UI is Almost Up

I was bound and determined to get my UI compilation back on WoWInterface today, but the forces opposing my UI productivity were conspired against me. I had all sorts of unexpected things come up. It’s just about ready to go, but I need to pack it in for today. All I have left to do is write up the description of the UI and brief install procedure, then upload it to WoWInterface.

Seriously, though… it’s ready to go, I just need to finish up a couple of things. I’ll most likely get it to WoWI tomorrow morning. I’ll post here when it’s live.

Those of you that have never submitted a UI pack for download have no idea how much there is to do in order to have it ‘ready’, so bear with me… we’re almost there.

I am busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, but I will have the UI available for download as soon as humanly possible.

Garwulf Hunter UI
The latest version and the finest one yet

This UI kicks so much ass…did I mention that?

8 thoughts on “UI is Almost Up”

  1. That does look freakin SICK! Can you at least list out what add ons you are using? I don’t mind configuring it myself, but some of those I haven’t seen before.

  2. Thank you, Gar, this looks amazing. It might even get me interested in playing WoW again. Will you be including instructions on how to make this apply to alts, OR will it work with non-Hunters? Just curious, I’ll be using it no matter what.

    Thanks again!

  3. Better to take your time and have it right the first time than just shove it out there without cleaning up the excess and ensuring its polished…I am looking forward to it and the time and effort its taken!! Will be nice to see!

    Grindavin (BT)


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