Blizzard fixed my Chimaera

Hooray! Blizzard fixed the Chimaera stutter-attack problem.

About a month ago I decided to try out a Chimaera for PvP. Froststorm Breath looked so good on paper I had to give one a shot. As if a 5 second 50% slow on a 7 second second cooldown (with 3/3 Furious Inspiration of course) wasn’t enough… it also has a 30yd. range and does a decent amount of nature damage.

Being the rare pet obsessed freak that I am, I headed out to Netherstorm for Nuramoc. With the exception of my Grimtotem Spirit Guide, who’s actually much rarer than rare, all of my pets have to be rare spawns. Chimaera is no exception, so I flew into area 52 to seek out the two headed purple monster with the unique skin.

I did a few quick patrols through his spawn areas over the course of an hour or so then logged out by Forge Base Oblivion. The next day he was flying right in front of me when I logged back on, so I laid a trap and tamed him. He’s real easy to spot at that spawn point if you have Track Beasts on, because he’ll be the only red dot on your mini-map.

I fed him up and then headed out to Northrend to power-level him. After sicking him on a few mobs I noticed this really annoying characteristic of Chimaeras – they would move forward to attack, then stop, move forward, then stop, etc… until they got within range to cast Froststorm breath. So for instance, if I was 50 yards out from my target and sent the Chimaera at it, it would stop every yard or so until it got within 30 yards.

Turning Froststorm Breath off fixed the problem, but what good is a Chimaera then. You could macro Froststorm Breath into your shots, but forget that. I don’t want to have to micro manage yet another skill on a short cd in PvP situations. I submitted a ticket to a GM and after awhile got a response telling me this was known issue and was on the list of things to be fixed. At that point I figured I’d just keep him stabled until they address the issue.

So, after a month or so I took my Chimaera out of the stables to grind out a level or two because I wanted him to be 80 and ready to rock when the attack problem was fixed. Much to my surprise, the problem is now gone. I didn’t see any mention of it in the 3.08 patch notes, so I’m assuming they implemented a hotfix at some point. Now he dashes right on in no problem, or as Blizzard would say, “it’s working as intended”.

Needless to say, the Froststorm attack is awesome and I can’t wait to try it out in arena. Since I’m choosing to remain a 51+ point BM Hunter, I think Chimaera will be a good choice as a PvP pet. In addition to the ranged slow, the big flappy wings are sure to annoy opponents and possibly cause targeting issues. Back before TBC, my Carrion Bird was awesome in that capacity, especially when big red was on.

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