwing us a bone since a lot of them may be gone after Cata (with all the zone changes and all).

    Look around, do some old world farming and you’ll see what I mean.

    Good hunting!

  18. I wish I could delete the previous entries as to I read the reason NPC scan is picking up those untameable NPC’s in dalaran and I guess other major cities..its not that the range is huge its just picking up false positives..WHICH REALLY SUCKS..still I don’t know the range but i guess I would need to be in the general area.

  19. It (NPC Scan) must have an unlimited range because I was on my alt in Origimar (Kalimador) and got an alert like that music sounded off ..hopped on my hunter and Arcturis was in my cache..saying that it has the same range as the macro doesn’t really give a good idea of the range at least not for me.

  20. What is the range of NPC Scan..Every time I go to dalaran ..npc scan cache’s some of the spawns im after is the range all of northrend?

    • NPCScan identifies the ID# associated with the creature… since many ppl already have these creatures tamed, it will go off when you walk past a hunter that already has it tamed. It’s a false alarm. Clear your cache and start over.

  21. Got her Sunday morning about 10:30 am at 66,78. I camped off and on for a week, I just hovered over 77, 70, would log off there, log on do a quick round, log off. I love this pet, she’s awesome. Named her AngeniBygul, Angeni meaning Spirit in Native American, and Bygul being one of the cats that pulled Freyja’s chariot in Norse mythology.

  22. I have successfully tamed Gondria today at about 1:54PM CST. I found her just West of the big crater. I had just logged on to fly the loops once or twice before class and I heard the add-on go off! My heart starting racing and I landed immediately and got her! I have spent the past few days flying around the spawn points for about maybe 4-6 hours total. I definitely got lucky! I love it! I’m not sure what to name it though…

  23. i’ve got a problem with this.. found Arcturis yesterday without it and without camping, found Gondria today without it after looking for 10 minutes for her yesterday and about 5 today (because of multiple spawn places) but downloaded it for Skoll, and while I’m in the area was thinking to look for Time-lost proto-drake so i deleted the cache, when i loged back on i wrote both id’s and skoll has a cross before it’s name but the proto drake doesn’t …well still looking for them 😉

  24. i finally got her i camped for 16 hrs managed to catch the terror spinner at 77,70 at first i thought it was her but then i saw a giant spider (big disappointment 🙁 ) i gave up a bit did some dungeons and while waiting for a que i was flying my normal path around and my spidey senses tingled and there she was at 62,62 142am server time on kael’thas. i was kinda shocked and excited didnt get a screen shot of the capture though.

    • (I don’t suppose you’ll be back, but just in case…)
      Are we to understand from that outburst that you need help installing the NPC Scan addon? :O)
      If so, you presumably downloaded it manually and have not installed an addon this way before, if at all.
      No worries… just drop the downloaded _NPCSCAN folder into your World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons folder. Then make sure it is activated (for whichever toons you choose, or all of them) using the Add Ons button on the WoW logon screen (or is it the screen after logging in? I can’t remember).
      Hope this helps to keep your blood pressure down. :O)

  25. I was doing a quest, when i said to my slef ” il go loking for gondria one patrol them stop and there it was at my second stop i got so happy i was like OMFG OMFG OMFG!!! then i remeberd WHERE THE F*CK IS TAME PET :S

  26. @Outpost

    I know this seems silly, but do you have the talent in the BM tree called Beast Mastery? Gondria is exotic so you have to have that in order to tame her. =)

  27. I have found her twice and both times when I hit the tame icon it pops up not tame able?
    I used freeze trap the second time but still the same thing any suggestions.
    I have been able to tame Terror Spinner.

  28. I guess I’m pretty lucky, because I found and tamed Gondria then flew to Sholozar..killed a few things and about 20 min later found/tamed Loque’nahak!

  29. At 10:40pm Realm Time on Deathwing server I found him after 2 days of lightly searching. He was at the 77,70 location. I highly recommend NPCScan!!!! Without it I doubt this tame would have been possible.

