Power Auras Has Made My Awesome List

…of addons that you should probably obtain in order to enhance your gaming experience. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I’ve found it to be a fantastic addon.

During my relentless pursuit of UI perfection, I decided to explore further the possibilities of Power Auras. I felt like I was merely scratching the surface of what it was capable of. I was right.

When used properly and to its fullest, Power Auras can potentially be a replacement for a host of other mods. It is unparalleled in its ability to provide important information in the most convenient and critical of locations. For me, this would be right around my toon – front and center.

I’ll expand upon its usefulness in a future post (most likely accompanied by a video), but for now I suggest you download and install it immediately. To get started, just watch Daniel Moy’s video tutorial on the basics of setting it up. This guy is a master at demonstrating useful addons and ways that you can configure them. He’s got perhaps the most relaxed and pleasant voice in all of the WoW video tutorials I’ve watched, which is a definite plus.

He also says cool shit like this…

“A mod can never replace the human’s capacity for knowing what to do in what situation… you’ll still have to maintain situational awareness. But in the end, mods can help you see a lot of cool things and adapt a bit quicker.”

Sage advice from a a man who consistently achieved 2k+ ratings during a very brief tenure of playing WoW. I marvel at those like Daniel Moy, who can view this game in its simplest form and play it as if everyone else is in slow motion. This guy has a lot to teach if you’re willing to spend the 30-60 minutes to learn. Even if you’re opposed to UI modifications, you may change your tune after watching some of his instructional vids.

9 thoughts on “Power Auras Has Made My Awesome List”

  1. There is a way to create logic strings for Power Auras. I haven’t done this just yet, but it’s something I intend to address as I continue to work on my new UI compilation.

    There was a commenter who had left a link to an article on their blog explaining how this could be done. I’ll go hunting for it and post it once I find it…

    Here you go: http://chicanery.fibergeek.com/2009/06/25/addon-power-auras-revisit/

    Look at the “Complex Auras” section.

  2. I’ve been using Powerauras to tell me when I get buff procs, but I’m getting to the point where I have so many different procs to track, its starting to get confusing.

    Right now I have 2 buttons to go to:

    PROC Button 1
    /cast Furious Howl
    /cast Rabid

    PROC Button 2 (For Bloodlust)
    /cast Call of the Wild
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /use Potion of Wild Magic

    I have these procs going off at any given time:
    Frostforged Champion
    Icy Rage
    Exploit Weakness
    Culling the Herd

    I try to hit Proc button when I have at least one of these up.

    WOULD IT BE POSSIBLE to set up Powerauras to give me an alert if say 3 out of the 5 were up? My thought is a sort of “KILLING SPREE” alarm, that lets me know when its an ideal time to add Proc button 1. (The first idea for this came from reviewing the alert sounds available for Powerauras, and that was one of them.)

    Thoughts and input would be helpful.


  3. Question, is anyone having probs with their power auras? I dled it and saved it into my addons folder and it doesnt show up on my add ons list on my login screen…ive done this like 4 times…do u do something different than a normal add on?


  4. No problem Daniel. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into those videos.

    I’ll give you another stroke when I post my new ui, along with my list of addons.

  5. Hey Reylas,

    Thanks for your continued readership. 🙂

    I set up an aura for my pet’s health that pulses right above his portrait when he’s below 60%. I’m not logged in atm to check the exact settings, but all I did was: set the threshold slider to 60% and type in playerpet for the unit name.

    The one I’m having a hard time setting up is Mend Pet. I want to configure an animation with a timer right inside the low health aura. I’m eager to find out if anyone out there has one set up. It’s probably just me selecting the wrong spell type or something, but if anyone is able to share some wisdom about Mend Pet and Power Auras, I’d really appreciate it.

  6. argh – post v.2

    Hey there,
    Love the blog Garwulf. I’m not BM but it’s still on my everyday checklist. Specially like the way you don’t pretend to know everything about wow (you know more than me but thats not hard:) ).

    I was just wondering if someone could post the Power Aura string to monitor your pet’s health. I got the mend pet one off BRK but am really struggling to get one for low health.

    Thanks alot and keep up the gr8 work

    Reylas (Satans Little Helpers)

  7. I love this mod too. It can be a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s great.

    I use to track Lock ‘n Load procs, my pet’s health, mend pet (it shows a timer when HoT is done so I know not to recast it too soon), Serpent Sting, and viper alerts, and more.

    This thing rocks!


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