The Patrol For Loque’nahak

When commenting on yesterday’s post about Aotona, one of my readers asked me to share the path I used to patrol for Loque’nahak. Well, because it’s been awhile since I posted on the subject, I decided to throw together an updated map for Fushae and the other folks at home. The new map contains my route, as well as some additional spots you may want to check for other rares in the Basin.

Sholazar Basin Rares and the Loque'nahak Trail

I took my original map of Loque’s spawn points and added King Krush and Aotona to the mix. I can’t confirm or deny, but some people seem to think that the spawn times between the rares are connected in some way. Knowing when the other rares are up or have despawned may help to narrow down possible respawn times.

It is possible, because it just so happened that the time I did manage to find Loque’nahak I was actually waiting for Krush. He had been killed roughly 12 hours earlier, so I decided to return 12 hours later hoping he’d respawn. Instead Loque popped up right in front of me. I thought, ooohhh… bonus! Here’s what happened next.

The Loque’nahak icons on the map represent locations I feel are legit. There may be more, but I can’t put my stamp of approval on those.

The same goes for the King Krush locations. I’ve personally only seen him in 2 places in the basin, but I’ve viewed screenshots that definitely show him by The Maker’s Perch and Nesingwary Camp.

Aotona I’ve only seen twice, and both encounters were in the spot I’ve noted on the map. Wowhead shows additional spawn points, but I dunno. I wasn’t camping Aotona.

So there ya have it. If you’re looking for any of the rare beasties in Sholazar I hope this helps. Also, be sure to mash yer macro when patrolling the area.

/target Aotona
/target King Krush
/target Loque

Rare Finder is a nice addon to have if you’re serious about finding one of these pets or completing the Frostbitten achievement. I’d link to it, but I’m not finding it on Curse or WoWInterface at the moment. I recommend using Wowmatrix for all of your addons anyway, and it’s definitely in there.

Aotona was a good distance away, and only was targeted by my macro for a second, but Rare Finder sounded an alarm and put a message into my chat screen showing what I’d targeted. I quickly circled around until I retargeted her and then went in for the kill. It was me or the parrot. Hunter vs. Macaw in a fight to the death. Polly got no more crackers that evening. πŸ˜‰ Alright… enough tom-foolery. Go get your pets people!

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  1. Yeah i just found Skoll and Loque; Guys dismiss your pet before start the greedy tame.

    My good friend Karoma the wolf spirit was so pissed i found these to companions that he instantly killed them both. Very sad day for me i am just pissed so hard! Good luck taming

  2. So I JUST tamed both Loque(1134pm server, Thrall(est). Aug, 6, 2012) AND Aotona with in 45 mins of one another.

    I’ve been here for 7 hours, with making stops in SP and ZD. I haven’t seen King yet but will start looking again soon.

    Also I tamed Skoll 4 hours ago 730p server i think and Gon an hour before that. I tamed Arcturis at about 2am server(I think) that Gondria and a buddy tamed him again 930p server(I think) almost a solid 10 hours after I tamed it.

    I hope this helps for anyone who is still looking to tame these and is curious about timers. All 4 were tamed with in about a 5 hour window, 5 including Aotona.

  3. After several days of searching, Loque finally decided it was my time. LATE last night, I made a final round looking to see if it was my lucky time. Instead, I found King Krush. I already have this fiesty fella. So I made note of the time (10PM server time). So going on the presumption of a 6-hour spawn time, I made sure I was awake before 4am server time. I woke up and signed in at 3:48am server time at 36, 30 (West of The Savage Thicket) .. and my heart sank. I quickly hit my Tame button and Loque granted me permission to tame him this time. So I went off of two pieces of information for this: 1) He has a 6 hour spawn time and 2) Loque spawn at a point near King Krush. Are the factual – or coincidence? I do not know – but I do know that I finally have this BEAUTIFUL creature – and now I am off to try and get the TLPD. Good luck and do NOT give up!

    Izare – Alliance

  4. Just tamed Loque’nahak. 4:50 am server time. Alliance-US Darkspear. 35.2, 28.7. I freaked out when I saw him and accidentally exited WOW as I tried to maximize the window. Luckily the few other people hunting him didn’t find him before I could log back in. Got Arcturis about an hour before also. Good Hunting!

  5. About 10 minutes after I logged on I went to the gorilla spot when the alarm went off..I was so excited after searching 4 days..and I saw him…..DEAD……. :,( fml Dx

  6. i just started looking today and i found King Krush withen about 5 minutes of flying around and tamed him.althought im on my boyfriends account,im still gunna try to get Loque’Nahak.

  7. Finally tamed Loque- 6:27pm est Drak’Thul Realm Horde, using this map above, he spawned right above the W in wintergrasp… it took around 6 hours of patrolling from point to point but finally he popped up! DONT GIVE UP! Good Luck to all !

  8. I just tamed Loque in Thunderhorn server, and this Horde and I were both patrolling the spawns yesterday, he was vicious with all of that /spit, /shoo stuff lol. But the better man won today when he was AFK at the right spawn at the right time, and i just swooped in and tamed him πŸ™‚ ahhh karma…

  9. Hey guys, I have a wee horror story to share with you. I’m on Nagrand.
    Just this morning I was patrolling on my flying mount, hoping to find Loque for a friend. Suddenly, NPC scan went berserk and the icon for King Krush came up. I targeted him and followed on my flying mount, hoping that my friend would get there on time to tame it (I am a hunter, but wanted my friend to get a rare pet). When it walked into the vicinity of the Nesingwary camp, the NPC’s started to attack it and killed it in 1-2 shots. I was gobsmacked and gutted that I didn’t try to tame him before. Lesson learnt: if King Krush walks towards Nesingwary camp, you MUST kill or tame before he gets there – otherwise you’ll share the same fate!
    I’m still sweeping the area in the search for aotona and loque though πŸ˜›

  10. Also, my name is Vixenon in Argent Dawn server, since people seem to be leaving their names. I had just tamed her a few minutes ago, too. A lvl 80 gnome just game up to my and /cry on my shoulder for a few seconds (rp server ftw). I had seen him earlier. He’s probably been camping for days. Sorry, Slayke!

  11. Ok, here’s a short interesting story. I’d been camping about 4 hours and counting (6 including breaks for tv, bathroom, life, etc.) and I thought, “Wow, this is taking a long time.” so I downloaded some addons from WoWmatrix and Curse (“_NPCScan,” “ESN_Rare”, “Rare Spawn Overlay”) and had macro’d /target Loque’nahak to my first action bar button and was spamming it like crazy as I was flying around. My dad had invited me about a half hour ago to watch Mystery Science Theater with him, so I had been doing that for the past half hour, and just hopped back on. I was actually reading this thread for tips! So I went to the westernmost spawning point (cats) and was pressing my macro, when bells and whistles started flashing! “You’ve selected Loque’nahak!” “You’ve moused over Loque’nahak!”

