Hunter pets have lost all happiness

…as a game mechanic that is.

One recent change that’s been implemented on the Patch 4.1 PTR is this:

  • The Happiness/Pet Loyalty System has been removed. Hunters will no longer have to manage Happiness for their pets, and the previous damage bonus for pets being happy will now be baseline for all tamed pets.

As a result, pet talents that used to provide happiness have been updated as well…

  • Bloodthirsty no longer generates Happiness.
  • Carrion Feeder no longer restores Happiness.
  • Guard Dog no longer causes Growl to generate additional Happiness.

And since we no longer have to worry about pet happiness… the Glyph of Mend Pet has become totally irrelevant, and instead changed into this:

  • Glyph of Mend Pet is now Glyph of Greater Proportion, which increases the size of the pet slightly.

Honestly, what in the hell is this good for..? Other than for vanity reasons, why on earth would anyone want a bigger pet? It’s bad for both PvE and PvP… Someone help me out here, because this just seems silly to me. I don’t get it.

They should instead change it to a Glyph of Sated Pet, and have it so that feed pet instantly takes the pet to 75% or 100% health. Glyph of Greater Proportion… FFS… gimme a break… At first I’d thought it an April Fool’s, but we’re still a ways out from that.

I imagine many of you are pleased over the removal of pet happiness. It’s just one less thing to have to worry about when squeezing every ounce of DPS from your pet, right..?

Call me crazy, but I don’t care much for changes such as these. Managing pet happiness was yet another mechanic that set hunter pets apart from other class pets, and made them seem more personal. Removing happiness just takes us closer in the direction of class pet homogenization.

Managing pet happiness was never really a big deal… all you needed was the glyph, and you could keep your pet’s happiness topped off as long as you paid attention.

Heck… back when I first started paying, pets would leave your ass if you let them remain unhappy for too long. They’d literally disappear. Back then, managing pet happiness was a big deal.

I’m by no means upset over this, but it just makes me cautiously concerned about where this game’s headed. One thing that always appealed to me about WoW was its complexity. Seems with each patch, things just get dumber and dumberer.

While I don’t miss the wimpy pet DPS we used to have, the god-awful leveling grind, or the fact that they could often be two-shotted… there are a few things I do miss about the pets of yesteryear…

I miss the varying attack speeds, for one.

Many of you will really think I’m off my rocker with this statement, but I honestly miss having to globe trot looking for the necessary pets to tame in order to obtain new pet skills and pet skill ranks. To me, that was a unique and exciting component of the hunter class.

I suppose all these changes are for the greater good, and make the class more accessible, but ah well…

The one result of this change that does please me… users of my UI won’t have to stress over monitoring their pet’s happiness if they’re using my default faded-out-of-combat unit frames.  🙂

52 thoughts on “Hunter pets have lost all happiness”

  1. U know, we all gatta remember that this game isn’t real here guys, and quit faking complaining god if u want a pet wit loyalty n happiness go get 1 in real life!

  2. I never had a problem with happiness maintenance. It was just part of having a pet in the first place, something that mimicked having one IRL—you found one you liked, tamed it, brought it home to the stable and stuffed it full of food while teaching it new tricks. With the Mend Pet glyph and some of the pet talents, it was little more than an occasional button click…not a big deal if it’s already on your hot bar somewhere. I remember when we didn’t even have the glyph and had to carry around stacks of food—THAT was annoying when you ended up with a pet that ate something weird, like mushrooms or fruit and it wasn’t something in the hunter’s diet. So the glyph was a definite improvement and one I invested in as soon as it came out. They’ve dumbed down pet care to the point that it feels more or less like a warlock pet—there’s just not a lot of interaction there anymore. Let’s face it—the real reason that most people roll a hunter in the first place is because they want to live out the idea of a rugged survivalist with a trusty animal companion at their side…we are hunters because we get great looking pets and guns and bows. Sure, the frost mages have their elementals and warlocks have their demons, but it’s nowhere near as personal as a hunter’s pet—we get to choose what our pet looks like it and how it behaves and we do it very carefully. The fact that there are so many pet collectors filling the new expanded stables is testament to how much we love having all those awesome looking animals.

