Hunter DPS Pets

I published a new guide today on DPS pets, ie: PvE pets for raiding, heroics, etc…

One of my most viewed posts on the site is one about the 16 point Ferocity pet build, so rather than update the old-ass post, I instead elected to draw up a more comprehensive GarsNotes guide for it. 🙂

In the tradition of the other guides in the series, they’re pretty all-encompassing, yet not overly bloated. In other words, I offer up a bit more than:

A) Get a wolf

B) Spec him like this

So anyway… check it out. Hopefully it helps a few of you out there.


Best DPS Pets

3 thoughts on “Hunter DPS Pets”

  1. I had read that in Cata, the goal is to have all pets do equal damage so that no one feels pegged to HAVE TO take a particular pet (I’m lookin’ at you, wolf). What I haven’t yet read, but assume to be true, is that they mean they want to equal damage within each pet class (i.e. ferocity, tenacity and cunning). Can anyone confirm if this is the case?

    Bottom line is that I very much look forward to the day when there is tremendous variety among pets and not just 4 wolves in the raid. =P

    • I believe this to be the case as well. Pets will all be equal apart from their special ability.

      There will still be a handful of “best pets”, but at least we’ll have more than one.

      On that note, if that change were to go live today, worms would be hot stuff for BM Hunters.


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