    I nearly screamed. So, I dismounted, and at this point I was so jittery that I had forgotten to dismiss my pet, so I did that after figuring out why the tame beast button didn’t seem to be working, I managed to dismiss my cat without going into cardiac arrest (harharhar)… so, remembering advice about traps, I flung one out there, only to realize I had lain down an Ice Trap, not a freezing trap! So the okapi-like creatures (I’m too excited to look them up right now) around me, as WELL as Loque started attacking me! Good thing I was level 78 with 21k health… but luckily, my health hadn’t gotten down too far before the great beast came around and started kicking butt for me. And, here I am! I have no idea what I’m going to name this beautiful creature. I’m just so happy (and lucky!) that it took so little time.

  12. I just tamed Loque’nahak a few minutes ago!!! I can’t believe i finally got her after 5 days of flying to each spawning spots since i’ve reached my lvl 76. I found her at 3h15 pm eastern time (on Maiev server) near the waterfall in the northern part of SB. Thanks to this post here and to the ones on Thottbot ;o)

    A proud hunter!!! ;o)

  13. Ive now got every spirit beast in the game, and i also have sambas, king krush, and other pets . It seems to me Sambas was the hardest of all pets to get due to his spawn locations being so populated and no one being 100% on his spawn time. All the old spirit beast (loqe, skoll, gondria, and the bear forgot his name) seem to be really easy to find now that Cata is out. I went back to all the spots to look for them see how simple it is now, and found each one of them atleast one time a day. Was really simple. I found it best to patroll all the spawn points for the old spirit beast exept the bear but u all know why u shouldnt patroll the bear :P. The new spirit beast since cata came out . Seems that the ghostcrawler is simple to get but phases and does alot of dmg. Karoma is a little more difficult to find compared to most other pets but i found him easyer then i found the lion (not a spirit beast) sambas. If u ever have any questions bout trying to find any then just make a alt or something on my realm and wisp me, or if u ever want to just see what they look like. Im a horde goblin now on the realm BronzeBeard- my name is Machinegun. This site helped me out alot with finding spawn points thanks :).

  14. i was flying around the area i got the NPC scan warning for king krush saw it was a hunter pet *sigh* i flew off less than 30 secons later aotona spawned infront of me

  15. I think there might be something to this ‘rare spawns being connected’ thing. I had been patrolling the spots you have up for about 2 hours today when I came across King Krush. I’m not a massive Devilsaur fan so (Don’t hate me) I killed him.

    Deciding to give the suggested ‘shared timer’ thing a try, I logged back on just a little under 6 hours later and began patrolling. As I was passing the place I killed Krush (The Nestingway spot) Loque’nahak spawned right in front of me.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes man, wanting this beautiful beast for so long and anticipating the catch, it was a trip to finally get him.

    Cheers for the post… was very helpful.

  16. I found the 3 other spirit beasts (skoll, gondria, arcturis) and krush (krush 4 times, arcturis twice) over the course of about 2 weeks (straight rarespawn patrolling, not including my breaks) all together between mid november and today.

    Found King Krush at 3:30pm today and my guild master tamed him at 4pm (had much trouble with his fear and called in a healer) and left for 6 hours, returned to find nothing spawned while i was away so i camped from 9 to just some minutes ago when i found Loque’nahak above The Bonefields.

    Most ppl say he spawned for them in southern sholazar and one person said they were lucky and discovered him at The Bonefields and well, i was lucky too i guess! Karma rewarded me well for keeping Krush tagged for over half an hour till my guild master tamed him :]

    Btw it seems one rare will spawn each night at 12:50am-1:10am every night, ive found krush twice at 1am and loque’nahak now at 1:10am

    • Also, id like to confirm ive seen Krush at the Bones of Nozronn once, south of The Makers Perch twice, and walking along just teetering over the edge around the wasp nest (location is south on map against the mountainside)

  17. And I’ve looked up 3-5 different maps showing Loque’s spawn loctions, and 4-6 different sites researching where he’s seen most, easiest way to tame him, and etc.

    • You dont need to worry, they are not removing the spirit beasts and king krush from the game, nor are they making them untameable :]

      i currently got Arcturis and Gondria (for spirit beasts), really hoping with the next patch coming out tonight i’ll find Loque’nahak sometime tuesday :K

  18. I haven’t been looking for Loque for to long. And I’m actually interested in all three, but mainly Loque.

    As soon as I hit 80 my first thought was to get Skoll, seeing how wolves are my fave. animal. And it didn’t take me long to finally get him, and right where all the other hunter’s said they had tamed him.

    But I’ve now pulled two all nighters, and still haven’t even seen one of the three. And I’m using the /target, NPC-Scan, SilverDragon, ESN_Rare, and Rare Spawn Overlay. And nothing. And so far I’ve done two shout outs in general, and no ones replied.

    Luckily for me though there’s usually only 5-8 people in the Basin for me, and that’s including myself.

    I would like to get all 4 spirit beasts, but I’d be happy with just Skoll and Loque.
    But I have a question, I’ve had two people tell me, and someone say in one of the posts I saw on another website. Is it true that in Cata rare spawns will no longer be tameable?
    I’ve looked through the forums and haven’t seen anything, and for some reason it hasn’t been letting me post, so I haven’t been able to ask.

    But do you have anything that might help me?

  19. Nearly died of a heart attack (not literally) when i was swooping around the basin and my _NPCScan at maximum volume suddenly goes off and King Krush was round. Unfortunately he was dead (i swear i was 5-6 min late because i just finished my Loque sweep moments before) and he was splattered all over the Bones of Nozronn.

    First rare ive found since 8am this morning so now I hope to see Aotona or Loque after a couple hours (i severely desire Loque and King Krush πŸ™ i already own Arcturis, Gondria, and the Ironhide Devilsaur for dps pets xP)

    • King Krush spawned for me several dozens of yards away at The Maker’s Reach (northwest spawn point) (was a tiny thing when my _NPCScan went off) and he had spawned beside Shango.

      Tried once and almost died, tried again and almost died, saw a draenei shaman run by and click him so i ran around frantically in her eyeshot beside Krush and she left him alone whew!! im horde so i couldnt talk to her but luckily she saw i really wanted him and didnt tag n kill :])

      After she ran past i popped my recently cooled down Potion of Speed and tamed him successfully (this time i was lucky enough to not be feared and cause the tame to break).

      Took 1 Bezerking (ima troll), 2 Potions of Haste, 1 Flask of Lightning, 3 Heavy Frostweave Bandages and 1 high lvled food item, and 3 tries with a very kind person of opposite faction allowing me to tame in peace.