  30. I am looking for ages for Gondria, i killed it before not knowing that i realy want this Rare pet. But i fly arround now but it doesnt show. Does it have to to do something that i killed it. I use NPCScan and cleared cache

  31. hello to everyone!!
    i’ve found immediatly Gondria…but he is green color…i can’t attack or tame it!i’m specced in Beast Mastery and i am level 80 but i don’t know what is the problem…he have even 1/1 healt and 0 armor and 0 attack…can somebody help me?

  32. I have Silver Dragon addon instead of this one. It still needs the cache to be cleared but when I do, it is recreated with all the creatures still in the cache.

    Can anyone help me please? Am I doing anything wrong? And yes, I am closing WoW before I clear the cache.

    Thanks for any help.

  33. haha it’s awesome..especially when i walk down the dalaran if a hunter pass me by walking gondria and loque all i have to do is hunter mark them and they’re mine buahahahah

  34. Grats Chris!

    I’ve found that NPCScan works almost too well. On my level 74 Druid it’s gone off a few times, but without Cold Weather Flying I’d been having a tough time finding them. It’s target radius is huuuge.

    Good job though and thanks for the comment.

  35. Well well.. i got Gondria today by luck as i expected.
    I could get help by my friends nut i wanted to do it alone as it may turn to be endless camping..
    So heres my way:
    I placed my high lvl chars in the different spawn locations 63.43,69.49,62.62,66.78,77.70 !
    Fortunately for me yea i have 5 high level chars;p
    Anw as i placed them there and was reloging to different chars once and a while , but had no success for a half day.
    I gathered several info from different forums , downloaded the addon NPCSCAN and tried again the next day. I was patroling with my pala for an hour trying to find any rare mobs in Zuldrak to see if the addon works. I got bored and logged on another char who was placed at 63.43, and i just wanted to go and reveal the rest of his map so i just headed to 69.79 only part which was unrevealed;ppp
    BOOM the addon SPOKE : GONDRIA FOUND ! looked down and there is was! Got nervous for a while till i log on my hunter and run there with my freaking 60% mount! Run my ass there asap and YES still there , i tamed it , the end of camping times for now :D:D
    Ty for the locations above helped a lot
    The Maelstrom EU at approximately 16:00 pm

  36. As a 77 hunter for the moment with my slow mount, I figured I didnt have much of a chance to tame Gondria. I started lookin from time to time for Loq, Aotona and Gondria in their spawn points, After 2 days I was flying over the ones in Zul Drak and off went my NPCcsan alert for Gondria. My heart rate quickly went up and I looked on the ground for it, luckily I saw it and dropped down fairly close to it, abandoned my wasp pet, dropped a freeze trap and started the taming process. This was the slowest tame ever it seemed, lol. Then bam… Gondria was mine!!!!! Spawn point was 69 49

    My toon is Jonmcslain and I named her Sarahplayin.. The political satire if great, I may change it later with a scroll but I hade some players get a good laugh. I now have 2 rares Gondria and Nuromoc, which is also a very cool pet.

    Good Luck to all in their hunts!!

  37. I have both Loque and Gondria. Although I think Gondria is absolutely beautiful, she doesn’t make noise. Loques roars and growls are awesome. He is a great pet, does good damage and keeps you entertained.

    I have also found that having Gondria out is not worth the PSSTSPAM I get.

    Both spirit beasts put out the same damage, as far as I can tell, the differences are cosmetic.

    I love these pets. They make BeastMistress very much worth speccing for.

  38. Last night i tamed her, was doing a quest in Zul’Drak and I had my beast tracking on and I saw a yellow dot. Made an ice/frost trap (30 seconds immoblile) and tamed her. Server Blade’s Edge and her name is Furball, after my own cat. Happy hunting/taming.

  39. After camping 77,70 for 2 days, unexpectedly just got Gondria at 61.7,62.5 which is the same as earlier reported 62,62. Server Barthilas, time 12:20pm. Called her Bagheera. Good Luck taming.

