15 thoughts on “DING!”

  1. Your lack of innate love for turtles disappoints me. Perhaps you need to see how beautiful these creatures look and sound while mating?

    Lol…but really, its hilarious when they mate. Call me a sick bastard, but go search for it on youtube. They make the funniest damn sounds!

    *hopes he wont be banned from commenting after suggesting this*

  2. I added the Carbonite map addon that you suggested in one of your earlier posts but now I cant figure out how to get beasts, humanoid and all the other NPC’s to display usch as beastmasters, class trainers etc. I’ve been through every Carbonite setting without luck. Any hints?

  3. Gratz 🙂 I like how you just posted a screenshot and nothing else – a picture says a 1000 words. I have a few alts still ~83 but got hooked back into PVP again, and swearing – all fun ^^

  4. Gratz! What an awesome way to reach 85.

    You should pick up the ilvl 339 PVP gear by Leatherworkers. That will not only be good for PVP, but it will also qualify you for Heroics. And your DPS will be fine in Heroics, just read up on strategy before the fights and you won’t have a problem.

    Have fun!


    • Thanks everyone. =D

      I’m quite happy to be back at max level, and able to tame any and all of the new beasties I so desire.

      Feels good to finally make it to the dance.

      Now I just need to grind out a few more dungeons so that I can get my ilvl up to snuff for heroics. Currently I’m not allowed to play in any of them. 🙁

      @ ed – There’s a link in the top menu bar with the bulk of the info, but here’s an updated post on the subject. https://huntsmanslodge.com/8327/its-ready.htm

    • ed – if you mean the list in the middle of the screen, it’s the battleground stats report that you get when you finish a BG. If you mean the whole display, then refer to Gar’s post about his UI.


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