Adjusting to Patch 5.0.4

Alright, so today I was finally able to sit down and get myself acquainted with Patch 5.0.4. I’m still getting used to things, but overall, I’m having fun with the new hunter mechanics.

I still miss my melee weapons, but not from a practical standpoint – that’s more of a sentimental thing.

Being that I’m so programmed to try and maintain maximum range, the removal of the dead zone is taking some getting used to. It feels odd being able to use other shots besides Scatter Shot when enemies are right up on me. I keep having to remember I can shoot someone in the face with Arcane when they’re up in my grill. I’m definitely not complaining about this, however.

I’ve specced Beast Mastery, of course. It feels very good in 5.0.4. Almost too good. Things aren’t exactly balanced right now, so I won’t be holding out thinking it will stay this way.

My Patch 5.0.4 BM PvP Build – Version 1.0

Here’s a look at the build I’ve been using…

My BM Hunter PvP Spec in 5.0.4
My First Attempt at a BM Hunter PvP Spec in 5.0.4

I haven’t even had cause to try Narrow Escape because I am having so much fun with Posthaste. Having an additional snare remover, along with the speed increase, is just too good. I use this ability constantly.

Binding Shot is really cool. I like throwing it down on the horde graveyard as I’m running away with their flag, then Master’s Call + Disengage off of the ledge, followed by the Posthaste run speed buff. I’m usually halfway across the field before they’ve had a chance to catch up.

The new and improved Spirit Bond is fantastic. Combined with the Animal Bond glyph and Spirit Mend – I feel I’m harder to kill in 5.0.4. Feels like I have Rejuvenation on me at all times. 😉

I like the new Dire Beast talent. It’s fun to see another pet jump into the fray, and it certainly helps keep my focus up during Big Red. However, this is probably the one tier I want to experiment with some more.

Update: I’ve swapped out Dire Beast for Thrill of the Hunt. I may actually be leaning towards TotH for this tier. It procs like crazy and may end up being a more reliable means for maintaining the focus pool. Also, it’s one less ability to have to manage, which is nice for this simple BM hunter.

Blink Strike is my new favorite ability. Seeing my pet teleport 40 yards – then deliver a devastating crit to an enemy player – just brings a tear to my eye. For added fun, I’ve macro’d this ability to both Bestial Wrath and Intimidation.

My glyph choices are as follows…

My BM PvP Glyphs at the start of Patch 5.0.4
My current glyph setup.

I like the Animal Bond glyph for the added healing benefits – especially since I am still running with a Spirit Beast.

The Camouflage glyph is flat out good times. I’m having a lot of fun with it right now. This one might be a keeper.

The Master’s Call glyph is still an amazing choice for PvP. The duration of the effect matches exactly that of the Posthaste buff, which makes for a solid eight seconds of slippery high-speed hunterness.

I like the Cheetah glyph for flag running and the Beast glyph is nice for sneaking into flag rooms. The Fetch glyph is pretty cool, but given the fact that I’m a skinner, it’s not as useful for me. I’ll likely play with some of the others.

Anyway…that’s the build I’m going with for now. I’m sure I’ll be tinkering with things over the next week or two, so if it should change, I’ll be sure to report back.

I have lots more to discuss, so I’ll try to get to some more updates within the next few days. The site is running very slow right now for some reason, so I may not get to any more stuff tonight, but hopefully tomorrow. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Adjusting to Patch 5.0.4”

  1. It’s all good Gar. I was trying to figure out which toons are going to be my focus in MoP. Right now it’s looking like my Ret Pally and my Hunter. I dropped Dire Beast in favor of Thrill of the Hunt and I haven’t looked back. I have yet to switch to Aspect of the Fox in a BG. I haven’t tinkered with Spirit Bond yet. Exhiliration plus my macro for the Spirit Beast heal has saved my rear a few times. I’m still tinkering and playing around but overall I am very happy with my hunter right now. Looking forward to all your posts as we get ready to dive into a new expansion keep up the great work Gar you’ve been missed.

  2. Hey Gar for the record if you were in an EoTs the other night and some DK named Spartacus asked if you were the real Gar and had total dork moment it totally wasn’t me.

      • Yeah my friend was in vent with me and I was sitting there going “No WAY!! Dude Garwulf’s in our BG!!!” Sorry about that. It was just really cool because I have been coming here for so long learning the ways of huntering from you and I had a total geek moment. We got our ass kicked I thought you were supposed to single handedly win bg’s for us Gar. ;P

        • Yea, we got stomped in that one, but it was vs a well-geared Illidan premade. Not much shame in that.

          You should have told me it was you. I wasn’t too chatty because I was busy working on my interface during that BG. Well…and trying to assault and defend bases *cough*.

  3. I’ve been running BM as well. Everyone I’ve talked to that played MM in beta has said that MM is the bottom of the pile when it comes to damage. So I went BM. I haven’t done much for battlegrounds, with all the overpowered classes right now that need adjusted I’ve been afraid to venture into PvP at all on my Hunter.
    Some things I have seen when PvEing though:
    (1) Kill Command does not work on certain boss fights in DS. Ultraxion being one of them.
    (2) Pets won’t always attack if they can’t get to the back of your target.
    (3) Spirit Bond doesn’t always work when your in combat.


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