Aotona Tameable On PTR..?!

AotonaI just read on Mania’s site that Aotona, the rare parrot in Sholazar Basin, is currently tameable on the Patch 3.1 PTR. That would be so cool if this goes live. I won’t have any available stable slots on Garwulf, but it might give me good cause to level up my 58 Dwarf SV Hunter.

I’ve only seen Aotona twice throughout all of my time spent in Sholazar Basin. The first time I killed her (knowing she wasn’t tameable) for the loots and the Northern Exposure achievement, and the second time I happened upon her corpse. This bird is super rareski.

Although I was spending a bit more time near Loque’nahak’s and Krush’s spawn points, I was spamming my macro anytime I was making my rounds past the interior of the Basin, which was quite often. I have seen Loque’nahak a grand total of 3 times, Krush 5 times, but Aotona only twice.

This is truly an awesome looking bird, and would make for a really coveted Hunter pet. For the full story, as well as a post-tame screenshot, visit Mania’s site.

5 thoughts on “Aotona Tameable On PTR..?!”

  1. Damn – read your post too late :((
    Doodling round the basin still looking for Mr Krush (and the odd bit of titanium)when my macros came up positive for Northern Exposure – dropped down and Aotona was staring at me. Did what you did and popped it for the loot. Now I feel ill 🙁

  2. At about 11:30pm Feathermoon time, I happened to see Aotonas. I cast Beast Lore on him, having read this post of yours, and he was tameable. So I did, and I has a small killer parrot to do my bidding!!

    Reading the post more carefully, I see you were talking about 3.1. Still, I’ve not seen many parrots tamed. Perhaps birds of prey not being the most desired pet.


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