Master of Alterac Valley

Earned this shiny new achievement tonight…

Master of Alterac Valey

…leaving only one task left to fulfill before you all can start calling me “Battlemaster Garwulf”.

Of course, this last achievement is arguably thee toughest one to earn – especially with a group of randoms. I may have to get the guild rebuilt and organized in order to conquer it.

Can anyone guess which is the last PvP achievement I need before I can finally change my title to Battlemaster..? Don’t cheat and look at my armory… 😉

First person to comment with the correct answer will win some Paint Bombs.

22 thoughts on “Master of Alterac Valley”

  1. Got to admit that iron man is the one i am the most proud too, never thought i would get it, and i’m still trying to understand how it happened…just being in the good bg with the good people at the good time (which is pure luck when your bg win/lost is around .400 on my server)

  2. I am going with… carry the flag three times in a single Warsong Gulch…. we have the least survivability out there….

    if it isn’t that one, then the 75 second run the flag achievement in Warsong Gulch…

  3. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say “Master of Eye of the Storm”.

    It’s extremely hard to 4-cap the match all the way to the end with a pug. The best one we’ve managed to do is hold 3 and lock the enemy down in a single tower. But Takaas has a better point, I think–the achieves for both Capture the Flag BGs have rather steep requirements.

  4. It might be this one?

    Resilient Victory
    Overcome a 500 resource disadvantage in a match of Arathi Basin and claim victory.

    Just a guess 😉

        • I earned AB Perfection in a PuG, which is pretty tough, but getting Resilient Victory is impossible, in my opinion. Everyone is always in such a damn hurry to win/lose and get it over with…on to the next BG. No one wants to bother with trying for it. I’m definitely going to need a premade group — maybe just a bunch of well-geared randoms from my server.

          • One of the nice things about being a hunter is being able to almost single handedly turn the tide of BGs like AB. If you time things right, and especially if you’re willing to buy agility pots, you can 2-shot a few healers and/or clothies at the start of an assault on a node, giving the attacking force the time needed to clear and cap the node. Stacking wolf and cat buffs with dismiss trickery, casting roar of courage, popping pewpew trinks, grabbing zerking, and popping an agi pot I’ve seen aimed over 100k, followed by a similarly nasty chimera shot. I usually equip Vial when I open an assault, and if it procs under all those buffs it’s pretty dreadful too. Healers just cant react to that fast enough. It sounds like a lot to coordinate, but zerking and cat/wolf buffs are long enough duration that you can do your thing before riding up to the node, and then it’s all just clicking the “kill stuff” buff buttons/macros. I’m sure there are tricks to jack up initial burst with BM as well, I’m just less experienced with it (you’ve been motivating me to give it a real shot though). But when you mow down half the enemies including healers before the rest of the attackers even sink their teeth in, you’ve really changed the game. Deterrence/FD and change trinks and pets to something with sacrifice if it doesn’t go well. ezpz.

            That being said, I think AB perfection is the hardest to pick up in a pug since it requires more teamwork and coordination. I havent gotten resilient victory yet, but there have been a number of times I’ve come in to a losing game and turned it into a winning game. I’m confident I’ll get it before perfection.

            • I’ve tried “soloing” this achievement with zero success.

              I’ll hang out and appear busy during the start of the battle – hoping the loss of my DPS will allow the horde to take an early lead, then start playing catch-up at some point. This hasn’t worked at all because either: the Alliance will take an early 3-2 lead, preventing the odds of a successful comeback -or- the Horde will start stomping us 4-1, at which point the Ally simply give up.

              I’ve been patient hoping for the right group, but it never fails. If I try to take myself out of the battle at first, there are usually one or two horde members that are afk – nullifying that approach. If we do start to fall behind and become poised for this comeback achievement, players just hang out in the schoolhouse GY.

              Once I know it’s not going to happen this battle, I start getting into the game – going for the win at least.

              I’ve been really close before…470 resources I believe, but 500 has eluded me for nearly 200 wins.

  5. Oh, by the way, GRATZ Garwulf, I envy you. I probably won’t ever get “Battlemaster” as Horde sucks at battlegrounds where I play. Plus hardly anyone in the guild I’m in PvPs and if they do its arenas, so I can’t turn there.

    • My grind for this achievement has been 99.9% solo-earned. I can’t think of one achievement that someone has helped me to earn — it’s just been a matter of diligence, patience and luck, of course. Sometimes it takes just the right scenario for you to earn certain ones. If you enjoy BGs, you’ll get there eventually.

  6. Considering the requirements for “Battlemaster” are getting all of the “Master of……” achievements and since he just got “Master of Alterac Valley”, I’m going to say “Master of Warsong Gulch”.

  7. Yeah, they removed blitz from the requirement because it was too hard in Cataclysm, but Stormpike Perfection is definitlely the hardest requirement. Your Captain has to be alive, and all your towers need to be up and theirs down.


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