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I recorded some video of my new user interface and how it performs in solo combat, but unfortunately the quality was poop. I’m not sure what happened there. Either my video settings got reset some how, or I need to watch more iMovie tutorials. 😕

At any rate, until I get my act together enough to post a 3-4 minute narrated video on my UI and its functionality, these screenshots will have to do.

Here’s how the UI looks while solo and in combat.

My new UI while solo and in combat

This shot shows my new unit frames, which are Pitbull 4.

From left: Pet, Player, Focus Target, Target

Next to the target are my applied debuff timers courtesy of Quartz. Also visible is my swing timer which appears just below my action bars. My cast bar sits right between the swing timer and bottom action bar.

For the action bars I am still using Bartender 4. It’s a fantastic action bar replacement addon that is really easy to configure. I’ve configured my new bars to just display my important cooldowns. I use keybinds for everything, so I really don’t need to see my action bars. This frees up a lot of on-screen real estate. My action bars are there, but you can’t see them unless you hover over them. There are 6 of them just below my swing timer, along with my bags and mini-menu.

The combat text is MikScrollingBattleText. I absolutely love that addon.

The faint graphics around my toon are achieved using Power Auras. I am really digging that mod. It may be hard to see, but from top to bottom I have 3 auras displayed. The top one is Aspect of the Viper, below that I have The Beast Within, and at the bottom is Kindred Spirits. I configured Kindred Spirits because that way I’ll always know when my pet is up and in range. I have my unit frames configured to disappear when I’m at full health and ooc, so this is just a really easy way for me to know that my pet hasn’t run off or been killed. I give Power Auras an A+. This is my new favorite addon.

My combat and chat log appears at bottom left. The background for it is set to about a 5-10% alpha, which is just enough to make the text stand out enough to be comfortable on the eyes. The chat mod is Prat 3.0.

Along the top is FuBar which contains about a dozen plugins.

Here’s another shot of my UI showing my cast bar and my enemy’s cast bar.

My new Ui showing cast bars and more Power Auras

In this shot you can see my enemy’s cast bar just above the unit frames, and mine just below.

Power Auras is indicating that I’m in Aspect of the Dragonhawk now (the aura that is surrounding me) and Mirror of Truth is procced (the double blades above my head).

The green numbers just above my head, and the yellow numbers just to the right are Range Display. This is a helpful mod for Hunters because it helps keep you at ranged or within opponents’ dead zones. The numbers just above my head indicate my target’s range, and the numbers just to the right are for the focus.

MikScrollingBattleText flashes alerts, which is what the big Kill Shot message is at the top. It’s telling me to bring the pain.

I’ll try to post some raid shots soon showing the additional unit frames, threat meter, damage meter, etc. I’ll also post a complete and updated list of the addons that went into this UI.

Stay tuned for more…

6 thoughts on “More UI Screenshots”

  1. I have a 24″ imac display at 1920×1200 resolution.

    Addons-wise my new UI is not vastly different from the previous one. The most visible change is the relocation of my unit frames (which I like, but I’m still getting used to), and just more additional free space.

    I felt the need to arrange all of my important information into one tight area (unit frames, buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, cast bars, etc.), while also creating more free space. For PvP I like having more visible game area. While my UI was still pretty minimalist before, I prefer not having the dark bar at the bottom this time.

    I’m going to make another post about this new UI soon. I really like checking out other people’s user interfaces and their list of addons, but it’d be nice to hear about how things work, etc. That’s what I plan to share.

  2. Hi Garwulf,

    Love your site here. Really liked your old UI (from back six months ago?) and this one’s shaping up nicely.

    Was wondering what your resolution and monitor size is. Thanks.


  3. These are my FuBar addons:

    FuBar BattleGroundFu
    FuBar ClockFu
    FuBar DurabilityFu
    FuBar GarbageFu
    FuBar LocationFu
    FuBar MoneyFu
    FuBar PerformanceFu
    FuBar TopScoreFu

    The other icons that appear in the FuBar are:

    Atlas Loot


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