How’s the Hunting?

Those of you out there searching for the new pets… how’s it going?

Have any success? Have some amusing stories? Have some additional tips on the best ways to tame some of the Patch 4.2 rares..?

Also, I want your screenshots so I can start posting some successful hunt pics!

Send them to me.

Successful Hunts

Show me your new pets!
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  • Max. file size: 300 MB.
  • Max. file size: 300 MB.

5 thoughts on “How’s the Hunting?”

  1. I haven’t gone after any others yet but I tamed Skarr 2 days ago at about 6 in the morning after about 6 hours of camping his spawn. Had to take out a flagged hunter and his dk friend to get it and it was pretty much war most of the month. The tame itself is pretty easy:
    Pop Silencing Shot
    Pop Scattering Shot
    Pop Lifeblood
    Pop Deterrence

    Silenced his first fireball then scattered him so he wouldnt pwn me while i set off the GCD on Deterrence. Lifeblood gave me the haste i needed to get the tame. Finished the tame with about 40k health. Good luck everyone!

  2. I have been fortunate to tame Ankha and Ban’Thalos still waiting to get to molten core. I am on Drenden server and tamed Ankha 6/29 at 8:35 server time which was almost 5 hours after Banthy had been tamed by another hunter earlier in the day. I Tamed Banthy at 2:22 server time today. I will take some screenshots later and post them for you Gar. It really helps if you have a parachute for Banthy or be able to hit him form the tree behind the sanctuary. Other ideas has been to tag him and then disengage before hitting ground and then frost trap him or he will kill you. For Ankha same as everybody has posted make sure you are naked.

    Good Luck to all

  3. I actually logged in WHILE someone else was taming Ban’thalos! So two missed: Ankha, Ban’thalos. I wonder which one I’d miss next?

    Good luck everyone!


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