Time To Spend Those Saved Arena Points

At least that’s what I thought once I found out season 5 would be coming to a close shortly, along with the Arena Points being reset. I was planning on banking my points until I could attain the rating for the purples, but I don’t see that happening this season. Oh well, at least I have enough points to obtain all 5 of my Savage pieces.

Arena was really rough this season – well, for me at least. I chose to remain BM even though 99.9% of the Hunter community went Survival for both PvP and PvE. I just couldn’t bear the thought of keeping the beautiful pets I’d worked so hard to get all stabled up.  😐  The unorthodox combo of BM Hunter and Arms Warrior provided an uphill climb as well.

Even though I’d changed my point-of-view towards arena and viewed it as more fun vs. competition, I still couldn’t help but feel that S5 was the least enjoyable of all the arena seasons. The ridiculously high burst coupled with the overall lack of resilience made for some pretty lopsided matches. It’s difficult to strategize when you’re getting 2-3 shotted by Arcane Mages, especially when they’re standing on top of the pillar in Ring of Blood and your pet and/or teammate can’t get to them. o.O

Overall, I’m excited about the next arena season and post Patch 3.1 in general. The addition of the new pet talents is going to make our 51 point talent a much better value. Those extra 4 points are going to make a world of difference finally. Pets will be putting out more damage, while also being harder to kill. That’s pure win. For BM Hunters especially, the reworked Cunning Tree is going to offer a wealth of possibilities for PvP. This build is looking good for my Chimera. Go ahead… try and focus-fire him down. I dare ya. 😉

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  1. Good post Tirahna.

    “It would appear you can faceroll SV and get pretty sick dps still, so expect the huntards that give us all a bad name to be SV spec….”

    So true. You can always tell who those people are too. The “Huntard” variety are usually the ones specced SV, who are hovering around 2.5K in 25 mans.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I am so sick of the stigma surrounding Hunters. I know the Hunter class is rife with imbeciles because it is so easy to play. However, it is the hardest class to master IMO. Perhaps I shouldn’t let it get to me, but I get so irritated when other players make such blanket statements and generalizations in raids.

    It’s especially tough to swallow when coming from the “new huntards”, Death Knights.

  2. Answers to various questions since 3.1 went live:

    1) You must have 51BM to use exotic pets. If you swap specs to MM or SV or non 51BM you will *have* to stable your exotic pet because he’ll just stand there otherwise. At least you can hit the stable from wherever now.

    2) Most folks *do* count pets in with hunter dps on recount and other stuff – your pet is easily 40% of your dps as BM, not sure about other specs.

    3) Pet’s seem to me to be using a LOT less focus now due to “smarter” AI’s … meaning BM’s may no longer need at all to crawl down the MM spec for Go for the Throat at all (still testing). I’m *certain* one point is enough on a BM toon with bestial discipline.

    4) The bug where you have to have growl/cower ON your pet bar to keep them disabled is back. Otherwise they tend to turn back on in your pet’s book (sucking focus) every time he’s dismissed or you zone.

    5) Current dps appears to be SV > MM > BM so…yet again if you’re pugging raids you may *have* to be SV to get taken over every other hunter on the server.

    6) It would appear you can faceroll SV and get pretty sick dps still, so expect the huntards that give us all a bad name to be SV spec….

  3. Haha… nice…
    Another good way of doing it.

    I’ll for sure give it a shot.
    Set in Sen’jin village or something..

    Thanks for the info man.

  4. It required a lot of running back and forth from the stable master for one. My wife has a toon which I parked near the entrance of the temple. I then put my pet where I wanted it, hit stay, then I went out of the screen and ss’d through her toon.

    After 4 times of doing that and a little magic editing on my imac, what you have is a screenshot of my current stable of pets. 😀

    Tip: If you try this, whatever you do, don’t move the character you’re using to take the screenies. At one point I had moved my wife’s toon on accident just a step or so. it threw everything off.

    Shoot me a link if you end up doing it, and good luck.

  5. HAHAHA… aw man…

    Lemme guess… you kindly asked a Nelf Hunter with each of those pets to stand there then shadowmeld?

    A Private server?

    I hafta know. People must see all of my amazing pets…

  6. Hey man.. how’d you get that screenshot of all your pets? That is super rad… cept for that Night Elf in there… haha.


    I recently found your blog from BRK’s.
    I gotta say man, I’m really impressed with your site.

  7. You can only use the exotics if you have the 51 point talent. If you were to say dual-spec BM/SV, you’d only be able to use the exotic pets and have the 4 additional pet talent points while you were in your BM spec.

    I’m glad you can sneak some Hunter-time in while on the job. 😉

    Hunter DPS should always represent Hunter and pet combined. It’d be like asking a Rogue to not include their offhand damage, or main-hand damage when compared with BM. The Hunter’s pet is one of their primary weapons. My pet accounts for roughly 43% of my damage.

  8. I have another question regarding BM Hunter DPS as the WoW community see’s us, and looking at us thru Recount addon. The Question is, When gauging a BM Hunters dps how much of our actually damage is the pet 40%?, and when people in my groups/raids are looking at me thru recount are they adding my pets dps to mine to get my total or are they expecting me to put out 3kdps myself and have the pet on the side as some extra flavor? And when other BM hunters are boasting about how much dps they can do, am I to assume they are talking about hunter only dps or hunter and pets dps combined. I’m fairly new to this spec but really enjoying it. Thanks again G.

  9. Garwulf,

    Interesting point you brought up, and I have often pondered it ever since I respec to BM…If I manage to tame an exotic, then respec to MM or Surv, can I still use those exotics?

    Thanks again!

    You site is a wealth of knowledge for me and my BM hunter, best part about your website btw it my company’s web security software doesnt block you, I guess your site isnt flagged and games or social and networking or any thing, cause like everything is blocked here..Thanks again and don’t change a thing!

    Fushae the Explorer


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