Spirit Strike has a new look

Loquenahak's Spirit StrikeOld news I know, but I found this screenshot I took that looked pretty nifty. I knew something was different about Spirit Strike last week, which is why I ss’d it. I didn’t see any mention of it in the patch notes though. Apparently with 3.08, Spirit Strike was given a new spell animation.

Sadly, Loque’nahak’s still trailing in DPS behind the Devilsaur and even the cat. I haven’t done any extensive testing, but from what I’ve read it seems that the miss ratio on Spirit Strike is much higher than other pet skills. Eventually this should be fixed and yield quite opposite results. I’d imagine once it gets sorted out, the Spirit Beast should be on par, or even surpass the Devilsaur in some cases.

I have noticed that Spirit Strike doesn’t seem to crit nearly as often as other pet skills. The miss ratio should account for some of it, but it still seems unusually low. Once I get my Chimaera to 80 (he seems to crit like a madman at lvl 77), I want to do some testing on both pets. They both have ranged spell attacks so it should be a fairly accurate comparison. With 3/3 Spider’s Bite, Loque’nahak should have a slight edge, but we shall see.

Regardless, Loque’s too awesome to keep stabled just due to a little lacking in the DPS department.

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  1. oh, i wish they would bring back BM as a raid spec, i loved my BM spec soo much.. ='( BM hunters imo are the most fun class in wow


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