    So when I hear complaints about the pet happiness system, I don’t understand where it’s coming from. There shouldn’t be any complaints about something that easy. Who knows who thought to change it all or really why—I’ve given up on trying to figure out how Blizzard thinks and am simply determined to ride the wave and see what happens. It’s about all I can do anyway. I DO know one thing though—there were SO MANY other things they could have addressed and they wasted their time on something like this. That’s not very good time management from where I stand. Why, Blizzard, why?

  3. I really don’t like this change at all. I agree that the happiness/loyalty feature is one of the things that set hunter’s pets apart from other pets and it made it more . . . “realistic.” I don’t appreciate them taking it away. I actually enjoyed the small amount of effort it took to keep my pets happy. I also think that if that pet is fighting for the hunter, often taking damage so that the hunter doesn’t then the hunter /should have to keep the pet happy. This change bothers me.

  4. Are you sure about the “greater” proportion? I’ve been on the PTR as well and my glyph said it shrinks the size of the pet not increases. There seems to be conflicting information from what they are posting and what I have on my hunter…??

  5. I do miss some of the old school hunter mechanics especially unique pet abilities. However I understand why Blizz did away with it because it forced ‘good’ hunters to camp for the ‘best’ dps pets and hunters tended to all have the same pets.

    I don’t miss the old school method of upgrading your pet’s talents. I thought it was incredibly stupid. Lets see, you go off and tame some critter that you somehow know can do something better than your current pet. After observing the critter for a while you ‘learn’ that upgraded skill and then you somehow ‘teach’ it to your pet. “No Buster you bite like this.”

  6. Hey Gar!

    I came (back) to your website while cleaning my bookmarks 🙂 so I decided to poke you a little. I see you’re not posting anymore (at least not like the old times). Still playing WoW or did you manage to quit?

    I honestly got totally bored of the game. It took some years but at the end of the day you know what? It’s an infinite and perpetual grinding/upgrading machine. Every single patch makes your gear obsolete, your stuff useless and your class always get some changes.

    We’re not players or customers: we’re endless beta testers. Our class got so many fixes, nerfs, buffs and changes that it now looks like a rogue with a bow.

    I got bored of all of this. I could not believe that, but the day came and I really abandoned the game, without hesitation or sadness. And I am happy I did it, because the time I wasted in /trade or dealing with bad players was insane.

    I hope you’re fine, this silence is… strange. Pole me back to my email address 🙂

  7. This really pisses me off. Managing your pet was one of the distinctions of being a hunter. The next thing you know, every time respawns it will have some cheesy name that we never gave to it, like the stupid Death Knight minions we see. Who wants a wolf with an “auto-name”? If I ever call out my wolf and it has the name “fleabag” or “nutmuncher” I will prolly go ape-sh!t crazy and delete my hunter. To reply to one of the previous posts: I AM NOT A WARLOCK WITH A GUN.

  8. It seems the fun is being sucked more and more out of the game. I agree managing you pets happiness does make them more personal. I have been debating for sometime now about quitting wow due to the Cata boggles. After reading this post if this is the way they are going I have to say I’m even closer to tossing in the towel. I’ve been watching my friends list of active players shrink maybe it is time to become one of those.

  9. After the news has settled in, I can see why they changed it, and what other hunters felt.

    I have never been one to push *my* wants on anyone and never said they should change it back, and certainly never called people names because they didn’t see things my way. Although, I did pitch a fit when they changed one of my pets looks that I have had since vanilla.

    In short, I will miss it. I don’t much feel like I am going to be a warlock now. And calm acceptance rules, even if at first it was rather unsettling. But seriously, don’t be a jerk because someone else views something differently then you do. It’s just not right and we are all hunters here, show support for your fellow hunter.

  10. I had the same initial reaction as Garwulf regarding this change. Playing a hunter for me is much more about the non-combat tasks and goals that are unique to the class. Tracking, taming, training, feeding and building of a virtual bond/loyalty with the pets is all part of the fun. I do miss a lot of aspects of the “old days”, as it seems now everything is focused on pve/pvp/combat/strategy/dps rather than overall gameplay.

    However, after reading through all the comments, I was forced to admit – specifically regarding the pet happiness question – that in all honesty my reaction was more disappointment in myself than Blizzard. The fact of the matter is I haven’t fed any of my pets a real meal in months. All my high-minded hunter purity in this regard really ended a long time ago when I embraced the quick and easy happiness-via-mend route with not so much as a whimper. I would venture to guess most of us did.

