King Krush is back on my radar

I’ve managed to get my health up to a pretty respectable 19,240 self buffed. Even though I’m still sitting at level 77 (grumble, grumble), I’m feeling pretty tough. Since I didn’t try slowing him with a Frost Trap during our first encounter, I’m hoping that could be my ace in the hole. It seems doubtful that it would slow him, but it’s worth a shot.

If it weren’t such a risky tame due to the amount of people wanting to kill him, plus his fears, I’d grab my Light of Elune out of the bank and go for it. I think I’ll save that little beauty for another time though. While still only 77, I feel I’m ready for him now. Either that, or I just have THE BASIN MADNESS from stewing in here for nearly the past week. I want a rare exotic pet dammit!

The Northern Exposure and Frostbitten achievements, coupled with the areas which spawn Loque’nahak and King Krush are cruel and unusual punishment for 51 pt BM Hunters. As far as I can tell from the quests I’ve completed here, the only spawn point that is somewhat isolated from heavy traffic is the northern one. However, Blizzard was kind enough to put a mining node spawn point there so miners would always be flying by every 30 seconds.

I may go back to just sitting it out in one area in hopes that I get lucky. At least I’ll gain some exp and leather that way. West of The Nesingwary Camp is an awesome place for grinding leather, plus it’s so close to the mailbox and vendor. Wait… but then I won’t catch Krush. Ugh.

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