See you next week

I’ll be away from the internets for a few days while my wife, son and I road trip it up to Northern California to visit her family. I’ve got lots of WoW related topics on my mind, a *gasp* new UI I’m working on, and a 2K+ word BM PvP post I wrote about 2 months ago that needs to see the light of day, after some finishing touches of course.

I just didn’t want you guys to think I’d gone AWOL once again. 😉 See you in a few days.


6 thoughts on “See you next week”

  1. In your place i would really freaked out knowing that I will loose so many frost emblems 🙂
    But a break is always a good thing so I hope you enjoy it 🙂

    • HaHa…

      It’ll probably really freak you out then knowing that I didn’t do any daily heroics or even the raid weekly last week.


      Arena points and ranking is about the only thing I dedicate myself to each week. Even then, that’s only about an hour or two per week.

    • Logarth,

      Don’t worry… it’s not a total departure from the UI you’ve been using. The main difference I suppose, is that I’m using Shadowed UF now instead of Pitbull. I’m not 100% settled on them, but very close. So far I can’t see any reason to switch back to Pitbull, but we’ll see.

      Apart from that addon, I’m experimenting with Clean Plates as well.

      It’ll probably be more of an update or refinement as it were, to my previous UI. 😉


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