WoW’s Been Uninstalled

…and now I’m reinstalling it.

World of Warcraft install

Did I freak you out there for a second? 😈

Due to some performance issues, spotty lockups and crashes, I decided to trash my WoW folder and start anew. I’ve had to restore the game files 4 times over the past year and a half due to HD failures I’d incurred with my 2008 iMacs. The new machine runs great, but I think something was amiss before and I’m hoping the clean install sorts things out.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist the catchy title…

My next Beast Mastery PvP post is on the way. In fact, I’ll try to wrap it up right now. 🙂 Seems like a proper thing to do while I wait for the game to reinstall.

6 thoughts on “WoW’s Been Uninstalled”

  1. Even today, occasional issues in WoW are standard. Four years ago, I had to uninstall WoW, yet needed gold for a guild raid the next day. I spoke with guildmates and discovered services like WoW Classic Gold –, which was a surprise since I didn’t know such services existed. Now, I frequently use this service when I lack the time, energy, or inclination to spend hours farming.

  2. 11 hours…ouch is all I can say! Though a fresh clean install of WoW has that magic essence to it, i’m not sure what it is, maybe the clean out of all the addons etc but it feels good!

    • Actually it wasn’t bad. Just a shade under 2 hours total via the download and install. When WotLK came out I couldn’t install using the discs, so I had to install by way of the downloader. That took forever. I want to say eleven hours maybe..?

    • Take your time, Gar. I’ve been slooowly collecting my PVP gear/gems, and I’m eager to hit an Arena or two – but first I want your juicy brain-knowledge. :3

      I also collected my very own Nuramoc the other day. I know you’ve been loving on the Core Hound, but I just can’t bring myself to stand next to those weird flaming dog-rhino-potato things. 😛


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