      I was still shaking after i got him (was a close one, almost died on 4th try)

      This was at exactly 1am on Nov 23rd 2010 on Wyrmrest Accord

      • I have somewhat confirmied some occurence with King Krush!!!! When i tamed him at 1am Nov 23rd, the day after (which would be the night of the 24th but since its after midnight it’d technically be the 25th) King Krush spawned exactly where i tamed him at exactly 1am.

        1am both nights in a row and both at the Maker’s Perch spawn point. I saw another hunter in the /who so i tagged him and healed my rhino as he held him and kept asking the hunter if he wanted and a few minutes later im being healed by a priest and a rogue is KILLING KING KRUSH!!!!!!!!!!

        I thought that by tagging him, other ppl would be less likley to kill him but these two who were both horde (i am horde as well) didnt even bother to ask what i was doing and if i needed help, they just assumed i was dying (i lost aggro once and krush nommed on me pretty bad) and they slew him within a couple seconds TT_TT

        I was a good hunter and tried to give him to someone else and it completely failed.
        I got the loot and it was only a stack of frostweave, 23g, and an item worth no more then 30g if im lucky. Those two ppl could of made another hunter OH SO VERY HAPPY if they had only just asked me before going in and butchering him.

  20. Found him at 10 pm server time – Laughing Skull after 18 hrs. I was flying over all the spawn location with no luck even using Eagle Eye to check the 3 spawn point at the South East, I was getting tired anyway. It seems there are other horde and alliance hunters going around the place with their fast flying mount.

    I finally settle at the South East spawn point and Shadow Melt in the nearby bush where there is a lone black and a few white gorillas hanging around the place as someone earlier mentioned in the forum. Turning the sound loud and at the same time set down to watch tv.

    After an hour NPCscanner sound off “Loque’nahak NPC found”, I move out from my stealth position and found him among the white gorillas. Set up my trap quickly, fire off a concussion shot and start taming, after a minute or 2 Logue’nahak was all mine, Yeah! I have to do this quick since there are others who also wants him badly.

    GL people, may patient be with you.

  21. Hello guys

    Finally got Loque’nahak today, after 10days of intensiv flying around in circles in basin day and night… Im SO happy… Thank you for this nice topic that helped me a lot, happy hunting to you all πŸ˜€

    Rofius Orc hunter Draenor EU

  22. Ive been looking for 5 days now for Loque..and when i finally found him of course some hordie comes and kills me and steals it =(

    • Bah..! Just keep your chin up Keiran, and keep trying. You’ll get him eventually.

      I know it’s frustrating having to compete with so many others, plus dealing with the fear of getting ganked, etc… but it makes finally getting him all the more rewarding. πŸ™‚

  23. I just tamed Loque today. I got pretty lucky too, I’ve only been searching for all of last night and today.

    I had been wandering between the lower spawn points for the most part, and decided to camp at one spawn point for a while, in this case the one southwest of Nesingwary Camp. Soon after I had stopped there, my dungeon came up. I went away to do that. I came back, and NpcScan was a little slow on changing zones, because it told me that it had found Loque in Gundrak. I didn’t see the zone part at first, and figured somebody had probably just tamed it.

    I hit the macro I had for targeting him, just in case. It practically gave me a heart attack when it targeted him and I saw him in front of me. I was not only freaking out about seeing him, but I was also worried because at this point I was in my Surv spec. I switched specs, but my trash pet was dead and I now had no mana. I was absolutely terrified somebody was going to come along, and kill him. Fortunately, I did get enough mana to revive my pet, and then abandon it. The taming was straightforward, nothing went wrong there.

    IMO, Loque is one of the coolest looking pets in the game. Good luck to everyone else out there looking for him. I know I got lucky in finding him this fast, and hope other people have the same luck.


  24. King Krush spawned right in front of me today at a spot that is not on this map! And I thought I would inform!

    Apparently he also spawns to the left of loque’s point above the mosslight pillar and below the nesingwary base. =]

    Now I’m back to waiting and patrolling for loque! Bah, wish me luck! xD

  25. I think I have a lucky star shining over me. Friday night after just one or two circuits of the Basin (The Sha’tar), I shut down my computer…. err, I mean I went back to Dalaran and to bed about 2am. But I was restless. Couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning. After about an hour of this I realised what I had to do.
    Back in the Basin again just after 3am, no-one else around, on my very first circuit hitting my ‘/target loq’ button, up he popped by the bone grounds in the NW near the Maker’s Perch. I couldn’t believe my luck! Land, set freezing trap by my feet, tag shot. Damn, too far away, he’s bigger than he appeared from a distance (check your shot range!). Move closer and tag him, rush back to the trap and by the time I get there he’s on top of me with a huge pounce and that ferocious roar.
    Forget to break off my attack, and the trap is sprung. But I had been to the AH and bought lots of hi-stamina cloth and leather gear (yes, I’m a mail-wearer,sorry) and had well over 20k hp. I was only down to around 5k by the time he was mine.
    But he’s mine…. YAY!!!!
    Now I just have to think of a worthy name… atm he’s still Spirit Beast!

  26. @ Uchikoma

    If you post 2 or more links then it needs to be moderated. One link should be fine.

    I went back and approved your previously flagged comment. Once in awhile it’s going to mistake a legit comment for a spam one, but that’s just the way it goes.

  27. Garwulf, I think the security setting on the site are a bit funny, it keeps saying my posts are spam if I include a link.

  28. literally just killed king krush, asked in genral if any hunters wanted him first ofc. Do we think the spawn times of all 3 are linked? like 6 hours between or anything? fed up of flying round with no luck, and hes the first rare ive seen in almost a week

  29. ok, thanks. been trying the flying round in circles for a few days now, no luck. Shes a beautiful bird but i have never seen her yet apart from on peoples screen shots πŸ™

    • I just tamed aotona trying to get loque. didn’t really want her lol just tamed her cuz she was there. easy tame. she was right at frenzyheart hill

  30. @ Rushmoon

    I’ve seen Aotona 5 times, and every single time it was at the spawn location I indicated on my map above. My advice would be to camp that spot. I think that spawn place is the best since the other locations are probably too frequented by people doing the Oracle shiny gem daily.

  31. I got Loque, after a few hours of hard hunting, but now I’m after Aotona. Seems she is harder to find than the others. Any advice?

  32. I found him again this morning at that same spot while I was looking (still) for King Krush.

    Well done on taming him!

