Hunter Hit Rating Cap in Patch 4.0.1

Hunter Hit Rating Cap Patch 4.0.1For those of you wondering what the new hit rating cap is in 4.0.1, it is:


I just finished up some gemming and reforging to balance out my stats, so I can confirm that this is accurate.

I regemmed for hit in all of my blue slots, then did some napkin math to figure out which combination of hit reforging would put me at the cap.

The result… hit rating perfection!

To me, this seems like the only way to go since Mastery is only available right now through reforging. Fill those blue slots up with hit baby!

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  1. “Gar”,I first want to say thanks for all the help on every aspect of the hunter and the 4.0.1 patch.From “The First Two Days” to “Training Wheels”,I have gotten my damage back up to a good competative meter level.I have one questio.With my pet macro that you just came out with”talk of the damage meter”,which is awsome!,you say to use it with rapid fire.Can I macro that into this specific pet macro?Truely thanks for all the great help on everything ..I’m back in buisness because of you.Hooah!”Rangers Led the Way!”Airborne!

  2. Hello!
    I was reading you’re posts but still I am not having more than 5.53% hit rating =(
    i’m gemming but don’t know what else I can do…
    do you maybe have gear advice and stuff? i’m mostly raiding.

    • If you can afford the Mark of Supremacy emblem trinket, that should help you out a lot. The Precision and Icewalker enchants will net you 32 more hit rating, and you can get another 25 from the Accuracy enchant – but that’s expensive.

  3. im terribly over the hit cap standing over 330 should i reforge to mastery or should i go for haste or crit? from which will i gain more dps per sec?

  4. as mm hunter, i was well over hit capped. 18% the first time i reforged my gear to lower my hit and put in mastery, then i reforged again doing the samething but raising my haste, and leaving my mastery as it was to start with. i reforged to crit when available but mostly haste. my dps shot up. I’m at 10% hit. with the mastery you get a low % to deal the extra shot. but with the haste you more then make up for it. Imo as a mm hunter leave the mastery alone until the new gear when cat comes out. I’m sure it will have mastery boosts on it.

  5. So, is there a level of crit and haste I’d like to be at before I would reforge those into mastery? I’m sv and just got my hit right where it needs to be…

    • Keep your agility gems, gem hit in your blue sockets as needed, then go agility/crit in the yellows.

      For you, Mastery increases the amount of elemental damage you do. It’s a very good stat for SV.

  6. Hi Ozolin,

    With hit gems now being blue, it’s best to try and gem for as much hit as you can as far as your blue sockets are concerned. By doing that you’re placing a pure DPS gem into a blue socket and still benefiting from the socket bonus.

    Don’t get yourself under the hit cap, but reforge as much hit as you can on your gear into Mastery. In fact, once you get your hit settled, I would suggest reforging haste and crit into Mastery as well.

    As far as stat weights go…

    Agiity and attack power are still on top, with Mastery being right behind them. Haste and Crit seem to be somewhat neck and neck as the lowest priority, depending upon what you need more of.

  7. tbh I haven’t even finished patching yet so I’m not in game to check anything. I was just barely over the hit cap prior to the patch, and that was with zero +hit gems. I’m SV & have almsot all +AGI gems (again, this is PRE-patch.)

    Are you saying I should gem for +hit and ten reforge the +hit on my gear to Mastery? Like I said, I’m not even playing post-patch yet- VERY confused by what I’ve been reading online the last two days ad I know it’ll be easier to follow once I can get in and actually see my character. That’ll still be about 6-7 hours from now as I’m still at work.

    Thanks for the great site/guides/advice!

  8. So, since I’m already over the hit cap by a huge amount (without gemming, I swear) would you suggest me to reforge gear and get Mastery rating?

    • Definitely. I recommend you reforge any gear with hit, shifting those stats to Mastery.

      Since hit gems are now blue, it’s a good idea to actually go so far as to reforge under hit cap, making up the difference with gems. Otherwise, you’re either gemming some stamina in the blue slots, or forsaking the socket bonus for a red gem. If you use +hit in all of the blue slots you’ll get full value from the socket.

      • Thanks for the advice, Gar, I’m trying to do my best and get used to the great change hunters have undergone but hey, everything’s still quite confusing for me 🙂

        Another question, what about purple gems in the blue sockets?

        • You’re welcome.

          Purple gems (Glinting Dreadstones – 10hit/10agility) are great for blue slots if you need to juggle the amount of hit. I used one in my 2h to put me right at 246.

  9. I logged in to find I had exactly 246 hit after replacing my T9 with T10. 😀 Now I’m just trying to decide if it makes sense to drop some crit or haste to get some mastery.

    • The way I understand it, Mastery is a better value than either crit or haste, not to mention the only way you can get it right now is through reforging.

      I’m planning on reforging some more Mastery stats on any of my remaining pieces with crit. With the exception of the MM tree, there are far fewer proc-based talents that work off of crits, therefore making crits not as wonderful as they were pre 4.0.1. They’re still great, but lowering the stat in favor of Mastery seems to be the better call IMO.

      Even with MM, it’s looking like the Wild Quiver mastery is providing a huge portion of the overall DPS.

      I think Mastery is the best value for reforging once hit rating is accounted for.

    • i would say if ur over 50% crit start with crit and work your way thru your gear till you get to about 45% since the wolf pet generates 5% on his own and raid buffs give u like 10% ish u wont be loosing much but you’ll gain a whole lot :3

  10. I LOVE reforging!!! I took all the excess hit I had, converted it to mastery and now my pet deals an extra 18% damage!!!!

    And to top it off the new Tame Beast rocks. I took my SB4 hunter with Nuramoc into UBRS now that he has 20 more slots to fill and the Beast was mine like friggin lightning. Happy days, baby!!

  11. gar, did you read somewhere that blizzard was maintaining a hard cap of 8% hit? after logging on today, i was playing around with different armor combinations and at one point the character screen tells me my hit rating is 489 and my chance to hit an 80 is 14.86%. and it looks exactly like your screenshot except for the difference in numbers. i dont understand why blizzard wouldnt give a visual cue to tell you there is a hard cap at 8% hit if that was the case. i mean why wouldnt the interface show any number over the hit cap in red, for instance, to help you understand you have too much hit? i guess i could try to see on target dummies if the extra hit really makes a difference…

    • The PvE hit cap is still 8%, but hit rating values have shifted a tiny bit. Each point of hit grants .0325 hit now, with 246 being the magic number vs. level 83 heroic and raid bosses. Once you have a 0% miss chance anything over that will make zero difference.

      PvE has always more or less had a hard cap, where as PvP does not. The “soft cap” for PvP is 5%, but racials and class abilities can increase your miss chance.

      As for why Blizz doesn’t color-code that info on the character screen… well, not everyone is an end-game raider. As it stands, I think they’ve already done quite a bit to make the character screen more intuitive, as well as simplify game play and itemization decisions.

      My advice would be to start working on lowering your hit through reforging. You could gain a ton of mastery in the process.


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