Handy pet “move to” macro

For those interested in a macro for the new pet Move To command, here’s the one I’m using:

/click PetActionButton3

It pops out the target circle and puts your pet in defensive mode. Nothing fancy really, but I hate having to click on skills when I’m playing, especially in PvP.

This macro enables you to position your pet while on the run, much like you’d do if you were casting a Flare or launching a trap.

Change the /petdefensive to /petpassive to have him attack only on command, or change it to /petaggressive to have your pet act as a guard dog sentry.

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      • As of patch 4.2, I am now using a new macro for my hunter which works great!


        This new macro will use the same green circle move your current pet to desired location as normal and also put them into the new assist stance, which is very handy for boss fights to limit arrgo. Boss fights like corla in heroic black rock caverns particuarly when on occasion your pet may get in the way of your zealot and cause him to evolve. With this macro, I can move my pet away from me and my zealot and its automatically set to assist in attacking corla instead staying on me and increasing the risk of evolving me zealot when I’m focusing on my stacks. This is just an example of what I use this macro for but it also has many other uses, but as of patch 4.2, it does work!!

  1. On a related note, are you guys having any issues with 4.0.1 breaking your macros? I’ve read some threads on the forums that suggests there are bugs, particularly with hunter related spells, but nothing concrete.

    Very simple macros such as /cast Frost-whatever-its-called-now Trap
    (I am shift clicking to get the spell name from my spell book)
    do not even work for me. (all addons are turned off)

    I suspect it has to do with the new spell book and spell names, perhaps something under the hood is broken?

    Anyone else having similar experiences?

    • This Trap Launcher macro works for me:

      /cast Trap Launcher
      /cast [mod:alt] Snake Trap; [mod:shift] Explosive Trap; [mod:ctrl] Immolation Trap; Freezing Trap

      But I see what you’re saying… My old Freezing Trap macro no longer works:

      /cast Freezing Trap

      It wasn’t an “essential” macro, but I would like to know what’s changed to break these macros.

      • Agreed. Most of the macros I use are merely to map multiple spells to a single key with shift modifiers, so this bug is troubling.

        The reason the above macro works is because the spells get the glowey “use me now” effect after trap launcher, which somehow makes them magically work. Snake trap, on the other hand, works in a macro all the time.
        Hopefully this just gets fixed soon.

  2. Nice idea for a macro. The only problem is that like other “/click PetActionButton” style macros the ability location (number 2 or 3 so far I’ve found) varies depending on which pet you have out. Since there is no way I know to put a conditional about which pet you have out or to have a modifier key on a “/click” command, this means you have to keep changing the macro if you use multiple pets.

    I really wish Blizzard would implement a “/petmoveto” or “/petmove” (shorter is better in 255-char limit) macro command.

    • I know what you’re saying… it would be nice if /petmoveto worked, then we could have more flexibility with our pet’s action bar. The macro will only work if the “Move To” ability is in the 3rd slot, which by default, is where it is located.

  3. Another purpose would coincide with the new Spirit Beast healing special ability. You could create a macro that would ONLY target you, because if you randomly cast it in a BG, it will heal a random friendly target.

  4. I used this macro to optimise my pets special abilities especially the corehound ability
    /click PetActionButton4
    Thanks for all your helpful posts Gar looking forward to whats next!

  5. can’t think of any reasons you’d ever use pet move , just as it was with pet stay before.

    except for novelty purposes.

    as i type this i wonder if , while sitting on a flare if you move pet to the edge of flare range behind u, with track invis on and pet on aggressive , if rogue gets near your pet if it’ll see the rogue whereas you wouldnt of essentially extending the length of flare … hmmm


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