I Like The Chimaera For PvP

My Chimaera Turns 80!I leveled my Chimaera to 80 last week and began using him in arena and battlegrounds. So far, it’s a pretty good choice for me since I’m keeping the 51pt BM talent and I’m running double and triple-dps combos. The ranged slow is great for keeping our opponents locked down so that my melee partner(s) can go to work on them.

Although I miss Loque’nahak’s Prowl and Heart of the Phoenix, I think the Chimaera’s special attack outweighs that for arena. Prowl is fun when defending in Arathi Basin, and it can be a good opening technique when used with Shadowmeld in Ogrimmar Arena, but beyond that it’s somewhat useless most the time. Heart of the Phoenix can be a game-breaker in arena though. Yet, I rarely see my pet go down before I do so it hasn’t been too huge of a factor.

So far this season, it’s been all about fun for me as far as arena is concerned. My combos are both comprised of in-game friends and we do it mainly for the points. Eventually we may attain a rating high enough to be able to purchase something with them. ;D

I’m focus-fired 99.9% of the time and usually go down within about 20 seconds vs a good team – especially one with a Mage. :-\ Aside from week one, the best week I’ve had was last week doing 2v2 with my 3v3 Arms warrior partner. We queued 5 matches and won 4, with the last one being very close. Our ratings suck, but I’m hopeful we’ll eventually be able to attain at least a 1600-1650 rating. With the class combos we’re running, that actually won’t be too bad.

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