  33. I finally found him. I was questing in Storm Peaks when I decided I would make a quick patrol before I logged off. As usally I asked around in general chat if anyone had seen and I get messaged by someone saying they were looking right at him and now im the proud parent of my very own Spirit Beast. He was right by where Shango Spawns

  34. Doesn’t work, I found Loque dead 20 minutes after a mate skinned King Krush. I asked a GM about it and they confirmed the timers are not linked at all and they can spawn 10’s of minutes or 10’s of hours apart.

  35. I found Loque on: Thursday, 4th of December, 2008; at 3:00PM. I sold that account, and i’m levelling another hunter with the intention of finding him.

    I hit level 77, got my epic flyer, circled the basin for about 40 minutes and then I found him. I’m not expecting it to be anywhere near that easy this time around, but yeah – when I found him it was like a nerdy-adrenaline-overload (which felt awesome); and yeah it left a bit of an imprint, seeing as I can remember the exact time/date/location from 7 months ago.

    I flew a similar path around the basin, but I checked 14 potential spawn points. I can confirm that the 7 on this map are accurate and the most common spawn points.

    A few other good spots to duck in and check while flying this path, are: the two tents at the top center of the map, the two tents at the bottom left (where the teddy-bears are standing on the grey slope), and that indent to the south of the portal.

    It’s always good to check north-east of the nestingwary camp too, (where the Krush icon is), i’ve seen loque’s body there.

    Good luck to anyone looking. =P

    Edit: I’ve always believed that these three rares share the same spawn timer, and that the next rare spawns occurs 3-6 hours after the death/capture of the last.

    Using this method, you can save yourself 3 hours of searching if you find the corpse of a rare – searching for 3 hours after that should yield good results.

    I don’t know if they’ve changed it, but I used to mine and fly around there a lot – I vouch for the validity of these claims. xD

  36. I found Loque at exactly 12:30AM(01:30am SERVER TIME)eu Steamweedle cartel. at the most northen spawn point. Thanks alot for the maps and good luck all.
    I was searching for 25 mins so i guess i got a bit lucky πŸ˜€

  37. @ Suljin

    In my 3+ years of taming rare pets I’ve never had as hard of a time trying to locate one as I had with Loque’nahak. He is extremely difficult to pin down due to the multiple spawn points, competition from other hunters, the Frostbitten achievement, and the fact that he sticks out like a sore thumb which makes him an easy target.

    If you still haven’t tamed him, don’t give up if you really want him. You’ll find him eventually. Unfortunately, it can sometimes take a lot longer than you’d hoped.

    My advice is to just patrol a few locations. If you limit yourself to the eastern spawn points, you’ll be able to cover them all pretty quickly. Granted he could spawn by the eagles, the Nesingwary Camp, or some of the other places, it just becomes too difficult to cover them all. You practically have to be there at the exact moment he spawns or you’ll be S.O.L.

    If you have a friend who’s willing to help you camp him, then that’s a definite plus. However, you still can miss out even then. I had my wife’s toon parked by Nesingwary and actually watched Loque spawn. When I arrived there about 40 seconds later, he was already dead.

    Good luck!

  38. Ive been looking for a week no and nothing i havent even seen Loques corpse. Im starting to get anxious. i patrol for a couple of hours every day and nothing, any tips for me?

  39. GRATS MISTE!!!

    Sometimes a hunch is all it takes. Of course, having some friends helping you out doesn’t hurt either.

    Loque’s worth the time it takes to get him though IMO. Even though his dps may not be the absolute best, he’s arguably the coolest looking pet in the game right now. Not to mention that roar. πŸ˜‰

  40. GOOD NEWS GARWULF xD I GOT HIM!!! i can’t believe it, there were so many hunters in the basin i thought my chances were low, and there was 1 79 dwarf hunter in the same area, the gorilla spot, i have been cmaping that area all day coz i just believed that’s where i would see him, i had 2 guildies plus a friend on patrol at the other points.

    at about 8pm server time, we saw krush, tried to tame, failed, and killed him, seeing that someone else had killed krush in that same spot as i mentioned earlier and seen loque just after killing krush, i figured this is it im going to see him, so i flew between the gorillas at about cords 66 and where u had tamed him, came back to cord 66 and my rare finder and macro are going off!! i was like “OMG” “LOQUE”. he was mine by the tine they got there!!! PHEWWW!

    i can’t remember the cords, but it was behind cords 66,76 under the trees where the white gorillas are at about 8.30pm server time. so for all u others on the hunt, lay ur ice trap, stand in it and tame. refresh of spawn times, some guy apparently killed loque at about 9am across from nesingway base camp, my guildie killed krush at about 10am near the makers perch, whey then killed krush again at about 8pm-8.15pm cords 66, i tamed loque at about 8.30pm server time πŸ™‚ and no interruptions thank god!!! now its time for naming!?!?!? =D good luck to you all and thanks for all the advice! it helps xD happy hunting

  41. It’s not just the ore as well, there are lots of those mote clouds near pretty much every spawn point, especially for King Krush, he has a mote cloud on every single spawn point.

  42. Hi Miste,

    Loque’nahak can be incredibly hard to find for most, so I wouldn’t get too discouraged. The added waiting and frustration will only enhance your joy when you finally do tame him. πŸ˜€

    On a crowded server you’re going to have your work cut out for you. Since you can’t be in all of the spawn locations at once, you almost have to pick an area and hope he spawns there. I started out camping the spot west of the Nesingwary camp for a few days. That seems to be a popular location for taming, but… it’s a very high traffic area due to the saronite and titanium that spawn right there.

    I watched him spawn there before my eyes on my wife’s monitor while her rogue was parked there. I quickly hearthed to the camp and flew over but he was DOA by a BE paladin.

    I really think you need to be there the moment he spawns, so my suggestion would be to pat the gorilla area to the east. He’s more low profile in these locations and you can cover all three pretty quickly. He sticks out like a sore thumb in the other higher traffic areas.

    The other thing is, I do believe that there’s a 6 hour spawn timer correlation between rares in the Basin. Every time I had encountered Loque or Krush it was always 6, 12 or 18 hours apart, give or take 5 minutes.

    Good luck. You’ll get him eventually.

    Probably when you’re least expecting it. πŸ˜‰

  43. oh i forgot to mention that i seen Krush dead at 66, 76. can’t remember what time, but it was early evening so i thought for sure we would have a chance at finding him, but nothing til apparently 9am this morning! and according to someone on Mania Forum, a GM said that all rare spawns have a 6-12 hour spawn time. I’m so confused =\

  44. Hi guys, i have to commented to share my pain and stress and agony on trying to find this pet!!! I have read ll the comments i possible could on locations and time but there never seems to be anyone from my server, Thurassian. Is it impossible to get him this server! i spent a good day flying around, say 10am to nearly 12pm server time, and nothing! than i log on today, and apparently some druid killed him at about 9am this morning! but i don’t always believe them as yesterday, ppl would say that every time someone asked about Loque.GRRR =( yesterday isn’t the first time i have looked, i have been in there for a good week. I’ve been trying to follow everyone’s info but considering i’m on this over populated server, would the spawn times be different? Help me!!!!

