The Last of Us


My second time queueing for this instance and I won. My orc out-gears Garwulf 708 to 702, but the best I’ve managed on him is 3rd place. It must be the transmog. Folks were scared, I know it. No one, I mean…NO ONE wants the business end of my crossbow.


I would also like to thank all of the Death Knights and Ret Paladins that did not join this instance.

This coliseum business is kinda fun. I only started doing it last week, so it’s still pretty new and exciting to me. Winning it was a thrill, considering I only ever see plate wearers come out victorious, but let that be a lesson…

Do NOT underestimate the hunter in the loin cloth.


03/21/2016 Update: I’ve competed in this arena probably 20 times since this post, and managed to win it another 4 times. I’ve won it a total of 3 times now on Garwulf, twice on my Paladin, but I have yet to get a win on my orc BM hunter.

I’ve had pretty good success on Garwulf, winning it 3 out of the 7 times I’ve queued for it. The first time I won felt largely due to luck, but when I won it straight away the 3rd time I queued, I figured I must be doing something right. My next win came on my 4th attempt this past week, so at 3 for 7, I feel like I’m doing alright – especially since this event so heavily favors hybrid classes and plate.

My orc BM hunter is running pretty much the exact same spec as Garwulf, but I’ve never gotten past second place on him. Opposing players seem to gun for me, plus I feel like Garwulf has a very slight edge due to a few tricks up his sleeve.

For one, I think Shadowmeld offers a huge advantage. After I run around tagging everyone in the arena, I usually will try to go invisible for 4 or 5 seconds, allowing me to escape some damage and get a few precious ticks of Spirit Bond in. If I’m really out of the fray and unnoticed, I can sometimes get some bandage ticks in as well.

Next, I happen to have a supply of Baby Spice in my bank which I feel works very well for avoiding getting focused at the start. Lastly, I keep a hefty supply of Drums of Fury on hand at all times (since I’m a LW’er), which I pop right around the time Bestial Wrath is about to come off cooldown. The little extra haste buff helps me deal with the remaining 3-4 players that are left at that point. This week I’ll buy some drums off the AH for my orc to see if that little boost will do the trick.

I may post a few more tips on how to tackle this event as a BM hunter, but in the meantime, feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll do my best to provide some answers!

4 thoughts on “The Last of Us”

  1. Hah! I won this challenge yesterday. I’ve drinked a noggerfogger to small size, was hide by the wall and wait when the others champions killed the others. When there was 2 last champions, it was not so hard to win, because the one of them was my friend 😀

    Like this challenge. Do you have Unleash Mania yet?

    • Having a friend in there or teaming up with someone before the match makes things easier, for sure. On my orc, I had one match where I hid in the corner and stayed out of combat for as long as I could. When there were 2 opponents left, I came out and finished one off, then got destroyed by the last one – which was a DK. It was then that I learned (the hard way…) about the stacking damage buff.

      I didn’t know about the Unleashed Mania item until now. Thanks for mentioning it! I’ve only been in there twice since I got the achievement, and both times I was just trying to finish that week’s quest and help others get the achieve. Now that I know about that drop, I’m going to have to be a little more ruthless.


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