The people have spoken

After several weeks of asking my site visitors the burning question… Should the hunter class include Gnomes..? The answer is… NO. Sorry lawman… you made a valid case but it looks like Gnomes ain’t gettin’ the nod. Thanks to those of you who contributed your opinion. 😀 Be sure to weigh in on my newest poll concerning the new hunter …

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Power to the little people!

Irradiated Gnome Hunter

Gnome Hunters in Cataclysm

Who else would like to see this happen..? Minus the contamination (lol… I felt this screenie of me as a Leper Gnome was fitting for this post), how many of you would like to be able to roll a Gnome hunter..? I know at least one of you wants to see this happen, but I’m willing to bet there are quite a few of you out there.

The following is an article I received from one of my hunter brethren, arguing in favor of letting the most diminutive race in the game eat at the hunter table.

So without further ado… take it away Bob…


Gnome Hunters

Like most, if not all, of the people who visit this site, I play the coolest class in the game…..hunter. My Horde hunter is an Orc. My Alliance hunter is a Dwarf. My problem is that I can’t choose to have my hunter be a Gnome.

I love everything about the Gnome race in WoW. From the lore, to their animation, to how the gear looks on them. I have a Gnome warrior, DK and mage. When I decided to eat at the big boy table and roll a hunter I was devastated to learn that I could not roll a Gnome hunter. Nevertheless, my headstrong desire to get going and blasting the bejeezus out of bad guys caused me to pick the next shortest race to suit my needs and off I went.

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