The people have spoken

Garden Gnome Head WoundAfter several weeks of asking my site visitors the burning question…

Should the hunter class include Gnomes..?

The answer is… NO.

Sorry lawman… you made a valid case but it looks like Gnomes ain’t gettin’ the nod.

Gnome Hunters

Thanks to those of you who contributed your opinion. 😀

Be sure to weigh in on my newest poll concerning the new hunter resource system. It’s in the sidebar to the right.

I’m curious to see what you guys think about focus.

13 thoughts on “The people have spoken”

  1. I am going to admit here in public that I use Gnomeregan Pride to play as a Gnome Hunter. =(
    This is not a very satisfying experience for me. I want the real deal! And a pox on all of you who ruined my movement! >=( And I hope Deathwing stops at your house first when he’s burning stuff to the ground! >=( And I hope…..

    WHOA! I guess I got a little carried away there. I’m sorry. =P

      • Not only did i enjoy it but I was taking my WHU hunter to Gnomeregan to procure Techbots brain and now that the event is over, WE HAVE TAKEN THE SURFACE AND CONSTRUCTION OF NEW TINKERTOWN IS UNDERWAY…ALL OUTSIDE OF GNOMER WHERE THE LEPER GNOMES USED TO BE!!!!

        By the way, if my enthusiam seems like overkill for something so obvious if you’re there to see it, then I declare you one of the killjoys that voted against Gnomes getting the hunter class and I wouldn’t expect you to know fun and excitement anyhow! =P

        (As an aside the sooner Blizz allows BOA items and gold transfers cross realm, the better! I can’te believe how hard it is to scrape your way along leveling with no heirlooms or gold. Great bouncing icebers, is that tough! But the WHU crew sure is fun and helpful as hell. =) End aside.)

        • I made a toon on Icecrown several weeks back, but that was it. I just haven’t had any additional time to pursue fun endeavors like those lowbie raids and events. Much of my play is to power the blog, but a WHU event sounds like it would be a blast.

          Maybe I should take this opportunity to talk about leveling a hunter in the post 4.0.1 era..?

          As if I don’t have enough hunters already…

          Who knows… maybe I’ll catch you on Icecrown lawman. 😉 We’ll see…

    • Oh damn… thought for sure that was a gnome, but now that you mention it…

      Eh… close enough.

      Oh well, it’s still a fitting pic unless I find something better. 😉

  2. Well that’s to bad about the gnomes… I personally didn’t care one way or the other. Although I do admit to letting them be hunters then not tho. After all imo, if an undead can be a hunter, why not a gnome?

    And to the new poll you have. I want to see this in action at 85 before I vote up or down. I think we need all of our abilities to make the right decision. 🙂

    • I’m more interested in people’s early impression of focus as it is now, rather than what it may be like later. That said, I see what you’re saying.

      However, you can still vote as not sure yet. 😉

  3. Cue the QQ. =P

    I can’t believe so many people voted against this. Wait a tic, yes I can. People have discriminated against the Gnomes since day 1. I will not, though, go quietly into the night on the heels of this defeat. I WILL carry on. There WILL be Gnome hunters in this game someday.
    Thanks again, Gar, for at least putting the issue on the table. You truly are a champion of the hunter community. Now switch the numbers around and submit the data to Blizz, please.


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