    This may be the final nail in the coffin of pet care, but our complacency built that coffin. We communicated to Blizzard through our eager acceptance of the previous changes that feeding our pets is way less important than eeking out every ounce of dps as quickly and easily as we can. So it’s our own fault really. I do feel a little ashamed, but I still hold out hope that Blizzard does have the best interest of each class at heart and will continue to find new ways to keep things unique and interesting for all of us.

  11. I could be wrong, and I am sure someone will correct me if so. But I think some are missing the underlying point. It’s not the feeding or the mending or the days of vanilla that is missed! I agree the class as a hole is much better than it was and Blizz HAS done some good things for us. What I was referring to is the fact we put a lot of (time) and effort to lvl and train our pets and our hunters. And I mean a lot. To see how much easier it is I rolled a Blood Elf hunter just to see how much easier if at all that it was before Cat. I have read and heard takes less XP and Noobs can sail through the levels. Well yaa you can level 1 born with pet, jump through the levels and can kill pretty much everything up to 2 or 3 levels higher no sweat. Just think its to easy, like Blizz wants everyone to 80 fast, thats the only point I wanted to make.

  12. What a bunch of crotchety old farts.

    I have played since the beta days of vanilla, and pet happiness has been a pain in the ass at worst, or a minor nuisance at best. These days, they had dumbed it down to the point where it didn’t really do anything anyway, so I don’t really see what the grousing is about. It didn’t “give our pets personality.” Frankly, if you can’t see the personality in your pets, and clicking that button made you feel more connected, jesus, I don’t know what to tell you.

    I think glyph of lesser proportion sounds great on my dwarf. I always did find it to be a minor annoyance that my pets were all taller than me by a hair.

    You know, we should be glad that we’re getting frivolous things this patch instead of nerf bat beatings. I’m pretty happy with the class, and looking forward to trying the new glyph. Frankly, I will never understand all this hunter class talk of “made our class unique.” I would actually be happy for warlocks if they could hunt down and permanently tame their demons, or name them, or got a talent tree for them. We still play completely differently. Don’t believe me? Ever tried to kite with a Warlock?

  13. Oh and just got back from the PTR, the old mend pet makes em smaller now. And while slight, on my Loque it’s pretty noticeable.

  14. I am going to just say, this change actually saddens me. First no more leveling pets, now no feeding them. (before that loyalty/skill tames) I have to say, I feel like a physical dps warlock now. I’m sure there is more, but I’ll keep it short.

  15. Irellevant change with an even more irellevant glyph. As for a dumbdown, dumb is good. I need all the help I can get.
    Anyone can play a hunter, playing one well is another thing entirely. If I ever figure that out I’ll share my secrets.
    Now……some tears…

    Light the corners of my mind
    Misty watercolor memories
    Of the way we were
    Scattered pictures
    Of the smiles we left behind
    Smiles we gave to one another
    For the way we were’

  16. Dont worry about it guys. Blizzard cares about to things, its history in the gaming industry and how many customers they got spending. Yeah maybe they r making the game noobie proof for leveling and so on but Blizzard wants to keep their title and history of having EPIC games. They won’t see WoW go to crap like it feels like its been turning into. They are experimenting on ways to make it more like Vanilla and taking everyones comments in forums into consideration. Im not worried, these franchises have their ups and downs.

  17. I rolled a hunter only because I’m a HUGE rare pet collector. That glyph that makes the pet bigger makes me sooo happy 🙂 It couldn’t have come a better change tbh. So there you have a completely different view.

  18. You’re not the only one who feels that blizzard is dumbing down the game. I remember back when pets would leave due to unhappiness ( though at the time I played a rogue, but several of my friends were hunters ); it was a skill to maintiain your pets happiness, almost a badge of being a good hunter back then. One of the things that drew me into WOW was that it was more complicated, therefore the players tended to be, well, for lack of better phrasing, more intelligent and mature. Seems like with each dumbed down patch one sees more and more 9 and 10 year olds (or younger it seems) that either troll trade or want to be carried through content.
    I guess the point I’m trying to make is that when you take away these seemingly little, useless game mechanics like pet happiness, ammo, even differences in pet stats/abilities (rogue poison mats, warlock demon/mount quests, ect) you make it so that getting to level cap means nothing, because anybody can do it.

