No Tank, No Problem.


Terrorpene ain’t ‘fraid o’ no Galv.

No tanks were around, so I turned on growl, dropped my Battle Standard, threw up a Mend Pet and put Terrorpene in the game. At 84, he handled Galv like a champ with only minimal support. Had the shaman not shown up when they did, I doubt he would have made it through the entire fight, but it was an impressive display of turtle tanking prowess nonetheless.

I may have tamed one or two turtles over the years, but I’d abandoned them shortly afterward. Turtles never appealed to me all that much.

But Lava Turtle… I mean, c’mon..! He changes everything. 😀

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  1. I nabbed him this morning at 7:40am server time on Gundrak, so wasn’t expecting him so quick, was eating gingernuts and drinking tea then *alert* I can’t wait to use this pet to tank – I had a bear but there aren’t any cool bears that you can tame (curse Blizz for those new druid like bear mobs you can’t tame D:), but lava turtle yay ^^ Got Samba yesterday while looking for the spirit wolf – now new wolfy is next- glad they created this skin again it’s so super sexy.

  2. I feel silly after asking the question about taming and knew about feeding pets but I thought it was important only after the pet was fully tamed. I discovered last night that taming works when you feed the pet during the taming process! Picked up Krelisk and Gorefang both last night after I learned this. I’m onto searching out all the other rare pets in Cataclysm.

  3. Our server also seems to be short on tanks. I’m a troll hunter at 24 and my son is a level 24 healer and we get in groups where the tank just runs and runs without giving others a chance to group up, heal or recover mana. If there’s a delay they quit the group. I used my bear to tank for the last boss with pretty good success just to finish the dungeon but will need to get something better as a backup.

    One quick question, I seem to have problems taming. At 24 should I be able to tame anything from level 10 up to 22-23? I have not been able to. I have left 3 pets in the stable and come out to try and get a level 12 spider without success. The continue to attack me during the taming process and it it seems to interrupt the spell. Any ideas?

    • Until you get Freezing Trap, my advice would be to hit the mob with a Concussive Shot at 30 yds just prior to starting the tame. This will buy you a few additional seconds before they can get into melee range. Buff up if you need to as well. Since you have no way of CC’ing the mob during the tame you’re going to need to soak up the blows. Get well fed, use a stamina scroll, etc.

  4. Well, I aint no Zuiko, making a first trip and taming him, so I’m still looking for him. 🙁 My best try was NPC-Scan going crazy, me falling of my chair, only to see another hunter already taming him 🙁 I’m starting to think that my server consists of 1% tanks, 1% healers and 98% hunters.

  5. Hey Gar, way to kick a$$ with the fire turtle! Well like I said in reply to your post about your taming, I wanted him too. At lvl 81. And today I got him! I will be putting together a post in the forum as I have some infor to share that I think others will find quite helpful.

    Way to make all the hunters proud with your turtle tanking prowess!

  6. Hey Gar,
    As soon as i saw your post last week about terrorpene i was hooked, i knew i had to have my very own Lava Turtle. As soon is i got home i went straight to Hyjal and flew down to the lava pit. was there for approximattely 2 sec and didnt even have time to turn on Track beast when i saw him cruzin round in the lava. being 85 and having some pvp gear i just stood on one of the islands and tamed the sucker right there.
    stoked as.

    have a good one


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