  45. OMG, I finally got him. Like everybody I had been reading the posts above for help and have been flying round Sholazar for about the past week. I got myself the silverdragon addon and was well excited 2 nights ago when King Krush appeared right in front of me. I tried to tame him and surprise, surprise a couple of horde came, took me out then killed him-this was at 23:39 game time at loc 26:59. so last night I flew around at about the same time and Krush spawned again at loc 49:81-again stupid horde came n killed him. So I figured-there is maybe a spawn at this time every night-how about 12 hours later? So stressed to the max with a little bit of a buzz I logged on in time for 11:39 game time-and flew to loc 71:71. Who should be there but the beautiful Loque!!! I started panicking-omg omg he’s finally here-where are the horde-I tried taming Krush n it had been a disaster. So I set a frost trap, stood in it-Loque leapt over to me and a few seconds later he was mine-a painfree easy tame, lol. I was shaking as I was taming him!! Keep trying people-it’s well worth the wait!!!! Thanks for the information and good luck to anyone else trying to get him. I’m off to Dalaran now to show him off!!!!! I’m on Twilight’s Hammer btw

  46. I had a chat with a GM about this after a mate skinned King Krush about 20 minutes before I found and skinned (didn’t kill) Loque. We had a long chat and they said the spawn timers are between 10 minutes and “an undisclosed time”. You can also have them spawned at the same time, as was the case I had.

    When I was looking for Loque (and Gondria) I was using the +/- 6/7 hour window theory, and it explains why it took me two weeks before I tamed Gondria. There is no “6 hour rule” for any of the spawns. I screenshot’d the discussion if anyone wants to see it. Will obscure the GM’s name though, not sure they were supposed to say as much as they did.

    PITA really as pretty much every hunter I meet thinks the 6 hour rule is gospel, and they think I am trying to pull a fast one and tame/kill something myself.

  47. Just wanted to say thank you for the map and tips you provided on Gondria and Loque-nahak. I tamed Gondria first on Mother’s Day and I tamed Loque’nahak the morning of May 16 at 2:30 server time east coast time. Couple of points to make though, when I came into the basin not to many people were there so I thought I may have a chance. I posted a general shout out as to if anybody had seen him and a level 80 paladin said he killed him almost 20 mintes earlier so figuring 6-12 hour spawn timer I was out of luck but I had just came in late at 10:30pm server time as another hunter had just tamed him. So only a 4 hour re-spawn time and I tamed him 20 minutes after someone had killed him. The paladin had informed me that he had heard Loque was spawning more frequently now dont know if that is true but facts are clear in my case. It is a long road to hoe trying to tame these guys but they are worth it and I have seen no degredation on my DPS in raids as I am still first in damage and DPS and I have some high powered guild mate Warlocks and palidans. Tame I missed was at Eagle site North, I tamed him at the Gorilla tame site for fyi.

    Now I can get some sleep! Again thanks for the map and tips I love your web site. I have also used the best place to level a pet to level Gondria and now Loque.

    I used NPC-Scan and an add-on called silverdragon which is actually better picks up rares further away than NPC-Scan and has marks on the mini-map based on common spawn points for rares.

    Thanks Again.

  48. Wow Garwulf, that would be awesome!!! Let me see if I can get you that website again. However, the only downfall to the autoclicker is that it doesnt make a sound when you actually find him. I just targets him like every other thing you tab and get. That new addon wouldbe amazing…I will have to add it eventually. I kinda want Gondria but it will be awhile until I have the time to camp him too.

  49. I’m getting a ‘page not found error’ when clicking that link.

    On a related note, I heard about a new addon that one of my buddies was telling me about a few days ago. Apparently it has the ability to scan a zone as you patrol it, and it auto-recognizes new mobs that have not been cached yet. So in other words, if you’re roaming an area where you’ve yet to discover a rare spawn, it will alert you if the spawn is active.

    If anyone knows what it is, please reply, otherwise I’ll get the name of it from him and post it here.

  50. Hey Garwulf, sorry it took me so long to respond.
    The autoclicker I have is from this site
    Once it is downloaded, all you do it click locate and click on the place on the screen that you want it to auto click on and it will do it in whatever increments you choose, just gotta play around with it. Not too difficult.
    It saved my life though while looking for Loque!!! If I was really busy I would leave my computer up and WoW running and just have the autoclicker click on the macro for targetting him:-)
    Something to keep in mind is that sometime the resolution changes with you bring WoW up so whenever you decide to set it, your clicker might be set to the right side of the screen but in WoW it is clicking on the left. Again just gotta play with it…
    I hope that helped you…and anybody else that is looking for the spirit beast:-)

  51. Grats Tedius!!! Havent even seen Aotonoa yet but hear it is a fine bird…and catch now. I hate them shakes you talk about…makes you do some crazy things the shakes do. πŸ™‚

    Grats again.

  52. Awesome man! I was looking for that bird for weeks on the PTR. I’ve seen it twice, but that was before it was tamable. So it does a knockback when you try to tame it?

  53. i am i happy camper i finally tamed the bird aotonoa
    right where you show it on the map above, i was flying
    around talking about the rare elites in the area looked down at the screen saw this icon on the bottom
    i was so excited that forgot to land the mount first
    drop just a little ways shot one shot at it so i had it locked then i laid the freeze trap not thinking it broke free then i forgot i needed to abandon my other pet then i asked my son to watch my life i turned and started to tamed it knocked me back some and i had to start again my son was going nuts cause my life was draining fast it came down to 20 life points when it turned blue and was tamed he asked me why i was shakeing i was so excited that i finally got the bird after hunting for about three weeks he was 14 and was shakeing also just thought you would like to know tedius

  54. Well well…third time is a charm and I must be one luck person to see this cat as many times as I did in the last 9 days.

    I FINALLY GOT MY KITTY!!! WHOO HOO!!! Absolutly beautiful. 2:32a 65, 78 first group of sofknuckle fro Skyreach. Misha Server. I was at skyreach on the half hour and nothing. Decided to fly towards the softknuckles. There was a hunter over there earlier just farming and waiting herself. I though even if loque is there she will have him. I was flying in andthere he was. I tried to keep my cool. As I was coming in I was looking for anybody else. Noone and where was that hunter that had been there all day? Dont know and now I dont care. First come first serve. I served. Put trap down step on it, as soon as he leaped he hit the trap and I went to taming. I got him!!! Not more the 20 seconds after I got him a blood elf hunter flew in and started rude gesturing me. I just laughed…dont know what to tell ya. πŸ™‚ I just know I have him and you dont.