  19. As someone who plays both a Warlock and a Hunter I must admit that I am absolutely flabbergasted by the ability many of you have to make towering mountains out of diminutive molehills. A mechanic that really didn’t add anything to the game (other than once in a blue moon clicking a button) was dropped from the game and suddenly Hunters are Warlocks?

    I didn’t realize that Warlock pets had talent trees, or that Warlocks could tame any demon permanently, or that they could name their pet. I didn’t realize that Warlocks had melee attacks, could throw traps and could play dead. I didn’t realize that Warlocks had a resource mechanic that was unique utterly to their class. And I certainly need to hunt down my fear spell on my hunter, that will be great fun in BGs. Its a bummer that my Hunter has to stand still to cast like a Warlock now though. 😛

    Blizzard has made it a goal to trim the fat (ammo bags, soulshards, now pet happiness) off of WoW. If you say that in the same expansion that gave Hunters a resource mechanic unique entirely to their class is the same expansion that is making Hunters no different from any other class well, I don’t know what to say.

  20. i agree totally to what was said i remember farming and dieing to misthowler cause i wanted his atk speed. nothing left to say

  21. Hey,
    I use Tukui and I use the PTR alot. I waned to know if anyone knows how to remove the pet happiness scanner on it and if you can, please email me or contact me, im Tïmmèè on the PTR US PvP Server, I am horde also.

  22. Agreed, im just waiting for blizzard to release the “no your actually a warlock” patch

    we have every type of pet that can provide buffs and can easily be summoned from your Action bars.

    “thats right . . . .rather than enjoy the game sit around in org doing bugger all, what we didnt want you to do ofc. . ..”

  23. Personally I love the new group buffs , love exotics, love the spirit beasts and the new pets, and I do not miss having to level up mazzaranche heheh

    But i miss the care we used to have to show to our pets, like others have stated it reinforced our relationship to our companions. SO when you saw someone with a level 70 mazzaranche you knew that hunter and pet spent ALOT of time together. 😉

  24. On the surface this seems like a dumbdown but if you read the entire blue post carefully Blizzards intentions are obvious.
    They are going to enable Hunters to tame Warlocks.
    Obviously you need to eliminate the happiness issue prior to implementation and Warlocks being Warlocks, an increase in size glyph is essential.

  25. This is post which I have to comment 🙂
    I agree that it’s pointless to remove this mechanic, it was something unique to hunter, but put your hand on the heart: Which one of you was using food to manage happiness, as for me, I have that glyph and when I’m using just a mend pet for this. So I cannot say, that this change will somehow affect my bound with my pet. Also I will appreciate it in BG’s or world PVP, coz there were couple of situation, after some death and so on… that I have about three pet in red, and didn’t have time to feed them (e.g. in combat, or without food) and the mend pet didn’t work fast enough.

    To the glyph of Huge pet 🙂 I didn’t see it, how it will look like, but I’m not sure if this is really pointless… I remember couple of situations from BGs where my teamates were angry, because hunter from opposing team has some strange pet which was bigger, and it covers their screen or does there mess so they cannot target someone or something…

    But anyway, I have to admit that I also miss some old stuffs from hunters (e.g. the nice spell where I can control my pet as a first character).

  26. Wow after reading reactions about this, I think I’m part of the very few that actually like the idea. I play a warlock too (though still leveling), and I feel even with the change in happiness it doesn’t seem to *me* that we are becoming like warlocks with guns/crossbows/bows. I still think compared to warlocks our pets have (and always will) a greater importance to our game play (even more so as BM), our pets still have talent trees which warlock pets don’t have (unless I’m totally missing it :P, which in that case I a bad warlock). For me the change is one less thing to worry about, especially when I need to whip out a certain pet in a short amount of time to deal with a certain type of opposing class only to realize it’s happiness is in red and I’m frantically hitting Mend Pet to make it happy because I didn’t have a “happy meal” in my inventory. As for the instant level part – I really love that too, I know I can level my pet quite quickly in Tol Borad dailies, doing that for every pet I tame can be a mission for me (probably because I’m just lazy that way), I like to start using that pet straight away. But this is just my viewpoint on it, I like the change – but since so many people in the hunter community don’t I wouldn’t mind if they reverted those changes, I would just have to remember to farm happy meals and having another reason to farm tokens in TB isn’t so bad either.