  40. Found and tamed Gondria at location 77,70 around 3:45 am this morning on server Misha…ty so much for the helpful info.

  41. Has there been an update to this mod at all? It seems to me that since the patch 3.1.2 I’m not finding any rares, even when I have pratically run over them!

    And yes, I do clear my cache…

  42. Gondria tamed at 3:02P server time around 77, 70, on Moon Guard after four days of searching. Surprised I did not die ‘cuz I just drop trap and tamed like a stupid fool, without clearing the bears around. She went right to work defending.

    Just an FYI, I had been searching that location every few hours; another hunter had found a corpse of her at 4AM server, and alerted me to be on the lookout for a respawn. I hope that helps.

  43. Just got Gondria on Tanaris at 3:50 am server time. NPCScan worked beautifully. I nearly had a heart attack when it targeted her. I had mapped out all of her spawn points on my map (I use Carbonite), and it found her at the 66, 78 location after I’d been flying around for about 20 minutes. She was a relatively easy tame, too, considering her epicness. Some of the devilsaurs are way more difficult. Anyway, I’m stoked that I got her, so thanks Huntsman’s Lodge and NPCScan!

  44. Found Gondria at 63,42 – NPCScan worked.
    It’s a bit annoying that if an other hunter already tamed Gondria and walk around with the tamed beast in Dalaran, NPCScan still alert, it does not make a difference between tamed and untamed beasts 🙁
    So we have to delete the createcache file again and again…

  45. Hi..

    If i stand in Dalaran will the alert come if a pet spawns like gondria and Loque’nahak ?

    or do i need to stay in Zul’ Drak to get the alert ? or do i need to stand at the right spawn place ?

    Thanks for helping the sad Hunter

  46. I tamed gondria at 3:00 am server time at cords 66.78 on Gnomeragan. Its a nice looking pet now I have both spirit beasts :).. Happy Hunting…..

  47. I found Gondria last night on Ursin, he was at the 77,70 coords about 12:00am server time, he is amazing. only thing i think is lacking is his spirit strike, really low on damage not sure how much it goes up from 77-80 but we will see.. still an amazing and beautiful tiger and well worth the hours of camping…=) jsut wish i could use him as Survival hehe

  48. but i have noticed that hunting loque’nahak is much more difficult then hunting gondria… maybe because more people are in the basin.. not sure..

  49. yea thanks Czardas lol i noobed it up.. my dual spec is BM but totally forgot so i killed him lol.. now gotta find him again but its harder then the first time lol.. but thank you 🙂

  50. I just found Gondria 10:54 pm server time but it keeps telling me he’s untameable. I’m lvl 78 and I’ve been looking for him forever! What’s going on?? Can someone help me?

  51. Thks for the tips helped a lot. By the way this addon didn’t work for me but I found Gondria very easyly at Warsong between 66,78 and 77,70. He was blinking, beautiful beast! Wish you all good luck it is a very amazing animal.

  52. I randomly found Gondria around 10a EST on Agamaggon at 62,62. My wife saw the pet and wanted for her hunter so I had to hunt it for her. At 7:05a est today (just before servers went down) I found Gondria at 69,49. I had just installed NPCScan last night and was doing a quick circle and BAM there she was!!!

    Joe, you have to be spec’d to tame exotic pets to be able to get Gondria!

    BTW, you do NOT have to delete the cache folder, just the creaturecache.wdb file contray to what the mod dev states.

  53. i have been searching for gondria for numerous days now and i randomly woke up at 4:30am this morning so decided to log on and do a quick fly around ZD… and i found him! i was so amazed.. and as soon as i tried to tame.. it said Creature not tameable!!!! what happened? the guy before me on May 3 said he caught him.. idk what happened!? please fill me in if blizzard stopped this pet?

  54. I can recommend this add on – been searching for gondria for a couple of days now; it alerted me to gondria way before i noticed the yellow dot on the mini map. The targeting function is great as she isnt the easiest to spot. Found her by the trees just between the Har’koa alter and the grizzly border.

