Here We Go

After a bit more testing, I’ve settled on this build and I’m enjoying it immensely for BGs. My specialization is still Beast Mastery, of course, and I’m running with a Ferocity specced Spirit Beast…of course. Old habits die hard. 😉 OK, so I really need to try Narrow Escape, but I’m having a hard time letting go of Posthaste. The …

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Adjusting to Patch 5.0.4

Alright, so today I was finally able to sit down and get myself acquainted with Patch 5.0.4. I’m still getting used to things, but overall, I’m having fun with the new hunter mechanics.

I still miss my melee weapons, but not from a practical standpoint – that’s more of a sentimental thing.

Being that I’m so programmed to try and maintain maximum range, the removal of the dead zone is taking some getting used to. It feels odd being able to use other shots besides Scatter Shot when enemies are right up on me. I keep having to remember I can shoot someone in the face with Arcane when they’re up in my grill. I’m definitely not complaining about this, however.

I’ve specced Beast Mastery, of course. It feels very good in 5.0.4. Almost too good. Things aren’t exactly balanced right now, so I won’t be holding out thinking it will stay this way.

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