Thank You

Thank You…to those of you who’ve expressed interest in contributing to the site, especially to those who’ve either impressed me with your work, or bent over backwards in an attempt to please. It’s been a pleasure reading so many fine articles from my fellow Hunters. :D

That said, I am officially putting an indefinite lock on any future submissions. In other words, I am no longer pursuing contributors at this time, and I am currently up to my elbows in dealing with the after effect of this overwhelming response. You guys answered the call, that’s for sure.

Of course, I’ll still accept e-mail inquiries concerning possible contribution to the site, but I’m not actively looking as of now. If you are interested and feel you have some great ideas and would bring an immeasurable amount of value to the site, then you’d better have a bang-up application. ;)

The influx of articles was more than expected, and thus caused me to actually get further behind. The whole idea behind bringing in additional assistance was to lessen my burden as sole proprietor here at Huntsmans’s Lodge. I’ve quickly realized that waving a banner and sending out an open invitation to contribute was a mistake.

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My To-Do List for today

Finish up a web project I was outsourced to work on. The dishes. Make out Christmas cards. Read the remaining article submissions. Reply to the un-replied to. Refrain from checking my site every 15 minutes for new comments. Resist the urge to periodically check WoW related sites and forums for Patch 3.3 goodness. Start working on the site upgrade. Probably …

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Don’t mind me…

I’ll just be here in the background breaking s**t.

If you’re a regular visitor to the site you may have noticed a few changes over the past few days. Apart from the delicious rotating eye candy that I implemented on the home page last night, there have been a few other more subtle additions.

After a few weeks casually thinking about a supposed “upgrade” to the site, I decided that I like it the way it is. As Dalaila had earlier commented, “everyone is loving your blog for its simple layout and good articles”. I can’t comment on the quality of the articles 😉 , but I do know that I am partial to its simple layout.

After viewing loads of possible themes, including paid premium ones, I concluded that this one is still the best fit for Rather than reinvent the wheel, I contacted the developer of this template and asked if he was planning an update for it in the near future. I also made some feature requests, including… you guessed it… threaded comments. This theme does not support them in its current version.

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Scattered Thoughts

I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this post, but the jist of it concerns plans I have for the site. This blog needs an overhaul. I spent the better part of last night looking through various themes in order to try and provide both new and regular visitors with a better Huntery experience. I’ve been meaning to perform …

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Time For a VPS

This is what a nod on does to your website traffic. I actually looked into a VPS a few months back when I had a moderate increase in traffic. At that time, my site was devouring in upwards of 70% of the server resources, thus violating my webhost’s Terms of Service. They were gracious enough to give me a …

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