    Happy hunting; finding and taming her is well worth the effort 🙂

  55. ^^ hello

    i got him today at 21:11pm at 77,70 at the server kult der verdammten ,after a loooong waiting time^^dont even know how many houers and dayes i spend but im real happy now thx everyon and sorry for my english ^^

  56. Confirmo : Zul Drak – 77,70 – Hoy 1 – 5 – 09 15:00H.

    Server: los herrantes ( España ).

    Gracias por su magnifico programa.

  57. hallo
    ich have a question^^im using npcscan now and i wut like to know if the hole area is scant (like all of zul drak) or is only the little spot wer my char is standing scant? sorry for my bad english thy for the answer^^

  58. Just wanted to leave a note. I love your site very well done. NPCscan, very nice. Thanks for the info.

    Also to offer a suggestion to all those hunters out there who, like me, gotta catch’em all. If you will pardon the cartoon verbage there. I am on Elune. I got Gondria at the 63,43 coordiantes on the map above. Nearly all of the hunters I have talked to on Elune that have it, got it in the same spot, or 77, 70. So if you want to camp I would suggest those two spots

    ps. He blends in to the snow very well. So be sure to slow down and give a good look before zooming off.

  59. ce jour 25/04/09 ais apprivoisé gondria en 68/77 a 13h15, merci beaucoup pour toutes vos info a toutes les personnes faisant parti ou pas du site .

  60. Valdiar,

    It may have been that a Hunter had just hearthed, but prior to that had been standing there with his tamed Loque’nahak. At least that sounds somewhat likely.

  61. Was hunting in ZD for Gondria and boom npcscan found Loque! Alarm when off and the Loque icon came up. I cursored over the “red” dot and it was identified as spirit beast. Started to fly towards it and it disappeared. Did’nt see another hunter with a tammed Gondria so kinda puzzled. Any ideas?

  62. Hi!

    Just managed to tame GONDRIA this morning (runtotem).
    Was at 77,70. My other toon a DK was parked right above it (I have 2 accounts).
    Got on my hunter, travelled to Zul drak and zappo!!! I’m a happy hunter now!!! Got both her (him?) and loque.

    Best of luck to you all

  63. Big thanks to HuntsmansLodge,I installed NPCScan after reading your write up on it and it done its job for me yesterday by finding Gondria at 62’62 at 15:35 on Nagrand EU-one of the great things about this add-on is that you can camp a spawn point even when you have to go /afk all you have to do is turn game volume up and do whatever you got to do in a different room or go outside for a smoke and you are still going to hear the alarm sound if kitty turns up,

    Daftpunk 80 Troll Hunter

    • my dmg with Loque is pretty good compared to other pets that I have. I feel he is one of better pets, but my opinion.

  64. While searching for Gondria I remembered this post, logged out, installed the addon, deleted my cache folder and… WoW broke… I recommend renaming the cache folder, as I am re-installing WoW as a result…

    On a happy note, I tamed Aotona on the weekend, also have Loque’Nahak, just need King Krush now for the full Sholazar Set!

  65. Garwulf: 77.70, I only remembered Gondria was in patch 3.1 last night too. I had made it a plan to just log on every hour or so to do some quick patrols, 3rd login’s a charm! Less than 30min total spent on my hunt 🙂

    • hahaha my boyfriends hunter (which he has now retired) almost had skoll…. opposing faction hunter killed it before the tame bar ticked down 🙁 ticked him right of.. i swear you coulda heard him screaming 10 blocks away lol.. and yeah this mod is EPIC as the mobs it leads you to!

  66. Righteous. Thanks for tipping me off to this addon. I was playing with it some today and it rocks. It’s even better than Rare Finder, which is great because I can’t find a download link for it anymore.

  67. Just a note, this thing worked for the first time tonight. I was doing some dailies in Icecrown and stumbled upon High Thane Jorfus. I dispatched him quickly and got the rare kill achievement.


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