Cataclysm Hunter Power Auras

Hunter Power Auras
My Hunter Power Auras - Cataclysm Edition

It only took me nearly a year and a half, but I finally went through and performed a complete update on my Hunter Power Auras page. 😀

I was maintaining my complete sets of strings on the page, but today I decided to update the entire guide — individual strings, descriptions, screenshots, etc…

I also removed the dead wood, so no more Aspect of the Viper or Dragonhawk auras…lol.

I’m not relying on the addon quite as much as I used to, but I still like it for monitoring a few different buffs and alerts. I’ve gone to using Raven a bit more for monitoring buffs, but Power Auras is still an awesome addon for a number of things.

Sorry the update was neglected for so long, but hey…I have only so much time to spend on this stuff. I’ll try to be more on top of it when Mists of Pandaria hits, but we’ll have to see. Things are a little topsy turvy right now in my world.

9 thoughts on “Cataclysm Hunter Power Auras”

  1. Hi Garwulf,
    I was in need of a little tool which shows how much focus you have as numbers.
    I saw in on a UI, but they guy using it mentioned it is provided by an addon which is about unit frames. I think there must be a POWA tool for this and I didn’t want to get another addon for it. I am happy with Blizzard Unit Frames anyway. Before I try to find it, I wanted to ask here, coz I guess you tried to find it before. I will be appreciate if you return and forgive me about my slacking.

  2. I use Power Auras myself, but not using it for THAT many abilities like you. Have you thought you looking up the addon “Serenity”? It’s a nice a simple addon focused around a focus bar in the middle of your screen and gives various information on time on cd’s etc. Check it out.

    I could imagine all those colors and auras would distract a tit bit when you raid?

    • I’m not much for the Forte, SexyCooldown bars. Raven also has one, but I don’t use it.

      My aura config may look busy, but it’s really not. Most of them are alerts which immediately disappear once the action is taken.

      • Okay. I guess the text makes it more crowded than it actually is, we can atleast settle on one thing. Power Auras is a fantastic addon.


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