  27. The problem for me is I have spent a lot of time taming the Elite pets, remember them? Going after The Beast for the Boss title in his name and countless other things that tool weeks if not months to do. Only to have Bliss take the names or titles or in some cases pets away. Like Saurfang Huntress says sometimes I get steaming at how we get treated by Bliss. I mean in 3 years there is a reason why my DK is lvl 77 and the others way behind him. I PLAY HUNTER..anyway just my 2 cents. On the other side of the penny, my pets sure do kick a– now.

  28. I just got done reading through the comments and I think this point bears repeating….we are not all that bad off with our pets.

    Our pets still bring various buffs/debuffs.
    Normalized DPS within the pet families allows us to play with pets WE like.
    No other class can tame their own companions.
    I’m pretty sure no other class can name their pets.
    We still shoot guns (or bows if that’s how you roll). >=)

    We’re aren’t in danger of becoming “warlocks in mail” or anything like that. That’s like saying there’s no difference between DK, Warrior and Pally melee dps (aside from the fact that the pally smells funny). I’ve never seen videos of warlocks or mages doing extreme soloing or the Warcaft Warlocks Union guild blowing up mobs they have no business taking on.

    Look at it this way, if you must. Despite the fact that we can no longer hunt down beasts to train skills from or we will no longer have to manage our pet’s happiness, that frees up time for other fun stuff like more raiding/soloing/questing/pvping, and its one LESS thing to worry about. And who wants/needs any more worry in their life? =)

    • Oh just saw your reply Lawman – I agree with all those points 🙂 On the naming part, I think they allow warlocks to name their pets now or something like that not entirely sure (I should really know this by now my lock is 56/57 lol).

  29. I agree, we are becoming just another class. We used to be special, a class that took a bit of thinking about a path to take. I believe the folks are right, we are becoming Warlock with a gun or bow, sad.
    The thinking around here is that Blizzard is beginning to run scared because of pending new games such as Rift and are trying to make WOW more user friendly. I think Blizzard is missing a real important point, if the game provides little or no challenge than people will look elsewhere for fun.

  30. I have, like you and many others, been through the worst that our class had to offer – the pets running away, the one/two hit TKOs our pets used to suffer to the amusement of everyone in raid/PvP, the low dps that was as laughable and as painful as having to explain wtf one was doing playing a hunter…

    What is the need for a bigger pet?
    Not much really. I prefer my demon dogs and mastiffs to be vicious snarly anklebiters that don’t need to be seen until they’re gnawing away at someone else’s ass and by then the target is distracted enough to be TKO’d. One does not require a Devilsaur to be unable to fit in the doorway of the Inn – many’s a time when I’ve had to pay for repairs to the inn’s roof because the natural assumption for my ‘saur to actually get into the place was to peel back the roof like a tin of kippers. Admittedly, it was amusing the first dozen times.

    I’ve been considering letting my account expire and walk away for some time now, the whole affair began taking on a less than pleasant experience for me on a personal level. I echo the sentiments of Omogon above me – I liked playing a hunter for the challenge of it, the thrill of having to hunt a beast over days and days, having pets like The Beast and King Krush haunt my dreams until I had finally worked out the best strategy to tame them without sheer panic and repeated flailing like an idiot (you good sir are responsible for my perfect tame of the King at level 76 in nothing but greens, I again commend you <3). Now it seems that, with the removal of pet happiness, we are reduced somewhat from the hunter/pet bond that was not so simple to work towards and only the ones with sheer determination obtained it to a much simpler and dumber view – we are slowly becoming Warlocks wearing Leather, devoid of any such majesty and our pets reduced from companions to tools.

    Blizzard, if I wanted a Warlock, I'd have rolled one 6 years ago…
    ((Wall of text crit, I do apologise!))

  31. I completely agree with you, Gar.
    I enjoy the personal touch of having to care for your pets. That is part of why I roll the hunter every time. I tried Lock, but their tag-along is too.. impersonal. I also miss the days of having to tame other pets to get the talents you want.

  32. Pet happiness was pretty much removed as a game mechanic the same time they gave us that glyph of mending that increased the pet’s happiness and the “bloodthirsty” talent.

    Removing the happiness mechanic officially doesn’t really change anything for us other than we get a glyph slot opened up, yay! The glyph can definitely be a useless one imo cause it goes in the minor glyph slot where Blizzard wanted to put vanity glyphs. Resto druids have their “Glyph of Broccoli to Tree form” there for example.

