Don’t mind me…

I’ll just be here in the background breaking s**t.

If you’re a regular visitor to the site you may have noticed a few changes over the past few days. Apart from the delicious rotating eye candy that I implemented on the home page last night, there have been a few other more subtle additions.

After a few weeks casually thinking about a supposed “upgrade” to the site, I decided that I like it the way it is. As Dalaila had earlier commented, “everyone is loving your blog for its simple layout and good articles”. I can’t comment on the quality of the articles 😉 , but I do know that I am partial to its simple layout.

After viewing loads of possible themes, including paid premium ones, I concluded that this one is still the best fit for Rather than reinvent the wheel, I contacted the developer of this template and asked if he was planning an update for it in the near future. I also made some feature requests, including… you guessed it… threaded comments. This theme does not support them in its current version.

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