A big round of applause

Huugg atop his Celestial Steed

…for… Huugg!

Huugg was the big winner in this past week’s Celestial Steed Mount Contest. 😀

Like I said yesterday, this was no easy choice for me. Truth be told, I had 4 for consideration, with 3 of the entries as winners during various times of the judging.

Huugg’s ended up being my eventual choice for a few reasons…

For one, I just really liked the story. I thought that he did a nice job developing the plot and the characters, including Narvas of course.

I thought his chronicled presentation was superb. I liked the narrative journal approach, and I felt like the pacing of the story was right on. It remained engaging the whole way through, with dramatic highs and lows peppered throughout. The multiple pics were a nice added touch, which I thought helped to further illustrate his adventures.

I sympathized with Huugg’s plight. By the end of the journey, I really wanted Huugg to get his mount. This translated somewhat to real life, as in the end, I just felt like Huugg was the most deserved.

Now had Huugg not entered, or slacked off some with his submission, then my choice would have been even more difficult.

I’ll get the remaining stories published hopefully tonight. You guys can decide which you liked best. Perhaps I’ll even soften up and offer a runner-up prize of sorts. 😉

By the way, if you like Huugg’s entry, you may want to have a look at his new blog. It’s a little quiet over there at the moment, so maybe some of you can send some love his way.

2 thoughts on “A big round of applause”

  1. Gar, thanks for the plug to my blog. I look around on it, and I swear I can hear the crickets chirping… *wolf howl* *tumble weed rolls across the screen*.

    So for sure, if you’re a WoW hunter (or any WoW player) check that out! I think you’ll enjoy :D!



      Oh man, there’s that wit. You’re killin’ me… 😉

      I’m sure you’ll see a few new faces over the next couple of days.


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