A Happy Ending

Well, things finally came to a head today with this whole guild re-transfer business, but in the end… Blizzard made good and redeemed themselves in my eyes.

It required me to have a near-meltdown which may have included an f-bomb or two, which I typically reserve for special moments when I’m really trying to emphasize my point, but I’m happy to say I received excellent care today. As is often the case, customer service can vary greatly depending upon who’s assisting you. Today when I called Blizzard, I happened to get my call answered by a Shannon C., who ended up providing me with Rockstar Support.

He reviewed my support history and made sure that things got handled ‘properly’. Blizzard even waived the transfer fee due to all of the aggravation this has caused me.

The only hiccup experienced, apart from me having to change the name of the guild *grumble, grumble*, has been a reset of all our reputation levels. Luckily, this was quickly addressed by Blizzard support, and they were able to restore my rep right away. Blizz also graciously offered to restore everyone else’s rep, provided each person submit their own request. It’s a minor inconvenience, but in the grand scheme of things… it’s a small price to pay to have the guild back, and a really insignificant detail when compared to all I’ve had to go through to undo all of this.

Blizzard didn’t really anticipate a scenario such as the one that went down with my guild. I’m hoping that my vented frustration over this mess, along with my perseverance and dogged determination to get my guild back will prompt them to reevaluate their GM Realm Transfer Service.

When it was all said and done, however, I got someone to listen and Blizzard really came through.

My guild’s back where it belongs, I’ve resumed control of it, and all is well as of tonight. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Happy Ending”

  1. Glad it worked out.

    Want to take this chance to thank you for all the great information that you post and to wish you a safe, happy and blessed Christmas

  2. My account got banned for the same reason Athene got his account banned. Blizzard refuse to answer my tickets and when I call support they just say “I will send you an e-mail to why this has happened”


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