My favorite zones in WoW: Part 2

This is entry #9b in the 30 days of WarCraft series of articles.

Last post I highlighted some of my favorite zones in classic WoW, so now let’s talk about The Burning Crusade era…

My favorite zone(s) in Outland

This one’s pretty easy…


Nagrand is hands-down my favorite TBC zone. It’s not only the most breathtaking zone in all of Outland, but it also ranks in the top five of my Azeroth list. Nagrand is just amazing, in my opinion. I think Blizzard did a truly amazing job with this zone. It’s easily one of the best in the entire game.

Why do I like Nagrand so much..?

Adventuring in the area makes me feel good. I spent a lot of time in that zone in TBC — whether it was farming Clefthoof Leather or Cobra Scales, farming motes up on the Elemental Plateau, nuking ogres up above Shattrath, or battling the horde at Halaa — Nagrand holds fond gaming memories for me. I really enjoyed playing in that zone.

Nagrand has always been my favorite farming spot for leather. For me, there was always something relaxing about a lengthy session – farming Clefthoof Leather or Cobra Scales. The mobs were plentiful, which made it less frustrating, plus the terrain was always so nice to look at.

Same goes for the elemental motes. I always liked flying up to the Elemental Plateau — farming primals for sometimes hours at a time. Usually I was gathering them for a gear recipe, which made these farming sessions very fruitful. Other times, I’d just farm them for gold. Either way, I never minded it one bit.

I can’t really think of any other areas in the game where I’ve enjoyed ‘farming’ so much.

Nagrand was always a favorite place of mine for pet leveling. The ogres were plentiful, yet very soft. I used to mow them down by the scores — looting a healthy chunk of gold, items and consumables in the process.

The Battle for Halaa, though… that was definitely my favorite activity in the zone. I was involved in some pretty fun battles there during the year or so that Halaa was actually under siege. Those were some of my favorite PvP battles ever.

Lastly… I just love the look of the zone. It’s lush terrain, many lakes and rivers, the high cliffs separating it from Zangarmarsh, and let’s not forget the floating terrain – complete with waterfalls of an unknown source.

The place is just breathtaking. When I saw Avatar for the first time, I thought hey… Pandora looks kinda like Nagrand. 😉

4 thoughts on “My favorite zones in WoW: Part 2”

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  2. Zangarmarsh. Playing a druid, I like the Cenarian presence. The monsters are fun — bog monsters and spindly striders. There’s a city on top of a giant mushroom. The Serpentshrine Lake instances and raid go together well and with the surrounding zone, which I always like. And the Sporelings are adorable!

  3. Nagrand was easily my favorite TBC zone as well. It is as well up there in my top 5, easily. Several of the zones have a great ‘feel’ but Nagrand for me is one of the best. Beautiful zone. I love the calm the zone has with danger always lurking. I’d imagine much like an African Safari. It has it all, especially for a hunter. Skinning/Mining/LW/Cooking/Fishing the 1st two of which I was doing at the time. It was great when I switched to JC and had occasion to go there again a few months back.
    The Nesingwary quests, my 1st meet with the Consortium. I also think Blizzard did an incredible job with the Talbuk. It was also my 1st exalted rep grind with the Kurenai because I really wanted that Cobalt Talbuk mount. Still the only land mount I have defaulted in go-go mount. Warbeads and netherweave cloth. I could still run those caves blindfolded I did them so many times. After I got rep and my 1st Talbuk mount I never killed another one. I’m such a softie. Clefthoofs on the otherhand…


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