    Me and my new partner in hunting…

    This is a screen of the guy that was there when I goofed up and lost my pretty kitty… he was glad he could be there for the tame and succed this time πŸ™‚

    …and I love it when he yawns and you see that glowing blue throat…hehe

    Well I thank alot of people here with info I used. Garwulf for his words of support, thank you. For those who want my is a bit of a tip that worked for me. Stick around skyreach and the gorilla spawn areas. The 3 are fairly close and easy to get to.

    Peace to all and now to lvl this baby up with me. πŸ™‚


  55. Yeah, that roar of his is pretty damn sexy. Can’t wait til BM becomes a good spec again and he can come raiding with me. πŸ˜€

  56. Well that’s good that you have skinning as a profession. I too am a skinner. I made a lot of gold while looking for Krush and Loque.

    I say carry on then. πŸ™‚

    As long as you’re able to do something seemingly productive, then keep after him.

  57. lol thanks Garwulf…actually I do do all those things too, rep is at revered already with the oracles. I just decided to take a day to sit. πŸ™‚ that was the bad day. The time before I was just farming leather. So I am back to actually farming leather and doing my dailies in the zone. No more day camping… I will wait for the accidently coming across him like most the other people. Seems to work hehehe



  58. You might want to just grind Oracle rep or do some questing in the Basin, as opposed to just camping Loque. At least you’ll gain some experience, get some rep and earn some gold. Just fly past his spawn areas as you’re questing and maybe you’ll get lucky again.

    I started after him at level 76, but did not tame him til I was level 80. It can take time, so do other things so that you don’t bang your head against the wall in a losing effort. It can be a frustrating endeavor, so take a break from it for awhile if need be. Besides, a lot of hunters will be after Gondria next week, which will lessen your competition.

    Loque will appear for you again, you’ll see. It just may not be right away. >.<

  59. Snubben I am sorry to hear that. Got ganked on my first attempt. I broke my mouse slamming it on the desk. πŸ™‚ I feel for you.

    Oh well…another loss for me to as well. This sucks but this time it was my fault and I should have known better and been more prepared. He spawned right in front of me at 9p to the dot, i watched do so. (been camping this spot for a day) I had him in my sights got my trap down and threw my shot off. He pounced on me like I expected. Now I dont know if he can resist traps…(I know he can jump them) or if it was my latency issue that started 5 minutes before but there was no way I was gonna log out at 5 to 9p and reset. I know this hour is a hot hour. Anyway he got by the trap so now I am waiting the timer and dodging. Let me tell you he hits like a tank…I used a pot. (realizing all I had was 2500 health pots which usually do fine on normal mobs with me) He smacked me several more tomes and set me down to 136 health. Time was up on trap, I set it. It trapped him, I went to tame but guess what? Spirit hit was damaging me and pot timer wasnt gonna make it. I could have bandaged but I would have been in the same boat with my trap timer. Basicly all I could do was watch myself die or fiegn death. No matter someone else would have been by. 36 alliance in SB 14 of them hunters. Who knows how many horde. I was watching my second attempt go down the drain. I died. Came back, loque was dead.

    If I would have been prepared with larger pots I think I would have had him…stupidity on my part. Think my comp was to blame for the first trap and latency issues 2100 latency at the time. Why? I dont know.

    Note too all, be prepared and dont underestimate his power. He hits pretty hard. I am lvl77. I would think if a 76’s trap didnt take your not going to make it. I dont know.

    So my dilema. Do I continue. Two possible tames in 7 days. I am bumbed out like you cant believe. I started again today but just seem to be losing interest cause of my 2 sightings. I dont have the enthusiasm (dont know if I spelled it right or not, dont care, but you know what I am saying).

    It isnt the time (I have 3 weeks going on 4) it is the failure in attempts. 2 in 7 days. Man this sucks. Guess I will keep looking. Just my hopes are not as high. Can the third time be a charm? I do have better pots now and got more enchants to health πŸ™‚ I am completely ready this time. It is hard enough to see him once but twice. Three times? How long could it be til’ the third time hopefuly not a month.

    Damn Damn!!! I am so dumb sometimes…lol
    Had to share the story. Just be prepared. I saw people make it look easy but being excited get the shakes lol all play a part in this tame of this illusive cat.

    Wish me luck…if I lose a third one I think I am done. *bumbed* πŸ™

    Brynmoon – Misha server

  60. Omfg. I saw loque and was just about to tame, then a bunch of idiots killed LOQUE. OMFG! OMFG! OMFG!
    I think im gonna cry :(((

  61. Wolves don’t offer any real advantage for PvP other than straight DPS. There are better choices than Wolves for all specs where PvP is concerned.

    All Hunter specs will benefit from wolves for PvE. I’d say for MM and SV, the wolf will be a first choice for many. They should also prove to be awesome pets for BM hunters with 3/3 Longevity, because of the 12 second shorter cd on the howl. BM hunters will have the 320ap buff up 71% of the time. πŸ˜€

  62. Good info and thanks…just wanted some input on it. My original pet is a wolf. I have Snarler from Feralis and I love that cat. I was a MM hunter and he always did his job just right. I recently converted to BM and got Uveros right away…now after Loque. πŸ™‚ Next question if you dont mind me buggin. MM with wolf or BM with wolf in PvP? Cause that furocious howl would do well as MM. Which do you think? That will be my only question out of context to the forum title. πŸ™‚



  63. For PvE, cats are still better than Spirit Beasts at the moment. The big problem has been the lack of + spell hit for Spirit Strike. If I recall correctly, that’s supposed to be addressed very soon.

    For PvP, neither one is better than the other. I’d suggest a different pet for PvP, but if you were to choose one of these I’d go with Loque for the ranged attack.

    Blizz is really making an effort to try and normalize pet damage. For min/maxers there will always be a “top dps pet”, but for most, just about any ferocity pet will do the job. In 3.1, Cunning pets may even start showing up in raids.

    So far, it’s looking like wolves will be the top choice for raiding hunters after 3.1 because of Furious Howl.

  64. Just curious Garwulf…which is sopposed to be better PvE /PvP cat? I thought I read earlier that some things were going to be changed with the spirit beasts in the next patch. If there are changes will both spirit beast cats be pretty much equal or is one going to out-wiegh the other. How much do you think that is true and do have your insight or thoughts?

    I still want Loque’nahak but in time I will seek out Gondria…I like unusual pets along with my raid pets. πŸ™‚ Of course any hunter that actually loves there class and pets would be after these beauties and if you didnt your in the wrong class. :p



  65. That sucks Brynmoon. People can be such dicks.

    You’ll find him again if you really want him, so don’t give up. Once 3.1 hits, there will be a lot of hunters looking for Gondria. That should lessen the competition a little.

