Hunter Pets 101

PetopiaIf you play a Hunter as your main class in World of Warcraft, then there’s about a 99.9% chance you’ve heard of Mania’s site, Petopia. If you’re obsessive about Hunter pets like I am, then you’ve probably visited that site countless times over the years. It basically contains anything and everything you ever needed to know about Hunter pets, plus you can even view every single pet model in the game. If you play one of the lesser classes, but are considering rolling a Hunter, you must bookmark her site.

Mania's ArcaniaMania’s blog is also a wealth of information. In fact, if it weren’t for me catching her story on the Grimtotem Spirit Guide, I probably never would have gotten this prized pet. I tamed it on a Friday night, and on the following Monday morning Blizzard implemented a very hush-hush hotfix that made it untameable forever more. Prior to visiting her site I hadn’t paid too much attention to Hunter blogs aside from the occasional BigRedKitty stop-off. Needless to say, I hit her site regularly now for my Hunter pet news fix. Also, the forums there are active and chock-full of interesting stories, information and advice, plus it’s a much friendlier and largely more mature group of folks compared to those that frequent the official WoW forums.

Good Intentions Pet-FinderAnother site worth mentioning is (formerly, Back in the day, I used to use this site extensively in order to find out about pet skills and where to go to tame the necessary beasties to learn them from. Since WotLK re-invented the way we train our pets, this site has become somewhat irrelevant. You can still use it to find tameable pets at your level, but its once invaluable pet skills chart is now useless. Nevertheless, it served me well over the years so I’m giving the site some props.

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  1. Is there something I’m missing?
    I’m a level 18 hunter and I’m having trouble taming in Silverpine forest. I came across Krethis who is a level 15/16 and died 10 times trying to tame him. He would jump over me and wrap me in silk. I was hitting the tame button from the first contact to no available. I also repaired armor 3-4 time to no avail. I switch to attempting to tame an 11/12 Lurker also with no success in 8 attempts even with armor repair. I then went and found Gorefang lvl 10/11? and could not tame in 7 attempts. I then turned to a lvl 12 worg and he tamed in 30 seconds on the first attempt.
    Is there something I dont know about taming spiders or a rare like Gorefang? I dont get freezing trap for another 6 levels.


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