My favorite zones in WoW: Part 3

This is entry #9c in the 30 days of WarCraft series of articles.

I’ve told you which zones I prefer in Old Azeroth, as well as Outland… now it’s on to Northrend!

My Favorite Northrend Zones

Grizzly Hills

I liked Grizzly Hills from the moment I first set foot in there. It reminds me of venturing through Disneyland’s Frontierland & Bear Country – way back in the day, when I was just a little Garling.

The woodland terrain… the log structures… the Appalachian music playing in the background… the bears pawing at the river – fishing for some supper… I love it! Oh, and let’s not forget that Grizzly Hills is home to one of my favorite Spirit Beasts.

Grizzly Hills is also host to one of my favorite laugh-out-loud variety quests. Can you guess which one it is?

Sholazar Basin

The basin… easily one of the most beautiful zones in all of WoW.

From a visual standpoint, the place is amazing. River’s Heart will always be one of my favorite screenshot opportunities in the game.

As far as farming goes… Sholazar Basin was arguably the best gathering spot during the WotLK era — leather, mining nodes, herbs… all bountiful.

And the pets… Sholazar Basin is home to not one, not two, but three of the coolest pets in the game: Loque’nahak, King Krush and Aotona. Needless to say… I’ve had many fun adventures within the basin. Most notably, my 2 week sojourn there while looking for Loque’nahak, then later, my King Krush solo-taming mission.

1 thought on “My favorite zones in WoW: Part 3”

  1. Sholazar is one magical place. I’ve gotten my first toon to 80 doing the Sholazar quest chains, and I remember finishing almost every single one of the Nesingwary Expedition’s quests…then moving on to Freya’s quests and discovering she hated the Expedition–big oops. =P

    I would have had a more positive take on the basin, if not for the fact that on my last few visits there, whole groups of fully geared 3-4 Alliance players each were ganking single Horde players almost routinely, obviously farming for honor. My Spy addon constantly registered the name of up to 12 or more Alliance players at any given moment in any given area–perhaps the only safe place in the whole zone was, ironically, Stormwright’s Shelf with all the level 80 elementals. Maybe they’re too busy farming elementals in Wintergrasp to even bother with that place.

    Although, yes, I do agree. A friend calls Sholazar “the Avatar World”. It’s that pretty. I have yet to find King Krush though, but I’d most likely get ganked trying.

    My personal favorite zone is Nagrand, however. It’s hard for me not to sing the Lion King theme song every single time I’m there. =P


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