  66. My story is a bad one. I can make it short though. πŸ™‚ I was called over to the spawn point where the frenzy’s and the oracle are fighting. This DK sent me a tell “you looking for spirit beast?
    ‘ I said “heck yeah”. He invited to group and I went to his spot. Unfortunatly I wasnt flying…hadnt got it yet. I did get there to start the tame though…in about the middle of taming a Troll rogue drops down on his mount…at that time I was thinking “you better not”. Guess what…he did. He dismounted and killed Loque as I was taming. I was so mad I slammed my mouse on the desk and broke it. If there was really a cursing dictionary I used it quite well at that moment. lol But hey…another day I guess. I just spent so much time already. What are the odds of 2 tames? Oh well still hunting πŸ™‚

    Misha (Alliance) is my server so if anyone is on there, in the area and see him give a yell if you dont need him. πŸ™‚

    Brynmoon – AKA Mark

  67. Keep those contacts in then. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck with Loque. Keep at it, and I’m sure you’ll eventually cross paths again.

  68. I didn’t know that, I use my Gorilla in the Basin because I decided to get rid of it so wouldn’t mind abandoning it because, lol, I’m tired of all the adds I get because of Thunderstomp.

  69. That’ll teach ya! Are you using a Gorilla by chance. Loque’s neutral and will not aggro unless attacked, so I was wondering what may have gotten her all riled up. A gorilla’s Thunderstomp in the vicinity would surely do the trick.

  70. A warning to those who decide to pick a few herbs early in the morning before putting in your contacts so you could SEE what you’re doing. Yesterday I thought I’d get a few herbs before getting ready for work. Was having a fine time, pet on defensive so that if anything attacked I could go on with picking, was right across the river from the Base Camp and was attacked. Didn’t pay any attention as I knew my pet would take care of it, turned around after I got my herbs and keyed arcane shot to finish off whatever it was and on approaching the corpse I finally get close enough to see that I had just killed Loque.

    The first I ever get to see her she’s dead and I killed her. From now on the Basin is a contacts in only zone!

  71. Wow Karenai. That was pretty close.

    I can only imagine the panic of watching the server restart countdown along with the tame beast timer.

  72. OMFG!!! I just finally got him after three days of searching FIFTEEN SECONDS before the server went down for maintenance. I’m ecstatic! *happy dance*

  73. Found this beauty after only one day of farming, it was great! This map helps so much. Just have epic flying, create a target macro and swoop around. A blood elf dk had heard me talking in general about Loque earlier and she was nice enough to group invite me, not wanting to alert the other hunters, and let me get him. πŸ™‚

    Good luck everyone! This is truly an intimidating pet.

    -Zul of Area 52

    P.s – I found him at the far southwestern spawn point.

  74. Thanks for sharing that story Orioness, and congratulations. I always appreciate those tales more than some level 76 talking about how they found Loque within five minutes of their first trip to the Basin.

    Btw, what is this autoclicker mod you were talking about? I’ve not heard of anything like that before.

  75. So, after 8 long days of search for the Spirit Beast I finally found her; and WOW was it an experience. This is my first character made and I love my hunter. BTW I noticed that not everyone was putting their server above, I am on Ursin. Anyways, when I turned 77, I ran into a Magehunterred in Zul’Drak and wanted him but loved my other pets. I decided to look into all the beasts in WoW and see what cools pets they have. As I was looking, I saw Loque’nahak and fell in love with her. So I became determined to find her. I go a bunch of information on her from reading all these comments everyone posted and from a bunch of other sites. So I camped 8 days, and about 8-12 hours a day. I had my friend on looking for me too. I had Loque’nahak on a macro and also a message that told everyone to tell me if they saw him (which surprisingly worked out really well). I flew around and around without leveling for 5 days without a single hit, no dead Loque, nothing. So I decided to look more into it and I got someone elses input on how her spawn timer was linked with King Krish and Aotona so I macroed them as well. From then I made another friend that told me they would help me and was level 80. They searched as much as I did. (Oh and by the way, I dont have an epic flying mount so it takes awhile to get to every spawn point but my new friend did:-)). Anyways, I logged on two days ago and my new friend told me that they just killed him. They had him for awhile but I wasnt on and they couldn’t hold him any more so they killed them:-( But because I knew the spawn time it gave me a good idea of when he would spawn again. So I woke up in the middle of the night to get her and found that I was an hour early (server time and local time confsed me) so I went back to bed for an hour and when I got back on and posted my message, someone said they saw him an HOUR ago!!! So all yesterday I was on, no luck:-( Well last night I got a text from a friend saying he spawned, but my phone was on vibrate while I was sleeping. I missed 3 chances to get this beast. So today I was going to stay on ALL day from morning till night just in case. Well after I got done with a batlle ground I hearthed back to Sholazar Basin. I realized I had a message from my friend that was the white kitty from Timmy in Storm Wind, they told me “I know it’s not the right kitty but it will do for now until you get her” so I brought her out and started making my way around the gorillas in the lower left of the map, I checked where my friend had foud her twice and nothing so I was taking my time getting over to the very east of the gorillas. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOD!!!

    I noticed a yellow name by one of the black gorillas and found it odd and then saw it had a tail and then it clicked!!! After 8 days I finally found her!!! Coordinates (71,71); I started heading towards the ground and it was the longest flight to land in the world so half way I just dismounted. I recently got a dreadsaber to fight just in case I needed a pet so I had to abandon it. ***Something to keep in mind is that I had an autoclicker installed so that I could just fly and it would click the macro for me to target him*** So I clicked stay on my pet and ran far enough away. Well while I was trying to click on my pet, click on his picture, right click, and click abandon, it was auto clicking to Loque’nahak!!! So I had to Alt Tab out of WoW and stop the autoclicker, then go back to WoW and abandon pet. Well now that I had that out of the way, I had to tame Loque….So I set a freeze trap and was ready to press tame beast when a gorrilla ran right into the freeze trap!!! OMG!!! So I ran away somewhere safe and was waiting for my freeze to be ready touse again but completely forgot that once he got out of the freeze trap, he was going to attack me!!! So I was just about to press it when I noticed the gorrilla running after me. I hit me a couple times before I could press the feign death button. OK so we ae at square one again right? WEll I hear about his little jump thing he does, so I layed another freeze trap in fron of me and pressed tame beast. Shee squatted and wagged her tail and jumped straight at me. I’m thinking stupid cat, he’s gonna get frozen. WRONG!!!!! He jumps right over the trap onto me. So I am taming this beast and he is killing me!!! 75%, 60%, 50%, well right then I thought I had NO CHANCE whatsoever. My luck turned around and he missed twice!!! 38%, 27%, 10%. It was a race between the timers. Right as her hand raised to take her last hit, her name turned green and she stood up and walked to me! OH MY GOODNESS.