    But then again, increasing the size of your pet might not be only for vanity reasons… If it increases the hitbox of the pet and therefor also the pet’s range (enabling the pet to attack things faster while moving towards it), then it’s a very interesting glyph indeed and we will probably all want it.


    • I agree. Each new game mechanic should bring some fun to the game, and pet happiness doesn’t do that. A lot of complexity is currently devoted to supporting a mechanic that, in practice, hunters are all speccing out of. Now that it’s gone, there are going to be a variety of little simplifications in the game. No more UI space to show the happiness level, no more talents for happiness, no more glyph.

      Perhaps now that this mechanic is out, they’ll come up with something better to fill the vacuum. Perhaps they’re only unhappy when you initially tame them, and you have to find them the right food to get them out of their funk? Perhaps you have to take them certain *places*, rather than feed them certain food, to get them fully powered up?

  33. Lawman you crazy sucka, I love the idea! You crazy dreamer you!! Bigger pets is dumb, there I said it, deal with it Bliz. It does seem way more impersonal not to have to care for our pets at least a little bit, kind of why I didn’t like the change to starting out with a pet as a new hunter.

  34. I agree with your idea for the alternative glyph. It keeps it related to pet care in about the only way that’s left so why not? I do think, though, that overall pets are in a much better place today than they were in the past. Between the various buffs/debuffs that pets have available as well as the normalization of pet damage within the families (eliminating the requirement that you bring a specific pet to maximize your dps), I think we’re in a pretty good place right now pet-wise.

    Blizz could skip all this fluff with pet happiness, though, and work on the REAL issue hunters want addressed…….TAMING OUR OWN MOUNTS! Knowing nothing about computer programming/coding I can’t see how it would be that hard to allow us to tame beasts that are already used as mounts (like a bear) and then use the skin of the tamed beast (like Arcturis), put it over the mount model and then slap a saddle on it. I am sure that any programmers that read this will be frothing with fury and pulling their hair out screaming “IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE YOU JACKWAGON!!!” Ah well….a boy can dream, can’t he? =P

    • Althought that’s a sweet idea, everyone and their mom would be a hunter if they could tame their own mount.

      However, I am having trouble capturing that damn golden drake in Stratholme… Taming doesn’t sound so bad after all lol

  35. I don’t want a bigger pet, my bat takes up enough of the area as it is. I will be removing that glyph. Does that mean when you tame a new pet you won’t need to feed it right away to keep it with you?

  36. Man didn’t want to hear this, I have been telling my fam how I miss the old days of being a huntar. When every pet was different and you trained it to be that way. My oldest boy been playing since WOW came out and I since 2008. The game keeps sliding to “hey buy wow don’t worry you’ll be up there in level’s in a few months”. Sore spot for me, I liked the fact that my huntar and pet were different and proud of the time it took to train it. Now they are all the same, O well enough I’ll clam down. Just my day got a little grayer.

  37. I’m just a crusty old dwarf…….but I miss my ammunition and will miss looking after my pet. Pretty soon a warlock will just be hunter in a dress and a hunter will just be a warlock with a gun

    • Couldn’t agree more with the above statement. Maintaining our pets is something that distinguishes us Hunters from the other pet class, and this dumbing down of mechanics seems to be leading us down a path where we wont even be able to name our pets anymore, they’ll just be an extension of our weapons; a tool, not a loyal, trusting pal 🙁

  38. What Crimson said.

    There are much more important things that Blizz could have been working on other than messing with Pet Happiness.

  39. Ditto Gar, I just don’t see a reason for this, and that’s what bothers me. Blizz seldom ever does something like this without having a plan for its purpose down the road. It makes me wonder what’s in store for our pets in the future.

    • totally agree with you..

      pet happyness, pet AS, variety of unique attacks was more interesting for hunters than this warlock pet style. =(

    • Ok first of all – we’ve gone to such an extreme with pet handeling in both directions that its almost ruining the game for some old school hunters. I don’t mind it myself, but I’m sure the guys who had to play fetch with their pets back in the day are not exactly happy about this.

      However on a good turn of someing is the Multishot, because honestly with that – my pet becomes not much more then a buff. Why? lol Survival Serpent Spread all the way baby! Poison is the hunter’s new pet 😀


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