Only 14 runs

Needle Encrusted ScorpionI guess that’s not too bad. Looking at my armory I was surprised to see it was only my 14th time in heroic Forge of Souls. I thought for sure I’d been there at least 20 times or more looking for this trinket.

It’s no Deathbringer’s Will, but I’ll take it. Considering I’m still rocking Mirror of Truth and Banner of Victory, this trinket was quite the score. Needle Encrusted Scorpion is about a 60DPS upgrade for me over Banner of Victory. Not too shabby.

Now to go configure my Power Aura for the proc…

Hooray for poor man’s epics!

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  1. First time posting. Love the site btw.

    I think I’ve been lucky. My very first run in FoS it drops. Buuuut I didn’t know armor pen was a good stat for me so i greeded and lost. I know I know. I’ve only recently got to 80 for the first time so still new. But later on that day I check this site as I often do and see that this drop is terrific for hunters. But I did say I was lucky. My 3rd time in there it drops again and EVERYONE else need rolls too. And I somehow still win. So now I’m the proud owner of an amazing trinket. =)

  2. I can relate to this. I saw N.E.S. drop about 50% of the time on my FoS runs, but i lost loot to it 6 times(yup, i know..). Its true that everyone and their grandma wants this trinket, and every role in your party are capable of screwn’ you over for it if they have an offspec that can use it. It took 24 FoS runs to get this on my Hunter….BUT,as a huge slap in the face for how long it took to get it on my hunter, i bring my freshly qualified 80 feral cat druid to H FoS for the first time and it drops, ANd i win the roll(only one other rolled luckily). Funny how that works, eh? At least the drop isnt nearly as bad as battered hilt.

    Sometimes you get lucky and have good loot days, but usually, or so it seems, whenever you are anticipating a drop(or winning one), you have to wait awhile.

    • Funny how that works. Same story for me with my DK alt. Wins the roll on his very first H FoS run. Same thing happened with my Druid back in TBC, winning the Hourglass on his very first Black Morass run. I never once saw it drop while on my hunter (the char who could have really used it). 🙁

  3. 14 runs lucky you took me 19, won the roll over 3 other people too. Seems to me either it drops alot for people or almost never.

  4. If at hit cap. Then combine with either Grim toll or Dragons Incisor .The blue trinket when its popped as the needle or grim toll proc.Combine to well over 100 percent armor pen.

    But mirror of truth is a garbage very seldom proccing trinket .It should have been like anvil of titans which procs the same spell.Only registers on either crit of reg hit .

    I have all trinkets in game except heroic versions of dv and db will so far.I have about 2 bags or more currently.I set all trinkets on power auras,one of my green fav’s is chu chu box of horrors. The purple version of that is coming very soon i been told .But currnelty i have only half a page left in my power auras everything is in there lol..

    An my opinion on the mirror is substaintiated by numerous forums plus proculas and procodile.I wish it did proc more but sadly no…

    • A trinket collector! I still have quite a few in my bank too. 😉 Apart from my old PvP set, they’re really the only pcs of gear I keep around. I only keep the interesting ones though mainly. MoT and BoV went bye bye via the DELETE option.

  5. I have only seen this drop once in around 20 runs. The time it did drop 4 people rolled on it, including the healer a resto druid. Guess who won? That’s right the healer 🙁 Before I could even say something he had left with his ill-gotten loot.

    I’m still trying to obtain it though along with at least one spirit beast, which so far has eluded me too.

  6. It’s crazy – it took me like one Miiiiillion runs to get my scorpion. But last night – in ICC – I got my Whispering Fanged Skull after only 4 kills on Lady Deathwhisper. It’s nice to be out of the iLevel 200 trinket club finally.

    • Tell me about it… I’d been holding onto those relics (Mirror and Banner) for far too long.

      That’s usually the case when it comes to me and upgrades. I tend to hold onto key items for far too long, but when I upgrade, I upgrade big.

      Last thing on my “need” list is a new pair of boots.

  7. I was lucky that it dropped and I won it on my first hc FoS.

    Sadly though, just cancelled my subscription, the mrs has become so obsessed with WoW she is ignoring me and our son.

    Probably won’t be on here (and WoW) for a while unless she sorts her self out. Just can’t stomach the game while it’s like this.

    • That’s too bad Uchikoma. Best of luck in dealing with this situation.

      I’d be willing to bet that nearly every single person who’s played this game has been strongly addicted at one time or another. For some people it leads to an eventual blowout where it’s adversely affected their lives in some way. These people end up quitting, deleting their characters, uninstalling the game and going on with their lives. These are the fortunate ones.

      Then there are some people, such as myself, that recognize their infatuation with the game and then wrestle with the dragon. I try to play responsibly, so when I feel like I’m spending too much time in Azeroth, I tend to unplug myself for a bit. The problem is, this game is not kind to casuals, so I often times find myself riding the line of what I deem an appropriate amount of time spent playing. It also doesn’t help that I run a hunter site that requires new and exciting info to be posted on a semi regular basis.

      Good luck with this one man. Get her to break that compulsion to log on every day. Regardless of whether it causes her a melt down, she needs to be aware of what it’s doing to your family. You’ll probably find the time off will do you some good as well.

      Keep me posted.

  8. Lucky you, I had to run FoS 29 times to pick mine up. It was ninja-ed once by a Holy Pally for his warrior guild mate on one of my early runs. The three of us rolled need 🙁 They then dropped group the instance the rolled ended, without the normal thanks and cya. I was left wondering they left quick, until I saw what they had done. Blizzard should have stopped healers from picking it up at least.

    • I have a question though, you had Mirror of Truth and Banner of Victory until then. I had thought that Darkmoon card – Greatness, was preferred. So I now have Needle Encrusted Scorpion and Greatness.

      Should I have Needle Encrusted Scorpion and Mirror of Truth instead – I am a Survival hunter ?

      I am doing 10 man content, so I assume my next pair is Whispering Fanged Skull and Needle Encrusted Scorpion. Is that correct?


      • Darkmoon Card Greatness is superb for any hunter, especially survival. I just can’t afford it. 🙁

        I’m on a roll btw. Needle Encrusted Scorpion last night, and now Whispering Fanged Skull tonight. 😀 I picked up some ilvl 264 bracers too.

        • Bravo!!
          I was outrolled for the Scorpion twice…. Come to think about it. The same two people have outrolled me the two times I have seen the Whispering Fanged Skull drop too!

          Ill get it one day !

        • Whispering Fanged Skull courtesy of Khaotik.

          Took me about 14 runs to get it as well, was running it everyday as soon as the patch hit.

  9. I’m counting 11 runs so far, hope I’ll get it soon. Hope I don’t lose it to some 1,3k DPS-DK when it drops (had a lot of those lately oO) :p

    Have fun with it!

  10. mirror of truth and banner of victory FTW!!
    run H FoS 18 times and haven’t seen it once D:

    question: should SV hunters be adjusting their spec/gems if they manage to get an arp trinket?
    just curious.. im MM 😉

  11. You should do the instance with me. I have it on all three of my 80’s (Hunter, Druid, and Death Knight) and have seen it drop probably 75% of the time I run the instance on any of the characters. It’s actually insane how often I’ve seen it drop…

    And, no, I’m not exaggerating – I’ve seriously seen it drop about 3 out of every four runs. I should seriously start selling my “services” for people who are looking to score this trinket.

    (And, yes, it’s a damn hawt trinket.)


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