    This was the most stressful 2 minutes of my life! I cannot believe I did it. If she didnt miss twice or do her litte butt shake in the beginning, I wouldnt have gotten her. And this whole time, not a single person came by. I have been fighting hunters all week for these spawn locations and this one time she spawns, no one is there!!!

    Well I don’t know what to name her yet but I am so happy I found her. Its me, my spirit beast, and my white kitty:-)

  76. Yes I am, Bloodscalp actually. I’ve never really had much competition for Loque though. Only with Horde hunters, who are the same as well me XD

  77. Your welcome ^^ Figured you’d like to have as much of an update as you possibly could.

    Reading some of the upper comments I remembered when I first tamed Loque myself. Oh man, it’s just a horrifying rush at times. And for me well mine was just horribly lucky.

    Since I had been partroling Shol for Loque and after a few sweeps I decided to ask if anyone had seen Loque or Krush in the general chat. After a few minutes I’d gotten a whisper from a 80 Death Knight mentioning he’d seen Krush about an hour before hand and that Krush had been killed. So I mentioned that was good since it gave me a time estimate (With myself going around the thoughts of them being on the 6 hour spawn timer) and then we’d gotten talking.

    He had asked if he could have to cords of the locations that Loque spawns because he’d fly around and see if he could help and I had been in the process of just starting my Oracle dailies when I just get this whisper spam of OMFG HE’S HERE! HE’S HERE! GET OVER HERE! HE’S HERE! And an invite flew my way. So here I am, with Jaloot out and spazzing at my computer going omfg someone’s going to come before I get there (Since Loque was at the Pillar) and then when I get there I’m such an idiot I forget how to abandon my pet and everything.

    Though after those few moments of gawking with my 80 bodyguard I finally remember the process to tame a pet. Drop the freezing trap, pop a con and pull him into it and hooray! The Loque was mine… named him Ashendale and loved him ever since. Him and my Wormy are my babies <.<

  78. Thought I’d give you a heads up on the sense for Aotona. I had found and killed her on the Live Realms (Since she wasn’t tameable at that time) And the spawn location was at the location 44.2/54.5 and coming back a few days later I found her in that same spot. That seems to be one of the most common areas I’ve seen her.

    Sadly, I’ve not seen Krush once but I’m looking forward to trying to find and tame him when I get the chance.

  79. I tamed Loque’nahak yesterday 20 odd minutes after having slain Aotana, so I don’t think they are linked.

    I tamed Loque’nahak in the same spot you tamed him btw πŸ™‚

  80. Did you find Loque by the spot west of the Savage Thicket? I’m trying to think of any spots near the spawn locations where rhinos are present. That’s the only one I can think of where rhinos are remotely close.

    It’s quite a rush isn’t it when you finally see Loque right there. Like you, I was a paranoid someone was going to come along and blow it for me.

    Congratulations on taming Loque’nahak and best of luck to you and your friend on the continued search.

  81. I completely found Loque by accident. I was on my Hunter, I also have an 80 Lock. I was not even on the hunt for him. My friend however had been on a rather long and tiresome search for the elusive beast. I was out hunting and skinning. I had killed a Rhino and started to skin it and I had turned away to take sip of coffee and when I turned back. HELLO there he was. My god I paniced. Thought for sure some IDIOT was gonna screw it up. Staired at the screen not remembering how to abandon a pet. I had PITCH as my pet. And ditched him to get Loque. Finally figured that out and hit my TAME key. Thank Goodness no one was around and the tame went rather quickly. I was so happy to get him , I actually cried after the tame was over. But when my friend found out she , well, was mad at first. mad at my LUCK. We need some help…Been looking for him for several weeks and getting well TIRED. We are in the Blackwater Raiders Realm. If anyone reading this is in the same realm and knows of spawn times we can kinda bounce off of to find this Kitty it would be a HUGE help. So tired of flying in circle for what seems like hours of HOPELESSNESS. /CRY!!! We have been on the search for Loque for at least a month and a half now and are so ready to give up. Help is greatly appreciated at this stage of the game.

  82. Grats on Drek Fushae. That tame must have given you a rush.

    Edit: Grats on Dred I meant to say… I’m just so shell-shocked from all those days and nights spent in AV. πŸ˜‰

  83. Got king dred that was really hard, TBW was key on the tame as well as haste and luckily i had a group, cause he hit for 5k..druid healer to shadowmeld after she pumped me with hots, was how we got me to live long enough without healer dying

    • It took me three days., Just got the beautiful Loque. At the north spawn point near the carion birds he was just walking by himself 5:10 server time sentinels server. And there was a total adrenaline rush rofl yay nerd rage!

  84. Just got mine, I thought people were kidding about the adrenaline rush but it’s true. Was an absolutely awesome hunt. Three hours circling Shalozar and he spawned in front of me. Everyone should go for this.

  85. To Dalaila:

    Yeah, I know that spot. That was where I saw him the first time. He pats that entire stretch from Loque’s Skyreach Pillar spawn to the gorillas. I spent a lot of time in that area since they’re shared locations. That, plus there were lots of mobs to skin. Stacks of Heavy Borean were going for about 450G per back then which was great.

  86. To Fushae:

    That’s a high traffic area too. As with just about any place in the Basin, there are loads of mining nodes around that location.

    Like you said, it was your time.

  87. I got loque just above bittertide lake, crazy luck too cause being a pvp server soo many things could have gone wrong..I got loque at 1:31pm servertime πŸ™‚

  88. > If you’re talking bout the area by
    > the wasps, then that’s a tough spot.

    Nope, I mean in the area where you see 6-7 white gorillas and 1 black gorilla. It’s above the are filled with black gorillas. It’s a quiet place, you just stand there and wait. While camping Loque (2 days) I also killed Krush, who spawned the day before Loque :).

    Mapped spawn point

  89. Grats man! Whereabouts did you get Loque, and at what time?

    King Dred..? I’ve only seen him on heroic, but I assume he still hits pretty hard on normal. Good luck with that.

  90. woohoo just tamed Loque, guess it was my time..the wait is over. Next on the list is King Dred from Drak’tharon Keep..gonna give him a go

    Good Luck everyone and keep up the good fight

  91. If you’re talking bout the area by the wasps, then that’s a tough spot. I tried solo-taming him there before, but the abundance of nasty bugs (and other players) in that area makes things difficult.

  92. Referring to the place where you tamed Krush, I found (and tamed) him (Krush) on the 1st spot on the right. All of the 3 rare spawns share the same locations as people found them on the same places of Loque πŸ™‚


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