Garwulf’s checklist

Level Skinning to 450 – Easy peasy lemon squeezy… achieved this in the first or second day.

Level Leatherworking to 450 – 443 at the moment. Last few points are going to be a b@#%h.

Level Cooking to 450 – … sigh. I really wanted Iron Chef, but then I realized I was a mere mortal. No server firsts for me.

Tame King Krush – I may eventually. Now that I have Loque he’s not a priority. Although he owns my face when I try to tame him, it’s still unfinished business.

Tame Loque’nahak – One of the, if not thee most satisfying moments of my WoW, uh…career..?

Hit Revered reputation with the Kalu’ak for my Whale-Stick Harpoon – One of the easiest rep grinds ever. A pretty decent pre-raid 2H as well, that is until I get my Runeblade of Demonstrable Power.

Reach level 80 – Took me about 4 weeks. Not too bad. The journey is half the fun.

Craft my Giantmaim pieces – The legs are nice, but I’m a little disappointed in the bracers. Eaglebane Bracers are just as good, if not better for a BM Hunter with Careful Aim IMO. I’ll probably use the Eaglebane in instances until I get more hit rating, and use the Giantmaim for everything else.

Loque'nahak Dings!

Get my homeboy Drackmire to craft me a Nesingwary 4000 – Oh yeah. Not only do guns sound better, this things packs a mean wallop. I doubt I’ll be upgrading it for awhile, so money well spent.

Level Loque’nahak to 80 – Spirit Strike and the unbelievable overall awesomeness of this pet made the grind from 76 to 80 quite easy and enjoyable.

Get MONGO to 80 – My Apeus Tankus Extremus. He’s probably the best all-around pet in my stable. Now he’s a level 80 A$$ Kickin’ Stompadin.

Get my PvP pet to level 80 in time for Season 5– Got work to do here. I’m thinking CABRÓN, my trusty Crab will be my Arena companion.

Find a 2v2 partner for Season 5 – I haven’t done enough research to know what’s going to work here. Most likely I’ll try to pair with a friend to start off with just so I don’t miss out on the points.

Find 3v3 and 5v5 partners for Season 5 – The healer from my previous 3v3 team is still sitting at 70. 😕 Not sure what I’ll be doing there. 5v5… eh. In my experience it’s been very difficult to get 5 decent players together who can consistently be available at a set time, and who don’t team hop.

Charm the pants off of the Duchess and her fellow Death Knights for their awesome wares – Working on it. Runeblade of Demonstrable Power, Spaulders of the Black Arrow, and Arcanum of Torment are all things that a newly turned level 80 Hunter needs. 🙂

Finish my User Interface and re-script my macros – High on the list right now. I’ve just been so busy trying to gain rep, level pets and get geared when I am playing I haven’t wanted to take the time away from those things. After I get slapped around a bit more in the BGs I’ll probably take a break and re-do my macros. As for the UI, it’s almost done. I see a few minor things (that will take a bit to change) that I’d like to adjust, but I’m about 90% happy with it.

Take my Spirit Beast (currently named Loquenahak) to Sholazar Basin and have him sit at the spawn locations while I’m nearby and Shadowmelded watching the fun – I’m not sure if I’m mischievious enough to do this yet, but the thought has crossed my mind. Even better would be to hide out of sight and control Loque through Eyes of the Beast and just pace around naturally at the spawn points. Could be fun. Check back for Garwulf’s Funniest Hunter Videos soon. Mwahahahahahaha… 😈

Update my blogsite – Check.

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