It’s about time…

I finally wrote a guide about Survival Huntering and how to do the most damage versus boss NPCs in scripted dungeon encounters. Being that it’s been my primary raid spec for several months now, it’s ironic that I’d never provided an overview of Survival for raiding.

Well, the wait is over. Check it.

Since Cataclysm is looming on the horizon, it’s not a full-blown exhaustive article on raiding as a Survival hunter, but rather a concise and just the facts ma’am type of thing. I’ll be re-doing my BM and MM guides over shortly, as they be in need of updatage. They’ll be in a similar format.

Let me know what you think. If I left some bit of critical information out, I’d like to know. However, as far as I can tell… the information in the guide should be enough to have a lot of MM Hunters going, “wtf…how…but, you’re survival…I thought…Marks was…and I just spent a s**tload of gold on armor pen gems…Gah..!”

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