Pitbull 4

I downloaded and installed Pitbull 4 from Wowace.com last night and so far I really like it. It’s not ready for release yet, but it has most of the necessary functionality aside from raid frames. It’s also much easier to configure than its predecessor. Being that I spent some time with Pitbull before, I had this version up and running in nothing flat.

I was having some issues with my target’s health bars with the older version. Every time I would select a target the health bar would flash and extend out about 300% past the unit frame then disappear after half a second. I was also having a problem where target’s health bars would leave a phantom health bar still on the screen even after they were dead and de-selected. I read about others with similar problems, but I could never find a solution. Right out of the box this new version works flawlessly.

Visually it seems to have the same configuration options as before. I’m rebuilding my UI from the ground up and won’t be retaining those fancy 3-D style unit frames I had previously. I’m going for a very minimalist approach this time around, so I didn’t spend a lot of time working with the portraits and such. I’ll post screenshots when I’m done with it.

There is no further development going on for the original Pitbull, so unless you really need the Pitbull raid frames I highly recommend giving this version a try.

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